Wednesday 9 June 2010

NOT The Footy Show Episode 24 - Round 14 NRL Preview Podcast 2010

NOT The Footy Show
Episode 24 - Round 14 NRL Preview Podcast 2010
> With Nic back - we have two special guests Kiki & Paul on for a chat <
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1 > Nic is back on deck for Episode 24 plus we have two must hear interviews with special guests Kiki & Paul.
2 > Full recap on the NSW & QLD Teams named for State of Origin 2.
3 > We discuss the incredible moment when Jamie Lyon passed up hot chips.
4 > All the Round 13 Moments coving all the results and why North Queensland never looked like winning their Monday Night Football game against Souths.
5 > Three Big Talking Points -
   a > State of Origin Game 2 INS/OUTs - why Nathan Hindmarsh gives NSW fans hope the state over. Includes our Game 2 Preview.
   b > Stats That Matter - how much stock do we put in personal stats v team stats?
   c > Revised Premiership Picks for 2010... we can't pick the Storm anymore - so who are our new favourites?
6 > NRL Tweet Player of the Year Leaderboard after 13 Rounds - can anyone catch Benji Marshall?
7 > Twitter Time - The NRL Tweet ran hot this last week... We interview our 500th Follower - Kiki from the Oh Errol Girls + No love for tempertot Thurston + Footy Card Errors + Will Canberra get Barrett & Buderus? + American Rugby League Season Kicked Off + Canterbury show Terry Lamb KO Ellery Hanley on the big screen + Should Jarryd Hayne have been suspended? + Nathan Hindmarsh love + Andy Raymond ropes two of us into a bet we didn't know we agreed to + Was Issac Luke charged because it was Thurston? Plus we answer Questions from the followers of the NRL Tweet.
8 > Plus all our Tips + Previews of NRL Round 14 + Tipping Records + Special Fried Rice Picks this week.
9 > Fantasy NRL Talk has reached new heights - Paul's Razzle Dazzlers are tearing up the NOT The Footy Show Fox Sports League and we ask him to reveal why his team is so hot in an exclusive interview. Plus some exciting news on the awarding of the NOT The Footy Show Fantasy League Trophy.
10 > You decide whether Nic should keep his job in the wake of Dave's outstanding debut last week.
Cheers Waz & Nic (& Dave!)
This week's podcast... Round 14 NRL Preview.

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