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#NRL 2013: Carney makes his move as Lewis takes #Origin Votes | #NRLTweetPOTY Leaderboard + Team Top 5

PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Carney makes his move
@NRLTweet Player of the Year Leaderboard after Round 12

2013 NRL Premiership

By W D Nicolson - June 7, 2013

With 12 Rounds in the books for 2013, here is a look at the current leaderboard in the The @NRLTweet Player of the Year Awards. Also included is the Man of the Match Votes from Origin 1.

@NRLTweet Player of the Year Awards Leaderboard after 12 rounds below |
Round 12
Todd Carney lays down a challenge as we near halfway mark...

The Cronulla playmaker put up quality performances for three straight weeks from Round 9-11 and the 18 Votes he picked up launched him into outright 2nd in the race for the #NRLTweetPOTY Award for 2013.

Cooper Cronk still leads with 39 Votes (he was Man of the Match in Round 11's win over Easts), but as the Origin period hits - he might find it hard to keep his current 8 point lead over Carney.

Carney now has 3 Man of the Match efforts (latest in Round 9's win over the Tigers), and trails only Cronk's total of 4 (Rd 1-2-6-9) for the most this season. Shaun Johnson of the Warriors drops down a spot to 3rd, but like Carney - his 3 Man of the Match Awards (Rd2-4-8) are the big reason he's dancing with the leaders at the halfway mark.

Remember - Man of the Match performances (see below for explanation on how votes are cast) mean more in these Awards than picking up the minor votes regularly because we judge based on a players ability to directly contribute to wins by his team - which really are the basis for that team making the Finals - which is why we play the game.
Note: This is why these Awards are considerably different to the Dally M's where regular 2 and 1 votes are more important than getting 3 a few times a year.

Sydney's Sonny Bill Williams is in 4th with 28 votes - helped largely by his stretch of gaining at least 2 votes in 7 of his last 9 games, while Greg Inglis rounds out the Top 5 with 27 votes. Johnathan Thurston sits in 6th on 26 points before the chasing pack begins to clog.

There are no less than 8 players on 24 and 23 votes - about two Man of the Match performances behind Cronk as we hit the halfway mark.

Looking at the Top 10 Vote getters thus far... Carney, Johnson and Williams are not impacted by Origin (Carney's the only chance of making an appearance) and with only NRL games counting in the race for the Player of the Year Award - these games through June and July can make or break a challenge.

Note the absence of such names as Benji Marshall, Paul Gallen, Cameron Smith and Daly Cherry-Evans... all four are perennial contenders but they will need a huge second half to get back into the running.

You can follow the Votes live after each game via this Hashtag #NRLTweetPOTY and we publish all the Round Results in each week's Complete Set feature.

How Voting Works...
The way the #NRLTweetPOTY Awards are structured means that if you are the best player on the field you gain a big advantage on the players who are solid every week, but don't always turn a game on its head or win it for their team. That is because the most votes a player can gain in a match is 8 Votes (2 voters per game hand out 4-2-1s), while a player who is only the second or third best on the field can only gain a maximum of 4 votes (if they don't get a single Man of the Match vote).

This way the best players who win games for their team are recognised as much as possible, because after all a team only needs about 12 wins a season to make the Finals - and players that contribute heavily to those victories deserve total recognition, versus players who are solid all year but don't actually shift the balance of power in games and their teams fail to fire on the competition ladder. Because remember - we play to win the game, not just to be competitive.

2013 Leaderboard through 12 Rounds:
39 Votes - Cooper Cronk, MEL {MOTM Rd1-2-6-11}
31 Votes - Todd Carney, CRO {MOTM Rd9}
30 Votes - Shaun Johnson, WAR {MOTM Rd2-4-8}
28 Votes - Sonny Bill Williams, SYD {MOTM R4, 6pts Rd8}
27 Votes - Greg Inglis, SOU {MOTM R3-8}
26 Votes - Johnathan Thurston, NQL {MOTM Rd1-5}
24 Votes - Jarrod Mullen, NEW {MOTM Rd6}
24 Votes - Sam Burgess, SOU {MOTM Rd1}
24 Votes - Robbie Farah, WTG {MOTM Rd3-11}
24 Votes - Andrew Fifita, CRO {MOTM Rd11}
23 Votes - Billy Slater, MEL {MOTM Rd3-4, 6pts Rd6}
23 Votes - John Sutton, SOU {MOTM Rd7}

