Monday 29 October 2012

NRL 2012: Club Award Winners List and @NRLTweet Player of the Year Votes

2012 NRL Premiership
By W D Nicolson - October 29, 2012

The 2012 NRL Season is over but has finally had a chance to sit down and sort through some of the more relevant statistics and outcomes from the regular season, and we proudly present the Players of the Year from all 16 clubs plus how they fared in the 3rd Annual @NRLTweet Player of the Year Award.

The Melbourne Storm are deservedly your 2012 Premiers but this feature focuses on what was achieved during the regular season, so we list the OFFICIAL Club Player of the Year, THEN list the final club leaderboard in the @NRLTweet Player of the Year Award as voted by a panel of 14 over the course of the regular season. Votes were awarded on a 4-2-1 basis with 2 voters per game. You can listen to NOT The Footy Show's Player of the Year Award Podcast for a full description of how the games were judged.

Plus you can view the @NRLTweet Player of the Year Award Top 20 Leaderboard for the entire NRL  below the team summaries.

Let's get to it.
Andrew McCULLOUGH @NRLTweet POTY Votes: 14 (6th on BRI)
Is developing nicely into an 80 minute hooker, and although Ben Hunt ate into his game time during the season - he still put up huge tackle counts and was a threat from dummy half near the line. Look for his attacking and kicking games to take another step forward in 2013.
@NRLTweet POTY Voters went with Peter Wallace (25 Votes) over Ben Hannant (22) and Josh Hoffman (20).
|=| @NRLTweet POTY Leaderboard
P Wallace 25
B Hannant 22
J Hoffman 20
C Norman 19
B Te'o 17
A McCullough 14
J McGuire 12
J Hodges 10
A Glenn 8
M Gillett 7
B Hunt 5
C Parker 4
D Copley 2
P Civoniceva 2
J Reed 1
G Beale, J Yow Yeh, M Dodds, S Thaiday, S Anderson, K Baptiste, L Capewell, B Gibb, D Hala, D Lui, L Maranta, A Whitchurch, N Slyney 0.
29 Total Players.
Ben BARBA | @NRLTweet POTY Votes: 83 (1st on CBY)
Goes alright... won @NRLTweet Player of the Year Award so you'd think his season went ok. Brilliant season - delivered on the promise he'd shown in his formative years and went beyond.
@NRLTweet POTY Voters went with Ben Barba (83 Votes) over Josh Reynolds (38) and James Graham (24).
|=| @NRLTweet POTY Leaderboard
B Barba 83
J Reynolds 38
J Graham 24
A Tolman 21
J Morris 16
F Pritchard 16
S Kasiano 13
K Inu 9
K Keating 4
J Romelo 4
J Jackson 3
S Perrett 1
M Ennis 1
D Halatau 1
G Eastwood 1
T Hodkinson, T Lafai, S Turner, M Taupau, L MacDougall, J Gavet, J Foster, D Stagg, D Finucane, C Payne, B Goodwin, B Lane 0.
27 Total Players.
Shaun FENSOM | @NRLTweet POTY Votes: 17 (4th on CAN)
Good year but not a standout like in the previous campaign. But that's a good thing for the Raiders as the team is developing around Fensom, so he doesn't have to be the be in everything. That being said - he still made a million tackles, but his running game is coming on - which is a bonus as Joel Thompson and Josh Papalii's are rapidly progressing into quality players.
@NRLTweet POTY Voters went with Josh Dugan (with 25 Votes), over Josh McCrone (24) and Blake Ferguson (19).
|=| @NRLTweet POTY Leaderboard:
J Dugan 25
J McCrone 24
B Ferguson 19
S Fensom 17
R Robinson 16
D Shillington 12
J Croker 12
J Papalii 10
J Thompson 9
T Campese 8
S Berrigan 6
E Lee 3
S Earl 3
T Waddell 3
J Wighton 2
J Picker 1
B White, B Harrison, D Tilse, D Pelo, G Buttriss, J Kennedy, M Nicholls, M McIlwrick, S Mataora, S Williams, T Learoyd-Lahrs, T Thurling 0.
