Thursday 7 November 2013

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2013 NFL PICKS - WEEK 10
- AFC and NFC Picks - Head to Head and with the Spread -
By The Postman, November 7, 2013

WEEKLY RECAP: Week 9 delivered some reality with a 7-6 record that was probably lucky to be that good. It took comebacks from Dallas and Seattle to get the wins, while Washington somehow kept their game with San Diego to Overtime despite the Chargers being on the 1 yard line with a minute left and down by only 3 points. Still the overall Head to Head record is very healthy at 86-47, while the less said about our Spread Picks for Week 9 the better... (4 and 9!!!!)

H2H UPSETS PICKED: We got the Nick Foles explosion for Philly over Oakland (and a handy win in our only Fantasy Football League as a result) and Washington over San Diego but swung and missed on gut feel picks in St Louis over Tennessee and Houston over Indianapolis. Knew we'd taken one or two too many upsets last week - so we're rolling back to just two this wee. So 2 from 4 Correct for Week 9 (per Pick'Em favourite/underdog listing).

H2H LESSONS LEARNED: Well injuries mean Cincinnati and Green Bay could be sunk from here on in - with Atkins and Rodgers on the shelf for their respective teams. While Kansas City and Dallas did enough to beat their average opponents and Carolina affirmed Atlanta to also-ran status this season. Houston blew a huge lead early to Andrew Luck, while Chicago, Cleveland and NY Jets all had great wins despite being the underdogs going in. New Orleans deserve the benefit of the doubt that they'll bounce back - same may not be able to be said about Pittsburgh and Baltimore who are terrible right now.

Our Week 10 Picks are up next...

My 2013 NFL Season Preview and SuperBowl picks are here - and every week throughout the NFL in 2013 I will be posting my picks here on and via @wdnicolson.

Last year in the Yahoo! Sports Pro Football Pick'em competition I managed to finish in the 98th percentile (so Top 2%) of tipsters across the world... completely surprising myself by using the rule of thumb I (for some reason) refuse to back entirely in my NRL Tipping (that is pick favourites and then pick favourites and then, and only then... pick favourites and maybe one or two gut picks - which doesn't hurt you as much with up to 16 NFL games a week v 8 NRL games).

Week 10 begins with Washington visiting Minnesota on Friday Morning Australian time and we will try and improve on a very ordinary Week 9 considering how good we had been going the month prior to that.
=====WEEK 10 PICKS===== 

Head to Head Picks per Yahoo! Pick'Em Overall League:
TNF: Washington over Minnesota; Sunday: Seattle over Atlanta, Detroit over Chicago, Green Bay over Philadelphia, Tennessee over Jacksonville, Indianapolis over St Louis, NY Giants over Oakland, Pittsburgh over Buffalo, Baltimore over Cincinnati*, San Francisco over Carolina, Houston over Arizona+, Denver over San Diego; SNF: New Orleans over Dallas; MNF: Miami over Tampa Bay.
Quick Notes: Not confident at all in Washington, Detroit, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Baltimore or Houston... so yeah like half my picks.
* Home Upset + Away Upset
Year to Date: 86/133 @ 64.7%
Week 1: 11-5 (Overall Rank 20,862 - 65th percentile)
Week 2: 10-6 (Overall Rank 25,998 - 59th percentile)
Week 3: 8-8 (Overall Rank 20,274 - 64th percentile)
Week 4: 10-6 (Overall Rank 21,269 - 68th percentile)
Week 5: 7-7 (Overall Rank 24,952 - 63rd percentile)
Week 6: 12-3 (Overall Rank 13,877 - 79th percentile)
Week 7: 11-4 (Overall Rank 6,721 - 90th percentile)
Week 8: 11-2 (Overall Rank 5,393 - 92nd percentile)
Week 9: 7-6 (Overall Rank 6,534 - 90th percentile)

'With the Spread' Picks per my Yahoo! Pick'Em League:
Washington -2.5, Seattle -6.5, Detroit -2.5, Green Bay -1.5, Jacksonville +12.0, Indianapolis -9.5, NY Giants -7.5, Pittsburgh -3.0, Baltimore +1.5, San Francisco -6.0, Houston +2.5, Denver -7.0, Dallas +7.0, Miami -2.5.
Quick Notes: The Eagles would've got anything above +2.5, while Pittsburgh covering -3.0 may be asking a lot. Dallas +7.0 looks doable, while the NY Giants surely cover -7.5 at home to Oakland.
Year to Date: 67-64-2 @ 51.1%
Week 1: 4-11-1
Week 2: 6-10-0
Week 3: 8-7-1
Week 4: 10-5-0
Week 5: 6-8-0
Week 6: 8-7-0
Week 7: 11-4-0
Week 8: 10-3-0
Week 9: 4-9-0

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