Tuesday 27 April 2010

NSW State of Origin Team 2010 + QLD Team + Game Reviews + Player Ratings & Profiles - NOT The Footy Show Episode 15

|=| GAME II - QLD 34 def. NSW 6 - Brisbane Wed June 16 |=||=| GAME III - QLD 23 def. NSW 18 @ Sydney Wed July 7 |=|
Queensland have won the Series 3-0 achieving their first Clean Sweep since 1995.
 |=| |=| |=|
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|=| GAME THREE Wednesday July 7 |=|
|=| @ ANZ Stadium in Sydney - kick-off 8:10pm |=|
TRIES: Darius Boyd 20th, Nate Myles 28th, Billy Slater 74th, Willie Tonga 79th.
GOALS: Johnathan Thurston 3/3, Israel Folau 0/1, Darren Lockyer 1 Field Goal.

TRIES: Paul Gallen 36th, Kurt Gidley 47th, Greg Bird 70th.
GOALS: Michael Gordon 3/3.

Official Man of the Match: Billy Slater, QLD
Wally Lewis Medal (Man of the Series): Billy Slater, QLD
THE NRL TWEET's 4-2-1s for Game Three.
4 - Billy Slater, QLD
2 - Jarryd Hayne, NSW
1 - Kurt Gidley, NSW
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QLD - To Come July 8
NSW - To Come July 8

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NSW Announced their State of Origin Game 3 Side on Monday.
NSW Squad 28/6:
J Hayne, B Morris, M Jennings, B Scott, M Gordon, T Barrett (c), M Pearce, J King, M Ennis, K Snowden, L Lewis, P Gallen, G Bird.
Bench: K Gidley, T Learoyd-Lahrs, T Mannah, A Watmough.
QLD Announced their State of Origin Game 3 Side on Tuesday.
QLD Squad 29/6:
Starters: B Slater, D Boyd, G Inglis, W Tonga, I Folau, D Lockyer (c), J Thurston, M Scott, C Smith, P Civoniceva, N Myles, S Thaiday, A Harrison.
Bench: C Cronk, D Shillington, N Costigan, D Taylor, B Lowe.

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Queensland just too good, too classy and too full of players that make a difference. Until NSW realise they need to fight fire with fire... it'll be 3-0 in a couple of weeks time. Solid simply doesn't get it done Craig Bellamy...
A massive congratulations to the Maroons for being - simply the best.
> GAME TWO Wednesday June 16 <
> @ Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane - kick-off 8:10pm <
TRIES: I Folau 2 12th+48th, G Inglis 4th, D  Boyd 35th, W Tonga 44th, C Cronk 60th.
GOALS: J Thurston 5/6.

TRIES: B White 79th.
GOALS: K Gidley 1/1.

Official Man of the Match: Darren Lockyer, QLD.
THE NRL TWEET's 4-2-1s for Game Two.
4 - Darren Lockyer
2 - David Shillington
1 - Israel Folau

(21 Man Squad named on 7/6 - Final 17 named 8/6)
7/6 Update: NSW named a 21 Man Squad on Monday Night... evidently with Anthony Watmough & Jamie Lyon ruled out through injury, Luke Lewis & Jarryd Hayne fighting suspensions and Michael Weyman, Beau Scott & Josh Dugan under injury clouds - the selectors went with 21 players.
8/6 Update: Here is the team after Hayne got cleared and Lewis was suspended - NSW Game 2.
12/6 Update: Timana Tahu has sensationally walked out of camp after something assistant coach Andrew Johns said rubbed him the wrong way... Johns has apologised but Tahu is out. Canberra's Joel Monaghan has replaced Tahu in another classic example of the NSW 'think tank' having next to no idea that solid doesn't get the job done at Origin level. Michael Jennings & Josh Morris must be stunned.
HAYNE, Jarryd
BARRETT, Trent (v/c)
PEARCE, Mitchell
WEYMAN, Michael
ENNIS, Michael
WHITE, Brett
GIDLEY, Kurt (c)
QLD OFFICIAL Team Game 2 8/6
(This is the official team named on 8/6)
In a stunning (yet sadly predictible turnaround for QLD) Israel Folau retained his spot on the wing ahead of Lote Tuqiri. Cameron Smith proved his fitness against Parramatta and will replace Matt Ballin at hooker, while Ben Te'o has been ousted as 18th man by Jharal Yow Yeah. The only other change is Ben Hannant coming in for the injured Petero Civoncieva.
BOYD, Darius
TONGA, Willie
FOLAU, Israel
LOCKYER, Darren (c)
THURSTON, Johnathan
SCOTT, Matthew
SMITH, Cameron
CRONK, Cooper
YOW YEH, Jharal (18th Man)