28 Total Players.
Jeremy SMITH | @NRLTweet POTY Votes: 10 (6th on CRO)
Loved by his team-mates but he sails too close to the wind of illegal contact for those who play him. For all the good he does - and he's a good footy player - those cheap shots just make him very hard to like as a player, no matter how good a bloke he is off the field. Sharks have replaced him for 2013 but will still miss him.
@NRLTweet POTY Voters went with Paul Gallen (with 57 Votes), over Todd Carney (45) and Jeff Robson (18).
|=| @NRLTweet POTY Leaderboard
P Gallen 57
T Carney 45
J Robson 18
B Gibbs 12
W Graham 11
J Smith 10
A Fifita 10
J Bukuya 5
C Townsend 5
T Frizell 3
N Stapleton 2
N Gardner 2
C Best 2
B Ross 1
A Tupou 1
S Mills, S Tagataese, M Wright, M Taufua, J Green, J Williams, J Morris, I Gordon, I De Gois, B Pomeroy, R Leutele 0.
26 Total Players.
Nate MYLES | @NRLTweet POTY Votes: 35 (1st on GLD)
His running game has finally caught up to his excellent defence and he was as good as any forward in the game at all levels in 2012. Just as long as he keeps his sizeable melon out of his defensive technique - Myles has a chance to be the next Nathan Hindmarsh in terms of popularity across the NRL. His work-ethic just demands respect and he could be the next captain at the Titans in 2013 if Scott Prince moves on.
@NRLTweet POTY Voters went with Nate Myles (with 35 Votes), over Scott Prince (24) and Luke Bailey (23).
|=| @NRLTweet POTY Leaderboard
N Myles 35
S Prince 24
L Bailey 23
A Sezer 17
W Zillman 16
M Srama 15
A Harrison 8
G Bird 6
J Idris 5
L Douglas 4
D Mead 3
J Rankin 1
D Peyroux 1
S Michaels, R James, P Graham, M Henderson, M White, M Minichiello, L O'Dwyer, K Gordon, B Thompson, B Ridge, K Lawton, B Champion, J Dowling, B Falloon, B Lawrence 0.
28 Total Players.
Matt BALLIN | @NRLTweet POTY Votes: 2 (13th on SOU)
Is the plug that keeps Manly’s ruck defence from leaking points. His ability to play 80 minutes is one thing, but he has gelled beautifully with the various playmakers on the roster to give them clean and early ball. He doesn’t get the high praise in the press of other Sea Eagles, but he’s as important as anyone else on the roster. They missed him badly in the Preliminary Final loss to the Storm when he went off after just 20 minutes. Iron-man streak now at 131 straight games.
@NRLTweet POTY Voters went with Daly Cherry-Evans (with 44 Votes), over Jamie Lyon (33) and Anthony Watmough (27).
|=| @NRLTweet POTY Leaderboard
D Cherry-Evans 44
J Lyon 33
A Watmough 27
B Stewart 24
T Williams 15
G Stewart 10
S Matai 8
J Taufua 8
B Kite 7
D Whare 5
D Williams 4
K Foran 3
M Ballin 2
J King 2
J Buhrer 2
M Oldfield 1
G Rose 1
V Mauro, T Robinson, J Galuvao, D Harrison, L Foran, D Lussick, N Skinner 0.
24 Total Players.
Cameron SMITH | @NRLTweet POTY Votes: 52 (2nd on MEL)
All class... well except for his song choice after a Test Match win for the Kangaroos. Ooozes quality and his control over a game is second to none. As good as Billy Slater and Cooper Cronk are week in week out for the Storm - Smith is the backbone of Melbourne's successful system.
@NRLTweet POTY Voters went with Billy Slater (with 63 Votes), over Smith (53) and Cronk (49).
|=| @NRLTweet POTY Leaderboard:
B Slater 63
C Smith 53
C Cronk 49
R Hoffman 17
G Widdop 8
W Chambers 6
S Waqa 5
J O'Neill 4
T Lowrie 3
J Bromwich 3
S Manu 2
K Proctor 2
S Vave, R Hinchcliffe, R Kostjasyn, R Fa'aoso, M Greenfield, M Blair, M Duffie, M Fonua, J Ryles, J Lowe, D Nielsen, B Norrie, A Quinn 0.
