Monday 2 September 2013

#NRL 2013: Top 4 Talk-Cheerleader of the Year Podcast - NOT The Footy Show Episode 132 | 02/09/2013

Top 4 Talk plus our Cheerleader of the Year Picks! Short sharp Podcasts are now the order of the day as Matthew Duncan joins Warrick Nicolson to discuss:
  • Should Melbourne or the Roosters should be worried about their form entering the Finals?
  • Where's Widdop? 
  • Touchie misgivings!
  • And we tell you which four Cheerleaders you should vote for in the Big League Cheerleader of the Year Comp.
We hope you like the new approach and please give us some feedback or maybe even a plug if we earn it. We'll be back later in the week to talk more Rugby League.

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NOT The Footy Show Episode 132
'Top 4 Talk-Cheerleader of the Year Podcast' - Released Monday September 2, 2013
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