The NRL Tweet: #Origin QLD 28 def. NSW 24. Don't let 24 points deceive you - NSW had nothing in attack. QLD deserved the win - Lockyer/Thurston brilliant.

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MAY 24 - Slaughter at Stadium Australia (NSW v QLD Game Three, 2000)
<> GAME TWO is Wednesday June 16 @ Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane - kick-off 8:10pm.


State of Origin Player Profiles

Kurt GIDLEY (c) - #1 NSW
| Age: 27 | Club: Knights | State of Origin Games: 7 (2007-09) |
| What Gidley brings to Origin: Picked at fullback and as captain for NSW - Gidley is a work-horse at club level who has yet to make a difference at Origin level. He is a great ball carrier and is good enough defensively to play in the line... which NSW may utilise in order to get Jarryd Hayne into the game at fullback. A tenacious competitor that needs to fire from Game One for NSW to win. |

Billy SLATER - #1 QLD
| Age: 26 | Club: Storm | State of Origin Games: 11 (2004-05, 2007-09) |
| What Slater brings to Origin: Slater held off an almost irresistible challenge from Jarryd Hayne for the Australian fullback jersey at the 2009 Four Nations - so you know he's better than good. His kick returns will be dangerous but it is his ability to sniff around the ball in attack and strike when something is on, that makes him such a threat. NSW must hit him hard when he does have the ball and watch him like a hawk when someone else does. |

Brett MORRIS - #2 NSW
| Age: 23 | Club: Dragons | State of Origin Games: 0 (2010 Debutant) |
| What Morris brings to Origin: Makes his State of Origin debut as the game's best finisher. Lethal on the left edge and will play with club-mates Matt Cooper & Ben Creagh on that side for NSW. Has really improved his grunt work bringing the ball off the line and is making fewer errors than he used to. A bookies nightmare when it comes to First Tryscorer Betting. |

Darius BOYD - #2 QLD
| Age: 22 | Club: Dragons | State of Origin Games: 5 (2008-09) |
| What Boyd brings to Origin: Will be interesting to see how involved he can get playing on the wing in this Series. Has blossomed into a quality fullback at the NRL level with St.George-Illawarra but his finishing skills have deserted him since shifting into the #1 jumper. That being said he's a good kick-returner with the ability to beat the first defender with a hit and spin. Could get tested with the cross field kick. |

Matt COOPER - #3 NSW
| Age: 31 | Club: Dragons | State of Origin Games: 11 (2004-08) |
| What Cooper brings to Origin: Thought he was finished at Origin level when he was overlooked for the 2009 Series - but was probably the first centre picked this time around by the NSW Selection panel who were looking for size in the backline. Has rediscovered his attacking touch after living off his defensive reputation for the best part of 3 or 4 years - but his combination with Brett Morris also guaranteed his selection. Must make an impact in Game 1 though to keep the likes of Michael Jennings & Josh Morris at bay throughout the series. |

Greg INGLIS - #3 QLD
| Age: 23 | Club: Storm | State of Origin Games: 10 (2006-09) |
| What Inglis brings to Origin: The best big game player on the planet. No other player holds a candle to the gale force that is Inglis in a big game. Tore NSW apart in Game 2 last year before getting injured and was unbelievable in the Four Nations. Gets marked by Timana Tahu who is a noted shooter in defence so Inglis will either find the going tough or cut Tahu to ribbons with the amount of quality ball he'll no doubt get from Darren Lockyer & Johnathan Thurston. Special. |