25 Total Players.
Chris HOUSTON | @NRLTweet POTY Votes: 4 (11th on NEW)
Won the club’s Player of the Year award after appearing in all 24 games and rarely falling short of his consistently high standards in the backrow. The Knights have added two experienced backrowers to the mix for 2013 in Beau Scott and Jeremy Smith but Houston’s spot in the starting team looks safe. Good player but not a game-changer - as evidenced by his low Vote count.
@NRLTweet POTY Voters went with Jarrod Mullen (with 44 Votes), over Darius Boyd (23) and Akuila Uate (15).
|=| @NRLTweet POTY Leaderboard:
J Mullen 44
D Boyd 23
A Uate 15
T Roberts 10
Z Taia 9
K Snowden 9
D Buderus 8
T Tahu 7
J Edwards 7
K Naiqama 4
C Houston 4
A McKinnon 4
W Mason 2
D Gagai 1
Z Tetevano, W Naiqama, R Rochow, P Mata'utia, N Costigan, M Hilder, M Filipo, K O'Donnell, J Sa'u, J McManus, E Tuimavave, C Adams, A Cuhtbertson 0.
28 Total Players.
Johnathan THURSTON | @NRLTweet POTY Votes: 66 (2nd on NQL)
Was probably shaded by Matt Bowen as North Queensland's best but he did have a fine season. Not as dominant as in the past but that worked for the Cowboys, as Bowen (and later in the season Michael Morgan) took over some of the organisational roles in the team - allowing Thurston to pick his spots more. Will rue his lack of execution in the Elimination Semi Final loss to the Sea Eagles when the Cowboys had the run of the game in the second half, almost as much as that ridiculous Video Referee decision that ultimately turned the tide.
@NRLTweet POTY Voters went with Matthew Bowen (with 71 Votes), over Thurston (66) and Brent Tate (16).
|=| @NRLTweet POTY Leaderboard:
M Bowen 71
J Thurston 66
B Tate 16
M Scott 12
J Tamou 11
J Taumalolo 6
A Graham 6
K Linnett 5
G Cooper 5
J Segeyaro 3
G Hall 3
A Payne 3
M Morgan 2
R Thorby 1
T Sims, S Bolton, R Thompson, K Fai-Fai Loa, D Johnson, C Paterson, A Sims, A Winterstein, A Mitchell, J Riethmuller, R Lui, B Leary, M Pangai 0.
27 Total Players.
Nathan HINDMARSH | @NRLTweet POTY Votes: 34 (1st on PAR)
The legend retires with another Player of the Year Award - but as good as he was, he wasn't challenged by any fit players on the Parramatta roster. Only Jarryd Hayne had his moments, while Ben Roberts had two good games to finish in 3rd spot. The champion will be missed by all NRL fans - not just Parramatta's faithful.
@NRLTweet POTY Voters went with Nathan Hindmarsh (with 34 Votes), over Jarryd Hayne (27) and Ben Roberts (10).
|=| @NRLTweet POTY Leaderboard:
N Hindmarsh 34
J Hayne 27
B Roberts 10
C Sandow 6
R Maitua 4
FF MoiMoi 3
C Blair 3
J Paulo 3
M Keating 2
R Morgan 1
L Burt 1
J Poore 1
W Tonga, T Mannah, T Tautau, T Lasalo, M Allgood, K Sio, J Horo, N Smith, J Horo, C McGuire, B Smith, L Kelly, P O'Hanlon, J Mullaney 0
27 Total Players.
Kevin KINGSTON | @NRLTweet POTY Votes: 13 (4th on PEN)
Took over as Penrith skipper from Luke Lewis and despite his valiant efforts (and arguably his best year in first grade) - he couldn't lift the Panther past second last on the ladder. That being said - they avoided the Wooden Spoon which is something. Tackled his heart out for the club, and gets rewarded by having to share time with new buy James Segeyaro in 2013.
