Monday 29 February 2016

2016 #NRL Predictions - let's throw some darts...

National Rugby League Premiership
By W D Nicolson - February 29, 2016

Not long now!#HistoryHappens #NRL
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The NRL Tweet's picks for the upcoming NRL season.

Last year I had the Roosters v Cowboys in the GF - but had the Chooks winning, so while I wasn't way off - I didn't get the Premiers right.

But hey I wasn't alone.

So here's my effort for 2016... keep the hate mail to a minimum please.
  1. North Queensland
    • They've got JT, Morgan and a pack to behold - plus I expect Townsville to be a fortress all year.
  2. Brisbane
    • Hard to believe they'll go backwards - Roberts could score 22+ tries outside Hunt/Milford.
  3. Melbourne
    • Haven't written off the Big 3 yet despite their advancing age - and won't start now.
  4. Easts
    • Trent Robinson demands so much from his men and yeah the personnel losses suck, but there's enough here still to be a force. 
  5. Canberra
    • They've got some great depth this season... but they've now got quality in a lot of positions so they get back in the frame this year. 
  6. Cronulla
    • Very nearly left them out but Maloney is a great pickup and that veteran forward pack has the kind of 'you won't beat us' mentality coaches crave. 
  7. Warriors
    • I'm not convinced at all... but if that forward unit shows up enough times - RTS, SJ and Luke make this a fantastic team to watch. 
  8. Manly
    • Too many good recruits (and maybe too many) but how they mesh is always the question - do like them for a spot in the Top 8 even though I've only got them at 8th.
  9. Penrith
    • Moylan plays most games and they are in the race up to their eyeballs... horrendous 2015 road record (2-10) didn't help last time out. 
  10. Canterbury
    • Dogs fans have every right to hate this fall but hey look at #11 - it could be worse. Mbye-Reynolds worries me as does BMoz's injury. Sorry Canterbury fans. 
  11. Souths
    • See above Souths fans... my worry is the void on the depth chart that getting Sam Burgess created... don't get me wrong - I reckon I'll be wrong but hey I might be right...
  12. Dragons
    • Better team than 12th but seriously - all 11 teams above them are better than them in my view - so even with Benji and Widdop - 12th it is. 
  13. Gold Coast
    • Believe it or not - I think they could be a fun team to watch and be better than nuisance value. But even so they only get one rung up the ladder from last year.
  14. Parramatta
    • Parra have recruited a lot of players but how much better will they be? I have no idea... so even with Kieran Foran there I have them dropping down to 14th. 
  15. Newcastle
    • Nathan Brown's youth kick is intriguing... but this will be a tough year in Newcastle on the ladder - however not necessarily in regards to building for the future.
  16. Tigers
    • Someone has to finish last... but Tigers fans I had Saints in 16th last year and they made the Top 8 so take it as a good sign! 
Top Tryscorers: Roberts 22, Feldt 21, Trbojevic 21, Radradra 20, Vatuvei 19.
Top Pointscorers: Croker from Hastings from Thurston.
Dally M/Player of the Year: Thurston from Hunt from DCE. 

Oh and my 2016 Grand Final?

Broncos v Raiders... 

Yep, we might get a genuine Cinderella story this year but the Broncos will win the comp

There's my thoughts - got your own?
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