Wednesday 30 June 2010

The Dribble: Cristiano Ronaldo - We don't call him Liquid Engineeringk for nothing... 2010 FIFA World Cup Blog

Portugal's World Cup Campaign ended Tuesday night with a 1-0 loss to Spain in the Round of 16 at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.
But despite the shattering result for all Portuguese - who expected their team to improve on their 4th placed finish in 2006 in Germany - the biggest story to emerge from the game that was won on the back of a David Villa goal for Spain in the 62nd minute... it was Cristiano Ronald's Magic Loogie.
Even if you don't get the Seinfeld reference to the Magic Loogie - putting it bluntly; Ronaldo didn't like the cameraman invading his space at the conclusion of the game and loaded up the saliva and spat.
Make no mistake it was a quality volley - better than any he'd had with the ball that evening - and it was directed at the feet of the cameraman.
Cristiano literally spat the dummy.
And here it is in all its glory - immortalised on YouTube.
Cristiano Ronaldo: We don't call him Liquid Engineeringk for nothing...
And if you don't get the Liquid Engineeringk reference then you obviously haven't been watching any of the World Cup on SBS... because as Santo Cilauro announced on SBS's fine daily World Cup Show 'Cup Fever' - "Cristiano Castrol Ad waits for nobody." and gets shown on EVERY SINGLE COMMERCIAL BREAK!
Cristiano Ronaldo's Castrol Edge Liquid Engineering Ad

So that's another World Cup that Cristiano Ronaldo - arguably the greatest player on the planet (but Argentina's Lionel Messi is fast becoming the undisputed #1)... even under extreme conditions, has failed to carry his team to the top of World Football.
I think I speak for everyone who despises spitting in the direction of everyone (well everyone except South African fast bowler Dale Steyn)...

Nice game pretty boy...

Bonus YouTube Video for World Cup Tragics...
Just some of the quality that Cup Fever with Santo, Sam & Ed are producing every night during the tournament.
#1 A quality spoof of the German Coach & his fashion sense by Ed Kavalee & Sam Pang.

#2 Correspondent Tony Wilson runs the best competition of these World Cup Finals...

#3 Finally, no comedy routine would be complete without a dig at our New Zealand neighbours... outstanding.

Enjoy the rest of the World Cup - Argentina were our pick coming in and we're all hoping they do it for Diego!