Timana TAHU - #4 NSW
| Age: 29 | Club: Eels | State of Origin Games: 11 (2002-06) |
| What Tahu brings to Origin: His first big game since returning from Rugby and he gets to mark Greg Inglis. A physical defender (yes there is a difference) and he hasn't lost all of his natural attacking skill from his stint in Union. Will carry an ankle injury into the game but NSW have cover on the bench in Jamal Idris should it flare early. No doubt NSW are banking on him to make a difference - but he needs the ball and plenty of it to do so. |

Willie TONGA - #4 QLD
| Age: 26 | Club: Cowboys | State of Origin Games: 4 (2004, 2009) |
| What Tonga brings to Origin: Picked to play right centre (he's a left centre for the Cowboys) but might get switched to the left wing outside Greg Inglis at some point if Israel Folau isn't getting enough ball on the right wing. Tonga's form in 2010 has been strong and he kept Lote Tuqiri out of the side - so he must be going alright. Has a great step that he uses the moment his defender commits himself and is a tryscorer. Might be targeted by the Blues in defence however. |

Jarryd HAYNE - #5 NSW
| Age: 22 | Club: Eels | State of Origin Games: 8 (2007-09) |
| What Hayne brings to Origin: NSW may have lost the last four series but Jarryd Hayne's performances in the past two have not been the reason. Clearly the best NSW player in 2009 on the wing... and will have to try and make an impact from there again in 2010. Should have been picked at fullback for this Series but Kurt Gidley will probably play a hybrid five-eighth/hooker role at some point during the game anyway so he'll get some time back there. Arguably the best playmaker in the NSW team alongside Luke Lewis... yet one's on the wing and the other is on the bench. |

Israel FOLAU - #5 QLD
| Age: 21 | Club: Broncos | State of Origin Games: 5 (2008-09) |
| What Folau brings to Origin: Hopefully this is not the last State of Origin Series we see Folau play in... and the passion he's shown in recent games for the Broncos suggests he's sticking with League. When he's motivated he's a damaging runner, great finisher and aerial maestro... when he's not - he's a floater. Queensland will be looking for a lot of hard metres coming out of trouble from Folau's big body but his best work is done inside the attacking 20m zone - where he's awesome. |

Jamie LYON - #6 NSW
| Age: 28 | Club: Sea Eagles | State of Origin Games: 9 (2002-03, 2007, 2009) |
| What Lyon brings to Origin: You'd like to say a desire to play Origin... but in Lyon's case you're never sure if he's playing Origin because it's something to do or because he wants to. He's a great centre but it was no coincidence that Manly got better the moment he moved out of the five-eighth spot. Will be asked to defend, kick occasionally and link with the more talented outside men in the NSW backline. If he sticks to that he'll do a good job at five-eighth but the last thing we want to see is that patented 3rd tackle nothing kick for no-one - he's perfected at Manly recently down the right edge. |

Darren LOCKYER (c) - #6 QLD
| Age: 33 | Club: Broncos | State of Origin Games: 30 (1998-2007, 2009) |
| What Lockyer brings to Origin: Since his knee injury in 2007 he's been written off more times than I'd care to remember but at the back end of 2009 we saw the class return and in 2010 his legs have finally got their jump back. The best of Lockyer comes when he's running the ball to the line to pass and supporting any play that pass created - but his knee injury knocked that part of his game out and he became a link & kick man. Anyone who has watched Brisbane this season, will have seen Lockyer's run back and that spells trouble for NSW. Because Lockyer - not Thurston, will be their biggest threat in this series.|

| Age: 33 | Club: Bulldogs | State of Origin Games: 9 (2000-01, 2005, 2007, 2009) |
| What Kimmorley brings to Origin: The best organising halfback NSW had to choose from and is the right choice given the rest of the team picked for Game 1. Will be NSW's first choice general play kicker and he's an expert at finding the ground instead of the fullback. Used to be a playmaker who loved to go to the line to pass but is now better suited to giving his outside men early ball and letting them do what they do best. A true competitor who'll be targeted defensively but won't be beaten through a lack of commitment. |