@NRLTweet POTY Voters went with Lachlan Coote (with 25 Votes), over Luke Walsh (18) and Michael Jennings (14).
|=| @NRLTweet POTY Leaderboard:
Lachlan Coote 25
Luke Walsh 18
Michael Jennings 14
Kevin Kingston 13
Sam McKendry 11
Tim Grant 9
Michael Gordon 8
Brad Tighe 8
Luke Lewis 7
Travis Burns 5
Josh Mansour 5
Blake Austin 3
Etu Uaisele 1
Shane Shackleton, Ryan Simpkins, Nigel Plum, Geoff Daniela, David Simmons, Danny Galea, Chris Armit, Cameron Ciraldo, Dayne Weston, Arana Taumata, Nathan Smith, Mitchell Achurch, Adam Docker, Tom Eisenhuth, Matt Robinson, Travis Robinson, Harry Siejka, Clint Newton 0.
31 Total Players.
John SUTTON | @NRLTweet POTY Votes: 19 (5th on SOU)
Had his best individual seasons since 2009 but there seems to be plenty more that he's capable of. Heavily involved running the ball in the second half of the season and when he's on Souths can run with anyone.
@NRLTweet POTY Voters went with Greg Inglis (with 57 Votes), over Adam Reynolds (39) and Sam Burgess (38).
|=| @NRLTweet POTY Leaderboard
G Inglis 57
A Reynolds 39 
S Burgess 38
D Taylor 32
J Sutton 19
I Luke 13
N Merritt 8
C McQueen 5
A Everingham 4
M Crocker 2
J Hunt 1
B Lowe, D Tyrrell, D Farrell, E Pettybourne, F Talanoa, G Burgess, J Clark, J Starling, L Burgess, M King, N Peats, N Areaiiti, R Asotasi, S Geddes, S Corrigan 0.
26 Total Players.
Brett MORRIS | @NRLTweet POTY Votes: 26 (2nd on STI)
Probably played better football as a fullback but after making the most of his chance on the wing for NSW in Origin 3 - he saw out the rest of 2012 on the flank for the Dragons. Makes things happen when the ball comes to him, but needs value alongside him to bring out his best.
@NRLTweet POTY Voters went with Jamie Soward (with 30 Votes), over Morris (26) and Trent Merrin (16).
|=| @NRLTweet POTY Leaderboard
J Soward 30
B Morris 26
T Merrin 16
D Hunt 16
M Rein 14
M Weyman 13
J Nightingale 7
B Creagh 7
N Fien 5
D Young 4
B Scott 4
M Prior 1
C Stanley 1
B Hornby 1
J de Belin 1
M Cooper, L Ah Mau, K Stanley, D Gower, D Vidot, A Vea, W Matthews, B Goodwin, N Green, C King, J Marketo, J Stockwell, J Latimore 0.
29 Total Players.
Jared WAEREA-HARGREAVES | @NRLTweet POTY Votes: 12 (3rd on SYD)
Finally waking up to his potential as a footballer. Although he took out the Roosters' top award - he's still got at least 40% improvement in him, so if Sonny Bill Williams ends up joining the Chooks as expected, JWH and SBW could do great things in 2013.
@NRLTweet POTY Voters went with Mitchell Pearce (with 28 Votes), over Shaun Kenny-Dowall (14) and Waerea-Hargreaves (12).
|=| @NRLTweet POTY Leaderboard:
M Pearce 28
S Kenny-Dowall 14
J Waerea-Hargreaves 12
J Friend 11
A Minichiello 10
F-P Nuuausala 9
B Cordner 7
M Kennedy 4
J Leilua 4
D Mortimer 4
D Tupou 4
A Guerra 3
L Tasi 2
B Anasta 2
R Tuivasa-Sheck 1
T Symonds, T Arona, N Seluini, M Masoe, M Aubusson, J Carney, J Bosden, A Henry, T Moga, P Tagive, B Takairangi 0.
26 Total Players.
Ben MATULINO | @NRLTweet POTY Votes: 26 (2nd on WAR)
We may have only scratched the surface with this kid, who started the year off in a big way and is worthy of being in the conversation for the Top 10 (if not the Top 5) props in the game. Now only if he'd work on his off-load...
@NRLTweet POTY Voters went with Shaun Johnson (with 45 Votes), over Matulino (26) and Feleti Mateo (26).
|=| @NRLTweet POTY Leaderboard:
S Johnson 45
B Matulino 26
F Mateo 17
J Maloney 13
K Hurrell 12
K Locke 7
N Friend 6
S Mannering 4
E Taylor 2
B Tupou 2
R Packer 1
M Vatuvei 1
J Lillyman 1
U Ta'ai, Sione Lousi, S Ikahihifo, Sam Rapira, O Slaimankhel, M Luck, L Brown, J Ropati, G Fisiiahi, B Henry, A Mara, Sam Lousi, C Tuimavave, P Godinet, Steve Rapira 0.
