Friday 29 July 2011

NRL 2011 - Twitter Poll: Top 5 Props in the NRL Right Now | 29/07/2011

Top 5 Props in the NRL - RIGHT NOW
By W D Nicolson Friday July 29, 2011

The @NRLTweet's Twitter Poll Friday kicked-off with the following question: 
Who are the Top 5 Props in the NRL right now?

Which got me thinking - where does Petero Civoniceva rate in the minds of the punters?

Not all-time - as there's no doubt he's been a great player during his career - but what about right now?

Are there any fans who wouldn't have him their Top 5?

So the question was put to Twitter with the hashtag #Top5Props and it had 23 respondents in in four hours and they voted for the following 18 Front Rowers.

In alphabetical order - the Twitter Poll will determine the final Top 5.
Petero Civoniceva, PEN
Luke Douglas, CRO
Keith Galloway, WTG
Tim Grant, PEN
Ben Hannant, BRI
Dan Hunt, STI
Tom Learoyd-Lahrs, CAN
Tim Mannah, PAR
Sam McKendry, PEN
Trent Merrin, STI
FuiFui MoiMoi, PAR
Russell Packer, WAR
Sam Rapira, WAR
Matthew Scott, NQL
David Shillington, CAN
Kade Snowden, CRO
Aiden Tolman, CBY
Michael Weyman, STI

When all the votes were collated a value was applied to each place.
1st place votes = 5 Points
2nd place votes = 3 Points
3rd place votes = 2 Points
4th place votes = 1 Point
5th place votes = 0.5 Point
Note: No votes for a player listed beyond the Top 5 of a response were counted

As a result this was was the final Top 5.

So the #1 Prop in the NRL is... (1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th Place Votes = Total Points)
Matthew Scott, North Queensland Cowboys 
Scott received 1st place votes from 22 of the 23 respondents and a single 4th place vote. Finished the runaway winner and had 23 total votes.
The #2 Prop in the NRL is...
Petero Civoniceva, Penrith Panthers 
While Petero didn't get a single 1st place vote, he dominated the 2nd place votes with 18 and received a vote from every respondent. Finished with 23 total votes.
The #3 Prop in the NRL is...
Aiden Tolman, Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs 
Tolman received the only other 1st place vote (Scott had 22 of 23) and only one 2nd place vote but he dominated the 3rd place vote with 8. Finished with 13 total votes.
The #4 Prop in the NRL is...
Ben Hannant, Brisbane Broncos 
Hannant was just edged out by Tolman's strong 3rd place vote but he dominated the 4th place vote with 8 and had just one less 5th place vote than Mannah. Finished with 17 Total Votes and 17.0 Total Points.
The #5 Prop in the NRL is...
Tim Mannah, Parramatta Eels 
Mannah picked up a host of 5th place votes with 7 and managed to sneak in a few mid-place votes which helped him finish with 13 total votes and 13.5 Points.

For the record my Top 5 was:
1. Matthew Scott, NQL
2. Petero Civoniceva, PEN
3. Aiden Tolman, CBY
4. Ben Hannant, BRI
5. Luke Douglas, CRO

The Final Points Tally*
110.0 - Matthew Scott, NQL
59.5 - Petero Civoniceva, PEN
26.0 - Aiden Tolman, CBY
17.0 - Ben Hannant, BRI
13.5 - Tim Mannah, PAR
10.0 - David Shillington, CAN
8.0 - FuiFui MoiMoi, PAR
7.0 - Michael Weyman, STI
3.0 - Sam McKendry, PEN
2.5 - Luke Douglas, CRO
2.0 - Dan Hunt, STI
2.0 - Tom Learoyd-Lahrs, CAN
1.0 - Russell Packer, WAR
1.0 - Sam Rapira, WAR
0.5 - Keith Galloway, WTG
0.5 - Tim Grant, PEN
0.5 - Trent Merrin, STI
0.5 - Kade Snowden, CRO

* Keep in mind one 'higher' vote may have boosted a player who received the same or less amount of votes as another player on the final ladder.

If you have an opinion on who the Top 5 Props in the Game are right now - comment below.

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