Thursday 29 July 2010

NOT The Footy Show Episode 32 - NRL Rookie of the Year + Round 21 NRL Preview Podcast 2010

NOT The Footy Show
Episode 32 - NRL Rookie of the Year + Round 21 Preview Podcast 2010
What's on NOT The Footy Show Episode 32 Podcast?
Jarryd Hayne/Todd Carney + NRL Rookie of the Year + Round 21 Preview + Round 20 Review
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|=| So it's still Jarryd Hayne central - but there's plenty of Todd Carney too as Dave rejoins Waz for an hour plus of NOT The Footy Show action.
|=| Plus we unveil the 3 leading contenders for 2010 NRL Rookie of the Year.
|=| We have our full Round 21 Preview + Round 20 in Review + Tipping records & Special Fried Rice Picks.
|=| We have our Our Own Great Debate this week on 3 Topics:
1. Hayne & Carney - why they HAVE to be united for NSW next season and why they are so great to watch.
2. 11 Teams must go into 8 Playoff Spots - what did we learn from the results of Round 20?
3. Stick around after the Previews for our exclusive look at the NRL Rookie of the Year - we're down to three contenders and Sam Burgess who isn't eligible but would win if he was! Who are our 3 Rookies of the Year?
|=| More Talking Points: Luke Patten leaves Canterbury - did he jump or was he pushed to join the Salford City Reds? + Waz caught some of the UK Super League - he tells Dave what he thought of Wigan v Hull. + A look at what's been happening on The NRL Tweet & a special segment 'Life as a Melbourne Supporter' from an email by a devoted Storm fan.
|=| We look at the NRL Tweet Player of the Year Leaderboard after 20 Rounds and dribble on as always on NOT The Footy Show.
|=| With your hosts Dave & Waz on NOT The Footy Show! |=|


NOT The Footy Show Episode 32: NRL Rookie of the Year - Round 21 Preview

Jarryd Hayne's Planes, Trains & Automobiles... NOT The Footy Show Episode 32 Promo

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