28 Total Players.
Aaron WOODS | @NRLTweet POTY Votes: 30 (2nd on WTG)
Played well enough to earn a NSW debut but missed out, that being said NSW did unearth some decent props so Woods will have to wait his turn. Endurance levels superb and his go-forward game was the standout for the Tigers. Defensively very good... plenty to like here.
@NRLTweet POTY Voters went with Benji Marshall (50 Votes) over Woods (30) and Robbie Farah (29).
B Marshall 50
A Woods 30
R Farah 29
B Ryan 14
M Utai 5
M Koroibete 5
K Galloway 4
T Moltzen 3
M Iosefa 3
L Fulton 3
C Lawrence 1
T Humble, T Simona, S Meaney, R Cashmere, P Politoni, M Groat, M Bell, L Tuqiri, J Moors, J Reddy, J Tedesco, J Miller, G Ellis, C Sironen, C Heighington, B Ayshford, B Murdoch-Masila, A Blair 0.
29 Total Players.
  1. Ben BARBA 83
  2. Matthew BOWEN 71
  3. Johnathan THURSTON 66
  4. Billy SLATER 63
  5. Paul GALLEN 57
  6. Greg INGLIS 57
  7. Cameron SMITH 53
  8. Benji MARSHALL 50
  9. Cooper CRONK 49
  10. Todd CARNEY 45
  11. Shaun JOHNSON 45
  12. Jarrod MULLEN 44
  13. Daly CHERRY-EVANS 44
  14. Adam REYNOLDS 39
  15. Sam BURGESS 38
  16. Josh REYNOLDS 38
  17. Nate MYLES 35
  18. Nathan HINDMARSH 34
  19. Jamie LYON 33
  20. Dave TAYLOR 32
@NRLTweet POTY 2012 TEAM OF THE YEAR - In main/eligible Positions (10+ Games in Position)
  1. Ben BARBA (83)
  2. Brett MORRIS (26)
  3. Jamie LYON (33)
  4. Blake FERGUSON (19)
  5. Reece ROBINSON (16)
  6. Johnathan THURSTON (66)
  7. Benji MARSHALL (50)
  8. Sam BURGESS (38)
  9. Cameron SMITH (53)
  10. Nate MYLES (35)
  11. Nathan HINDMARSH (34)
  12. Dave TAYLOR (32)
  13. Paul GALLEN (57)
  14. Matthew BOWEN (71)
  15. Billy SLATER (63)
  16. Greg INGLIS (57)
  17. Cooper CRONK (49)
Note: 2 Voters per Game in Finals Week 1, 2 Voters per Game in Finals Week 2, 3 Voters per game in Finals Week 3 and 5 Voters for the Grand Final (Max Votes thus 20 - which is what Cronk achieved in the Grand Final).
  1. Cooper CRONK 36
  2. Billy SLATER 23
  3. Jorge TAUFUA 15
  4. Greg EASTWOOD 14
  5. Cameron SMITH 13
  6. Sam WILLIAMS 11
  7. Josh MORRIS 10
  8. Matthew SCOTT 10
  9. Adam REYNOLDS 10
  10. James GRAHAM 10
  11. Matthew BOWEN 9
  12. Ryan HOFFMAN 8
  13. Issac LUKE 7
  14. James TAMOU 6
  15. Aiden TOLMAN 6
  16. Jesse BROMWICH 5
  17. Josh McCRONE 4
  18. Josh PAPALII 4
  19. Gareth WIDDOP 4
  20. 7 Players had 3 Votes

The Voting Panel for the @NRLTweet POTY and @NRLTweet Player of September was:
Benjamin Hoese, Craig Buchanan, Greg Delaney, Justin Davies, Maria Tsialis, Matt Spillane, Matt Vickers, Matthew Duncan, Michael McLucas, Nigel Wilbow, Adrian McMurray, Matt Trodden and Warrick Nicolson.
Thanks to all of them for their time and efforts during the 2012 season - hopefully we should be back again in 2013!