Thursday 29 August 2013

#NRL 2013: Top 8 'Predications' Podcast - NOT The Footy Show Episode 131 | 29/08/2013

Predications Special!

The NTFS Crew is back in business - in-studio hosts Nic McInerney, DC Chapman and Warrick Nicolson are joined by Maria Tsialis and Matthew Duncan to run the rule over the Top 8 contenders last two games.

Everyone gives their Final Ladders plus we have Quick Hands segments on Ben Barba to the Broncos, Twitter rage and Fergo being Fergo... Plus with DC and Nic in the studio... plenty of footy dribble ensues at the end of the show.

This is a longer Podcast than we'll be producing for the month of September but only because the nature of having to look at the draws of all 16 teams meant it cracked 80 minutes. However we'll be back with 10-15 minute 'Mini-Pods' regularly from this weekend on.

We hope you like the new approach and please give us some feedback or maybe even a plug if we earn it.

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NOT The Footy Show Episode 131
'Top 8 Predications Podcast' - Released Thursday August 29, 2013
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