Friday 13 September 2013

#NRLFinals Notebook: Player of the Finals Returns! | Friday 13th September 2013 #NRLTweetPlayerofFinals

NRL Finals Notebook: Friday Week One

2013 NRL Premiership Finals Series

By W D Nicolson - September 13, 2013

#NRLFinals Notes 13/9: Player of Finals returns, NRL Jokediciary clarification, Over/Under Finals' Crowds, Stuart to Canberra reaction, Club Awards, Storm v Roosters 1998 Highlights.

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[Q] DAILY QUESTION: Apart from the 2011 Warriors - who is the last team to qualify for a Grand Final from the 5th to 8th seeds?

Answer below.
  • NEWS: 
    • With the Finals starting this weekend - we have finally had the NRL Judiciary confirm what everyone knew...
      If you hurt a player with a tackle that 'goes wrong' you'll spend more time on the sidelines vs the same tackle on a player who doesn't get hurt.
      Which is of course ludicrous, but in Big League this week Greg McCallum (who will step down from the Match Review committee after this season) admits that the fact Ray Thompson's face filled up with blood and his teeth were all over 1300Smiles Stadium (ironically) - Kade Snowden had the book thrown at him for his shoulder charge.
      The frustrating part here is what Snowden did was careless and borderline intent to hurt (sure he didn't meant to completely mangle Thompson's jaw but he chose to lead with the shoulder to deliver the late hit on the hooker and make him feel something)... and if Thompson had got up a bit dazed and confused, the Jokediciary is saying that basically - he might've only got 1 or 2 weeks.
      But that's not the worst part - now we're in the Finals - any 'foul play' will have to be so so so so so so so incredibly bad injury wise for the recipient in order for the Jokedicairy to suspend anyway... after all JWH and Gallen only got a week for their indiscretions which were hardly slaps...
    • Over to you NRL... will they have the stones to punish someone for a horrible spear tackle with a Preliminary Final or Grand Final on the horizon for a star player?
    • NOT The Footy Show examines the Sticky Situation - as Ricky Stuart says bye bye to Eels, hello Raiders.
      Jake Hauritz and Warrick Nicolson team up again to discuss the falling out from Stuart leaving Parramatta, how he could've made this decision 12 months ago, how he did Parra one big favour during his stay and who will the Eels consider as their new coach?
      Always good to have Jakey Jake on the show - let us know if you enjoy his appearances and we'll see if we can't give you more of what you want through September.
      So you get 20 minutes of NTFS goodness... we're getting the hang of this short show thing now.
    • LISTEN TO THE SHOW or download the mp3 
    • Care to predict the crowds for the Qualifying Finals?Here are the over/unders as set by (that is you either think the crowd will be over our figure, or under our figure).
      • Friday at ANZ - Souths v Melbourne O/U 36,500
      • Saturday Double Header at SFS - Cronulla v Nth Qld + Sydney v Manly O/U 37,500
      • Sunday at ANZ - Canterbury v Newcastle O/U 25,500
    • Let us know your predictions below or @NRLTweet
  • FINALS YouTube: 
    • If we find something on YouTube that screams - you gotta watch this piece of Rugby League history - then it'll go up right here:
[A] DAILY QUESTION ANSWER... Parramatta were the 8th seed in 2009 and made the Grand Final******... no wait, it was the Roosters of 2010 - finishing 6th and making the GF.
* Hold the phone, Parra can't even win this fight! Even after thinking to myself 'Dragons v Roosters had to be Top 4 right?' - one of the Friends' cast let me know on Twitter the Roosters were indeed 6th in 2010... So sorry Parra, 2010 Roosters is the right answer!
Rest is now superfluous!- Given how bad the last 24-48 hours or so have been for Eels' fans - here's a reminder that it was just a few short years ago that Jarryd Hayne, Feleti Mateo and a certain strong ingredient called Daniel Anderson - took an 8th placed team all the way to the Grand Final against Melbourne.

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