Johnathan THURSTON - #7 QLD
| Age: 27 | Club: Cowboys | State of Origin Games: 15 (2005-09) |
| What Thurston brings to Origin: It's actually quite incredible Thurston is playing State of Origin this year - a month ago it looked like his season was over with a shoulder injury, but he's bounced back and will play. At his best running to the outside shoulder of a defender and either passing inside or out or selling the dummy and shooting through the half gap. With his shoulder injury however his running & defensive game suffers and he'll be targeted by Trent Waterhouse & Anthony Watmough in particular on the QLD left edge. Like his NSW counterpart at halfback Brett Kimmorley - Thurston competes for the full 80 minutes. |

Michael WEYMAN - #8 NSW
| Age: 25 | Club: Dragons | State of Origin Games: 2 (2009) |
| What Weyman brings to Origin: Canberra must still be ruing their decision to let Weyman go at the end of 2008.. now the St.George-Illawarra front rower an Australian & NSW Representative and will drive the Blues go-forward in this series. Has a body much like legendary prop Shane Webcke and an under-rated motor that allows him to keep going in attack and defence. Can pop a handy off-load and should play the most minutes of all NSW props in Game 1. |

Matthew SCOTT - #8 QLD
| Age: 24 | Club: | State of Origin Games: 2 (2006, 2009) |
| What Scott brings to Origin: This kid is good. Scratch that - Matt Scott is the best young prop in the game. If you were ranking the best front rowers in the competition you might go Petero Civoniceva, Ben Hannant, Steven Price and FuiFui MoiMoi but then Scott has to enter calculations. His ability to hit the advantage line off his hooker at the Cowboys is a sign he's got great timing and he's been playing extended minutes in the last month that suggests his fitness is now where it needs to be at the NRL level. Should be in the Kangaroos squad by the end of 2010. |

Michael ENNIS - #9 NSW
| Age: 26 | Club: Bulldogs | State of Origin Games: 1 (2009) |
| What Ennis brings to Origin: Over-rated by many... heck by way too many but there's no doubting he goes hard when he plays. A poor defender around the ruck with penalty conceding ability that is second to none... but he competes. Has a decent kicking game out of dummy half but overplays his hand with the ball - often taking the selfish option over the right option in the 20m zone. But he competes... and NSW ruined Robbie Farah's chances at Origin by pairing him with Peter Wallace - but they go and give Ennis Brett Kimmorley... so is it any wonder Ennis did well in Game 3 last year? Granted we're not fans of his game but he competes so he won't be under any pressure in Game 2 if NSW loses Game 1. Truth be told we hope he has a blinder this series and we're totally wrong about him. |

Matt BALLIN - #9 QLD
| Age: 26 | Club: Sea Eagles | State of Origin Games: 0 (2010 Debutant) |
| What Ballin brings to Origin: Ballin was in camp all week before Game 1 as cover for Cameron Smith and when the Storm hooker was ruled out Ballin got the call. He's a worker who will offer good service from dummy half and unlike Ennis - won't overplay his hand. Can also offer a long kick from dummy half but his game will be simple - feed the ball to Darren Lockyer & Johnathan Thurston when they call for it and get the QLD go-forward rolling when they don't. |

Josh PERRY - #10 NSW
| Age: 29 | Club: Sea Eagles | State of Origin Games: 2 (2003, 2009) |
| What Perry brings to Origin: Has quietly put together a good start to the 2010 season with Manly and after representing Australia in the ANZAC Test will be asked to do a similar no-nonsense job for the Blues this series. Has no outstanding feature to his game but that's exactly what a good prop should be - reliable. His fitness has come along in leaps and bounds since moving to the Sea Eagles and is a good choice for NSW's engine room. |

| Age: 34 | Club: Panthers | State of Origin Games: 25 (2001-09) |
| What Civoniceva brings to Origin: The game's best front row forward bar none. Has been the driving force behind Penrith's strong start to 2010 and his mentoring of young Tim Grant should not be overlooked in the youngster's development. He'll have a similar influence in camp for the Maroons and despite the absence of Steven Price in Game 1 - Civoniceva's lead by example approach will have Matthew Scott, David Shillington & Dave Taylor ready for action in every game. Civoniceva is the classic example of why front rowers should never be released by a club just because they are on the wrong side of 30. |