Can Cronk hold onto his lead through the Origin Period? Who makes their charge in the next few weeks?
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Now for interest's sake - if a 'Team of the Year' was picked right now based purely on votes, this is how it would look (to qualify a player needs at least 3 games in the position):
 NRL TEAM OF THE YEAR (Through 13 Rounds)
  1. Greg Inglis, Rabbitohs (27 Votes)
  2. James McManus, Knights (10 Votes)
  3. Michael Jennings, Roosters (17 Votes)
  4. Blake Ferguson, Raiders (16 Votes)
  5. Jorge Taufua, Sea Eagles (9 Votes)/Jason Nightingale, Dragons (9 Votes)
  6. Todd Carney, Sharks (31 Votes)
  7. Cooper Cronk, Storm (39 Votes)
  8. Andrew Fifita, Sharks (24 Votes)
  9. Robbie Farah, Tigers (24 Votes)
  10. James Graham, Bulldogs (20 Votes)
  11. Sonny Bill Williams, Roosters (28 Votes)
  12. Luke Lewis, Sharks (16 Votes)/Anthony Watmough, Sea Eagles (16 Votes)
  13. Sam Burgess, Rabbitohs (24 Votes)
  14. Shaun Johnson, Warriors (30 Votes)
  15. Johnathan Thurston, Cowboys (26 Votes)
  16. Jarrod Mullen, Knights (24 Votes)
  17. Billy Slater, Storm (23 Votes)/John Sutton, Rabbitohs (23 Votes)
@NRLTweet Player of the Year - Top 5 Team Votes after Round 12
How Votes are awarded is explained above.
19 - B Hannant, 10 - J Hodges, S Thaiday, 9 - C Parker, 8 - A McCullough.
16 - B Ferguson, 11 - R Robinson, 8 - S Fensom, 7 - T Campese, 6 - D Shillington, J Croker.
20 - J Graham, 15 - J Reynolds, 10 - J Morris, 8 - J Jackson, T Lafai, M Ennis.
31 - T Carney, 24 - A Fifita, 16 - L Lewis, 10 - P Gallen, 3 - A Tupou.
16 - N Myles, G Bird, 13 - J Idris, A Kelly, 12 - W Zillman.
16 - A Watmough, 14 - J Lyon, 12 - K Foran, 10 - B Lawrence, 9 - S Matai, J Taufua, D Cherry-Evans.
39 - C Cronk, 23 - B Slater, 12 - C Smith, 8 - W Chambers, 3 - J Ryles.
24 - J Mullen, 12 - D Boyd, 10 - J McManus, 8 - T Roberts, K Snowden.
26 - J Thurston, 18 - M Scott, 6 - J Tamou, 4 - T Sims, 2 - M Bowen.
16 - J Hayne, 14 - C Sandow, 8 - T Mannah, 4 - R Maitua, L Kelly.
18 - L Walsh, 10 - T Grant, 8 - I John, M Moylan, 7 - J Segeyaro.
27 - G Inglis, 24 - S Burgess, 23 - J Sutton, 22 - A Reynolds, 12 - G Burgess.
22 - T Merrin, 16 - J Dugan, 9 - J Nightingale, 8 - J Soward, 4 - N Fien, J de Belin.
28 - SB Williams, 18 - J Maloney, 17 - M Jennings, 13 - J Waerea-Hargreaves, 9 - M Pearce.
30 - S Johnson, 12 - F Mateo, 10 - K Locke, 4 - E Taylor, 3 - K Hurrell, S Mannering, M Vatuvei.
24 - R Farah, 16 - A Woods, 6 - B Marshall, 3 - C Lawrence, 2 - M Koroibete, C Sironen.
Game 1 at ANZ Stadium
NSW 14 def. QLD 6
Origin Player of the Year - Game 1 Voting

Six Voters took part on Wednesday night during NSW's 14-6 win over QLD at ANZ Stadium: Ben Hoese, Greg Delaney, Matthew Duncan, Nigel Wilbow, Matt Trodden and Warrick Nicolson.

They Voted with 5 Votes for Man of the Match, 3 for next best, 2 for 3rd best and 1 for 4th best. All games will have this setup and 6 voters, with the player who accumulates the most votes over 3 games - declared Player of the Series.

Here is how they voted - follow #OriginMOTM on Gameday for live votes.
Ben Hoese @gunnermcdagget
5 - L Lewis, 3 - J Hayne, 2 - R Farah, 1 - C Parker.
Greg Delaney @gregdelaney84
5 - L Lewis, 3 - G Bird, 2 - J Hayne, 1 - R Farah.
Matthew Duncan @mrpeninsula
5 - J Hayne, 3 - L Lewis, 2 - C Parker, 1 - J Maloney.
Nigel Wilbow @parramatters
5 - L Lewis, 3 - J Hayne, 2 - P Gallen, 1 - R Farah.
Matt Trodden @trods2906
5 - L Lewis, 3 - J Hayne, 2 - R Farah, 1 - C Parker.
Warrick Nicolson @nrltweet
5 - R Farah, 3 - L Lewis, 2 - M Jennings, 1 - J Hayne.

2013 Origin Leaderboard after Game 1
26 Votes - Luke LEWIS, NSW {MOTM Votes O1: 4}
17 Votes - Jarryd HAYNE, NSW {MOTM Votes O1: 1}
11 Votes - Robbie FARAH, NSW {MOTM Votes O1: 1}
4 Votes - Corey PARKER, QLD {MOTM Votes O1: 0}
3 Votes - Greg BIRD, NSW {MOTM Votes O1: 0}
2 Votes - Michael JENNINGS, NSW {MOTM Votes O1: 0}
2 Votes - Paul GALLEN, NSW {MOTM Votes O1: 0}
1 Votes - James MALONEY, NSW {MOTM Votes O1: 0}

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