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Sunday, 24 May 2020

NOT The Footy Show Episode 212: Launching the HMAS PVL NRL | Podcast

Episode 212: The launch of the HMAS PVL NRL
Released May 24, 2020

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Join Robb Cox and Warrick Nicolson as they analyse how Peter V'landys got the NRL back in business after a myriad of obstacles. We dissect the new 'Six again' rule, try and understand the hush hush nature of the TV rights situation and how the amended NRL draw serves just one master. Plus the loyalty of the founding members of the John Bateman Appreciation Society is tested with fresh news John wants more mulah... but not a release.

All this and our reaction to the un-retirement of Greg Inglis on the latest episode of NOT The Footy Show.

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Sunday, 3 May 2020

90s Rugby League Book Club - Opening the box

Published May 3, 2020

NOT The Footy Show's Book Club begins.
Opening the box...

NOT The Footy Show's Warrick Nicolson is embarking on a new YouTube series where he will read 15 Rugby League Books from the 1990s era (that he purchased from ebay), and during the process he will present short videos recapping some of the great stories from within them.

Hope you enjoy the ride and learn something along the way.

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