| Age: 29 | Club: Panthers | State of Origin Games: 3 (2004, 2009) |
| What Waterhouse brings to Origin: Plays his football on Penrith's right edge and that's what secured his Origin spot this season. NSW's left was covered by Ben Creagh & Anthony Watmough and Waterhouse was vying with Anthony Laffranchi and Luke Lewis for the right side spot. A tall man with a great off-load, solid defence and knows how to pick out a playmaker to run at - which is exactly what he'll be asked to do in regards to Johnathan Thurston. Can shift to play prop if needed. |

Nate MYLES - #11 QLD
| Age: 24 | Club: Roosters | State of Origin Games: 11 (2006-09) |
| What Myles brings to Origin: Is currently the best forward in the game at club level. No other forward has played a bigger role in his team's performances than Nate Myles has in 2010. Will patrol the middle of the field in a lock forward's role (as will Ashley Harrison as QLD use their big centres as their edge battering rams) and will be close to the best player on the field win, lose or draw. His motor is incredible and he can hit harder than most. Becoming a complete footballer and no other player chases back like Myles. |

Ben CREAGH - #12 NSW
| Age: 25 | Club: Dragons | State of Origin Games: 3 (2009) |
| What Creagh brings to Origin: Has yet to find his feet at Origin level despite a two-try performance in Game 3 last year. He actually scored 3 tries in the 2009 Series but NSW want more from the St.George-Illawarra backrower and he's capable of delivering it. A good hitter with a great defensive technique and some quality on the ball too. Will run the punishing line all day if you ask him too. Needs to find Darren Lockyer with his runs more often than not to give NSW the advantage they are looking for picking the backrow they have. |

| Age: 24 | Club: Broncos | State of Origin Games: 9 (2006, 2008-09) |
| What Thaiday brings to Origin: Took out Man of the Match honours in the ANZAC Test and has been the outstanding forward for the Broncos in 2010. Has some issues defending on the line when he can't swarm with other tacklers and can be isolated one on one. Tear-away runner of the ball with the ability to find an offload - so he's a weapon on the edges. A fan & media favourite but with the enthusiasm he plays the game with - that's no surprise.|

Anthony WATMOUGH - #13 NSW
| Age: 26 | Club: Sea Eagles | State of Origin Games: 3 (2005, 2009) |
| What Watmough brings to Origin: Unstoppable in Game 3 last year but he's a risk/reward type of player at this level. An absolute turnstile in defence as he tries to use his baggage-handler arms way too much and he's got errors and penalties in his game... but boy can he run the footy. His performance at lock in Game 3 was probably the best game Watmough has ever played and suggests that perhaps the extra responsibility to covering the whole field rather than just exclusively the left - brings the best out of Watmough. Vital player for the Blues. |

Ashley HARRISON - #13 QLD
| Age: 29 | Club: Titans | State of Origin Games: 6 (2005, 2008-09) |
| What Harrison brings to Origin: He's a good footballer. With Harrison what you get is what you see - consistency. Has lost a step in his legs and some spark in his natural attacking game as the years and tackles have stacked up but he's a glue guy who the Maroons will rely on to fill the void left by Dallas Johnson. Will tag-team with Nate Myles as the QLD cover defender around the ruck and do a superb job. |

Jamal IDRIS - #14 NSW
| Age: 19 | Club: Bulldogs | State of Origin Games: 0 (2010 Debutant) |
| What Idris brings to Origin: The roll of the dice by the NSW Selectors in Game 1 was picking Idris on the bench. His role will be to get involved the moment he gets on and NSW will probably spell Michael Ennis with Kurt Gidley at hooker in order to get Idris on the field. Will either thrive on the big stage or have a shocker - the former seems more likely... if he gets enough game time. |

