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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

NRL Round 4 Tips from The Postman | 2017 Season

The Postman's Round 4 NRL Tips
2017 National Rugby League Premiership
By W D Nicolson - March 22, 2017

5/8... 5/8... and 5/8.

We've got the consistency people look for in a sedan so if you like that as you take on the Tipping Road in 2017 - stick with The Postman this season.
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Started 4/4 then Latrell played QB, the Cowboys wasted 98 attacking sets and Saints took advantage of a very ordinary Cronulla.

Let's get into Round 4...

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Tips for Round 4 2017
Roosters over Rabbitohs
The 2-1 Bunnies (2-0 with Reynolds) are at home sure... but Roosters is the pick here.

Panthers over Knights
Shant be picking the Knights away from home this season... clearly the only option here is Penrith.

Raiders over Broncos
Can't believe I'm consigning the Broncos to a 1-3 record after 4 rounds but the Raiders come into this one with a heck of a lot of fresh confidence in their style and Brisbane have tried their guts out the last two weeks and come away with nothing.

Bulldogs over Sea Eagles
It's at Manly and I should be giving the Sea Eagles the benefit of the doubt but I did that in Round 1 and Manly got trounced by Parra... I believe the Bulldogs are in the same level of team as Parra and Manly and I like their forward pack more than Manly's - so Dogs at Brookie.

Sharks over Eels
Cronulla starting 1-3... at this point I can't agree with that eventuality. But I probably come back tomorrow and pick Parramatta... then I realise the game is at ANZ and not Parra - so Sharks at the minute.

Cowboys over Titans
Gutsy stuff from the Titans last week and incredibly sloppy from the Cowboys... I'm with the Cowboys because of Johnathan Thurston (and no Jarryd Hayne). That's the only reason given this is on the Gold Coast. 

Storm over Tigers
You pick the Tigers if you want after the last week of change and the game being at Leichhardt but I certainly won't be picking against the 3-0 Storm - even with no Munster or Vunivalu. 

Warriors over Dragons
Already regretting this... check back Thursday arvo to see if I've come to my senses.
There's my tips - got your own?
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15/24 at 62.5%
Round by Round: 5/8 | 5/8 | 5/8

2016 Tipping: 136/192 at 70.8%
2016 Round by Round: 5/8 | 6/8 | 4/8 | 5/8 | 7/8 | 5/8 | 5/8 | 7/8 | 4/8 | 4/8 | 3/4 | 5/7 | 5/8 | 4/4 | 6/8 | 3/4 | 5/6 | 7/8 | 7/8 | 4/8 | 4/8 | 6/8 | 5/8 | 7/8
2015 Tipping: 115/192 at 59.9%
2014 Tipping: 122/192 at 63.5%
2013 Tipping: 121/192 at 63.0%
2012 Tipping: 115.5/192 at 60.2%
2011 Tipping: 115/192 at 59.9%
2010 Tipping: 125/192 at 65.1%

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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The Postman's Round 3 NRL Mailbag | 2017 Season

The Postman on Round 3
2017 National Rugby League Premiership
By W D Nicolson - March 21, 2017

The Postman is back for Round 3's NRL Mailbag...

📸 Can't add anything to just how good this photo from Robb Cox is... and it's 18 months old!

➤ Quote of the Round:
|-| "Jason (Taylor) has overseen significant change within the Club over the past two seasons and we thank him for his efforts..."
Wests Tigers Chairwoman Marina Go as she announced that this change wasn't quite the kind of change the Tigers were after... Taylor lasted just 51 games as Head Coach at the Tigers and was let go after his team was outscored 82-8 in the Rounds 2 and 3.

➤ Try of the Round:
|-| The Raiders go 60m to practically end their clash with the Tigers just before halftime - significantly Austin had pulled off a try-saving tackle only a few minutes earlier and the Raiders ran away with the game in the 2nd Half.
  • Watch how the try unfolds for yourself below...

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➤ 5 Things I Think: 
  • |-| You should listen to NOT The Footy Show Episode 158...
    • Shameless plugola here - Download Episode 158 (or right click save target as) - NRL Photographer Robb Cox joins Warrick Nicolson (aka The Postman) for a look at the NRL after 3 Rounds and a little bit about the Jason Taylor sacking... it's time well spent with nothing else to occupy your time on the way to or from work.
  • |-| Huge fines for breaching concussion protocol...
    • The game was strict on players getting temporarily dazed from head shots last year - but after 3 Rounds it appeared like there were more and more players staying on after being dazed... now perception is reality for the NRL it seems after SMH's Peter Fitzsimmons went on a crusade over the weekend... the fines to the Titans, Knights and Dragons may yet be suspended but the issue that rises to the top out of this action is the club doctors/trainers are going to have to battle it out with head coaches as much as players on the field as it is their reputations that cop the most impact of these fines. Good luck to these professionals who now have to stand up to coaches who want their players staying on through almost anything as a rule. Now if only the NRL would crack further down on the lifting tackle rules we might see the end of that tackle altogether... 
  • |-| Manly's defence...
    • Was desperation personified v the Cowboys in Townsville. North Queensland weren't bad in this game by any stretch and had plenty of the ball in good field position to get back into the game after halftime - but Manly kept turning up in defence and the Cowboys kept dropping the ball when things got tough. With no Matt Scott for the season and no Jason Taumalolo for this (or next) game - the Cowboys for sure weren't carrying all their ammo but how they bounce back against the Titans on the Gold Coast is going to be watched very closely by those of us who had the Cowboys as our Premiers at the beginning of the season... and again, great job Manly.
  • |-| Parramatta's switch off job...
    • You see it every so often in the NRL... one team explodes out of the blocks and the other team gets exposed by ability and then injury to compound things... but then something changes. That happened on Friday night when the Titans were dead and buried early and got a bevvy of injuries on to of their horrible start... then won the game. Parramatta didn't do a heck of a lot of wrong outside of perhaps thinking the job was done and the Titans couldn't come back with so many injuries... but come back they did and pull off a famous victory for the Gold Coast fans who turned out. What was most annoying after the game was certain 'experts' heading to Twitter after the game pointing to the absence of Jarryd Hayne as the reason the Titans won... please get your head out of your rear ends and realise that not everything is about you... Hayne makes the Titans infinitely better - it's total dribble to suggest otherwise.
  • |-| The Dragons are 2-1 and last year's Premiers are 1-2...
    • Yeah I can't believe it either... and get this the Dragons get the Warriors at Kogarah and Cronulla have to face Parramatta with Corey Norman... what world are we living in?.
      Josh McCrone's ladies and gentlemen.

Yes... this YouTube video is all about Josh McCrone and appears to be uploaded by Josh McCrone himself!

|-| The Postman's 2017 Tipping Watch:
Round 3 Tips: 5 from 8
Season Tips: 15 from 24 at 62.5%
There's my thoughts - got your own?
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Monday, 20 March 2017

NOT The Footy Show Episode 158: Taylor Sacked 3 Rounds In | NRL Podcast

Photographer Robb Cox joins Warrick Nicolson to discuss Jason Taylor's sacking at the Tigers, Trent Hodkinson's run in with the Referee, Premiership storylines 3 Rounds in, Rugby League Week Memories and we help Laurie Daley pick his NSW Team.

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