Cooper CRONK - #14 QLD
| Age: 26 | Club: Storm | State of Origin Games: 0 (2010 Debutant) |
| What Cronk brings to Origin: He's the form halfback in the NRL & the Australian halfback but he'll have to settle for a bench role this series unless Johnathan Thurston or Darren Lockyer get injured. Very good defender for his position and that's why the Queensland selectors were confident he could do a job at hooker when he comes on. Might play big minutes if NSW have a strong start or very limited minutes if QLD control the match with Ballin at hooker. Quality footballer. |

| Age: 24 | Club: Raiders | State of Origin Games: 1 (2009) |
| What Learoyd-Lahrs brings to Origin: A towering backrower who will play much closer to the action when he comes off the bench for NSW. Has handling issues when he tries to push an off-load before taking the metres on offer but he's going to make metres with his sheer size alone. NSW need to make sure he's got a good cover defender next to him in the line - as he can be exposed by footwork. Great to see him back in blue for another crack after an impressive debut last year. |

| Age: 26 | Club: Raiders | State of Origin Games: 1 (2009) |
| What Shillington brings to Origin: Looks more like a clothes-line than a defender at times because he lacks lateral mobility but he's really come on as a go-forward merchant since moving to the Raiders. QLD wanted a big body to replace Steven Price and Shillington certainly fits the bill. Has average hands and lacks endurance but won't be asked to play more than 15 minutes in each stint. |

Luke LEWIS - #16 NSW
| Age: 26 | Club: Panthers | State of Origin Games: 4 (2004, 2009) |
| What Lewis brings to Origin: Just about the best Penrith player in 2010 and is thriving in the lock forward role with the Panthers. Finds himself on the bench for Game 1 but really needs to start and play the full 80 minutes as he's one of NSW's better ball players. Good defender, tough and an opportunist in attack - he's going to add something whenever he comes off the bench for NSW - but he'd offer more starting. |

Neville COSTIGAN - #16 QLD
| Age: 25 | Club: Dragons | State of Origin Games: 3 (2007, 2009) |
| What Costigan brings to Origin: You might wonder what Costigan brings to the Queensland side - he's a good hitter but not much else right? Well Queensland know what they have in their starting lineup and then pick a bench that can fill a gap rather than play a key role in the team. Costigan comes on throws his body around for a few minutes spelling a tired starter than goes off - it's simple and brief but for Queensland they know they won't be able to offer big minutes to a bench player so they pick someone who can make the most of what they get instead of moping about it. |

Brett WHITE - #17 NSW
| Age: 28 | Club: Storm | State of Origin Games: 6 (2007-09) |
| What White brings to Origin: The most over-rated State of Origin player in recent memory. Has developed a reputation as a hard man of Rugby League because he knocked Steven Price out in a fight. Granted it was one good punch but we're still waiting for one good run at Origin level from Craig Bellamy's love-child. Has actually played far less soft in the minutes he's had in 2010... when he's not been injured or suspended. Talks tough, plays soft. The only upside of White is if there is a donnybrook - he's got some value. |

Dave TAYLOR - #17 QLD
| Age: 21 | Club: Rabbitohs | State of Origin Games: 0 (2010 Debutant) |
| What Taylor brings to Origin: Will either terrorise NSW when he gets on the field or barely get a chance. Taylor is Queensland's trump card on the bench and if he is asked to play a traditional front rower's game off the bench we won't see the best of him. But if they give him only a handful of minutes yet play him on the edge - NSW's bigger bodies will need to be up to the challenge of stopping the bigger unit from South Sydney. |

18th MEN:
Brett FINCH - #18 NSW
| Age: 28 | Club: Storm | State of Origin Games: 3 (2004, 2006) |
| What Finch brings to Origin: Should be the NSW five-eighth... but you'd think as 18th man he might be a chance if Tahu is a late withdrawal... think again! Trent Barrett was also in camp before Game 1 - went back to play for Cronulla and is back again... seemingly moving past Finch again for the NSW emergency spot. May also fall behind Jason King who joined camp as forward cover... which is a shame because if anyone knows how to come into camp late and make an impact in the game it is Brett Finch. Tenacity is his trademark and an array of football smarts make him perfect for the Origin stage. |

Ben TE'O - #18 QLD
| Age: 23 | Club: Broncos | State of Origin Games: 0 (2010 Debutant) |
| What Te'o brings to Origin: Left the Tigers as a very promising backrower and spent the first year of his Brisbane tenure proving all those scouting reports very very wrong. Was awful in 2009 but has started 2010 with a new attitude and some of the biggest hits since the Beatles. Kept fellow bolter Scott Bolton and defensive workhorse David Stagg out of the QLD squad and although he won't play in Game 1 - will have relished this chance to be amongst the game's elite. |


Starters: Kurt GIDLEY (c), Brett MORRIS, Matt COOPER, Timana TAHU, Jarryd HAYNE, Jamie LYON, Brett KIMMORLEY, Michael WEYMAN, Michael ENNIS, Josh PERRY, Trent WATERHOUSE, Ben CREAGH, Anthony WATMOUGH. Bench: Jamal IDRIS, Tom LEAROYD-LAHRS, Luke LEWIS, Brett WHITE. Extras: Brett FINCH is the emergency, with Jason KING joining camp as a backup forward.
Starters: Billy SLATER, Darius BOYD, Greg INGLIS, Willie TONGA, Israel FOLAU, Darren LOCKYER (c), Johnathan THURSTON, Matthew SCOTT, Matt BALLIN, Petero CIVONICEVA, Nate MYLES, Sam THAIDAY, Ashley HARRISON. Bench: Cooper CRONK, David SHILLINGTON, Neville COSTIGAN, Dave TAYLOR. Extras: Ben TE'O is the Emergency.

GAME ONE - Predictions
See below for the NRL Tweet's Prediction Game Rules
For NSW to win: The Blues have picked a backrow with one purpose - to run at QLD playmakers Johnathan Thurston & Darren Lockyer all night long. NSW's side is one that will try and outmuscle their opposition and rely on field position to post points without a noted playmaker in the lineup (their best options are Jarryd Hayne who is stuck on the wing and Luke Lewis who is wasting away on the bench). The Blues best chance at victory will come from protecting a lead rather than chasing the game - so it is vital they start well.
Bottom Line For Victory: Making the most of field position and tiring the QLD playmakers - if NSW do this they will go to Suncorp Stadium up 1-0 in the Series.
For QLD to win: The Maroons can't gift NSW field position with errors & careless penalties - the Blues attack won't be overly dangerous anywhere but inside the 20m zone so if QLD can limit their opposition's forays into their half - they'll win. Why will they win? Because with the attacking weapons QLD possess - they can score from anywhere on the field. Even without Cameron Smith - Queensland have the two best playmakers on the field and the four of the best five players overall in Greg Inglis, Johnathan Thurston, Billy Slater & Darren Lockyer - that bodes well for victory.
Bottom Line For Victory: It all comes down to discipline for the Maroons - limit NSW's field position and QLD take a 1-0 Series lead... and get Cameron Smith back for Game 2.

The NRL Tweet's Prediction: NSW BLUES by 4 

The NRL Tweet's Prediction Game
If you're watching State of Origin Game 1 with a bunch of friends - get some paper out and jot down everyone's predictions for the following categories.
Scoring: Each category has its own value but basically - 1 point for 100% right (i.e. Greg Inglis scores the 1st try or picking the Game Winner - NSW or QLD), 1/2 points for 50% right (Pick the score is NSW 20-12 and you had either NSW 20 or QLD 12 - you get half a point.) Pick the Score Exactly is worth 3 points. Most points at the end of the nights gets the glory or if you decide - a prize of your own choosing before kick-off. Only one player/score is allowed for each category - first in best dressed but only open up one category at a time to avoid one person stealing all the good options!
It adds some fun to the night... especially if your state is getting smashed in the game itself.
NRL Tweet's Tips for Game One, 2010 STATE OF ORIGIN SERIES
Fulltime Score (3pts):
NSW 22-18
Halftime Score (1pt): NSW 12-6
First Tryscorer (1pt): Jarryd Hayne, NSW
Last Tryscorer (1pt): Greg Inglis, QLD
First Knock-On (1pt): Sam Thaiday, QLD
First Penalty Conceded (1pt): Anthony Watmough, NSW
Will there be a 40/20? (0.5pt): No
Will there be a Field Goal? (0.5pt): No
Man of the Match (1pt): Kurt Gidley, NSW

Good luck - these are the predictions I'll be sticking by come Wednesday Night!

Just 1 sleep til Origin!

State of Origin 2010: NSW Blues Team Game 1 Reaction - NOT The Footy Show Episode 20 (Uploaded May 17)
(From the outstanding resource that is Rugby League Project):
> YEARS PLAYED: 1980-2009 <(Super League Tri-Series in 1997 not included, In 1980-81 only one match was played and does not count as a series)
QLD 14
NSW 12
QLD 44
NSW 41
QLD 1399 (243 Tries; 214 Goals; 8 Field Goals)
NSW 1372 (234 Tries; 217 Goals; 13 Field Goals)
NSW 226
QLD 165
> MOST CAPS (Top 5 Each State): <
QLD - Allan LANGER 34, Mal MENINGA 32, Wally LEWIS 31, Darren LOCKYER 30, Steven PRICE 28.
NSW - Brad FITTLER 31, Andrew ETTINGSHAUSEN 27,  Laurie DALEY 23, Andrew JOHNS 23, Rod WISHART 22.
> MOST TRIES (Top 5 Each State): <
QLD - Dale SHEARER 12, Allan LANGER 10, Greg INGLIS 8, Darren LOCKYER 8, Wally LEWIS 7, Bob LINDNER 7, Billy SLATER 7. 
NSW - Michael O'CONNOR 11, Brad FITTLER 8, Timana TAHU 8, Andrew ETTINGSHAUSEN 7, Ryan GIRDLER 7.
> MOST MAN OF THE MATCH AWARDS (Top 2 Each State): <
QLD - Wally LEWIS 8, Allan LANGER 4.
NSW - Andrew JOHNS 4, Peter STERLING 4.
2004 - Craig FITZGIBBON (NSW)
2005 - Anthony MINICHIELLO (NSW)
2006 - Darren LOCKYER (QLD)
2007 - Cameron SMITH (QLD)
2008 - Johnathan THURSTON (QLD)
2009 - Greg INGLIS (QLD)
NOT The Footy Show Episode 15 - Our NSW State of Origin Teams
May 17 Update: Well we didn't see eye to eye with the NSW Selectors at all.
Nic picked 7 from 17, Waz picked 8 from 17 - but remember they were the teams we'd pick not the team we thought NSW Selectors would. Translation = NSW are in a whole lot of trouble.
Please Note: We filmed it on April 22, 2010 so any injuries sustained in Round 7 & beyond of the NRL obviously have an impact on some of the players we selected and if any more players get hurt before the team is picked - once again realise we filmed it on April 22 so there's not much we can do about predicting injuries.
<> We'd love your feedback - Either check us out at The NRL Tweet, Via our NOT The Footy Show iTunes Podcast, on YouTube's NSC Videos Channel or comment below here on wdnicolson.blogspot.com
The State of Origin Schedule for the 2010 Series is as follows:
Game I - Wednesday May 26 @ ANZ Stadium Sydney.
Game II - Wednesday June 16 @ Suncorp Stadium Brisbane.
Game III - Wednesday July 7 @ ANZ Stadium Sydney.
NSW haven't tasted a Series Victory since 2005... while Queensland will be looking to win an incredible 5th straight Series!
Bring on the CANETOADS & their UGLY MUGS!


The original article...



>>> UPDATE MAY 18:
New South Wales picked their 2010 Game One Team (May 17) and
 Queensland named their 2010 Game One Team (May 18).
NSW State of Origin Team
Game One, 2010.
Kurt GIDLEY (c)
Timana TAHU
Jarryd HAYNE
Jamie LYON
Michael WEYMAN
Michael ENNIS
Emergencies: Brett FINCH is 18th man.
QLD State of Origin Team
Game One, 2010.
Darius BOYD
Willie TONGA
Israel FOLAU
Darren LOCKYER (c)
Johnathan THURSTON
Matthew SCOTT
Cooper CRONK
Emergencies: Ben TE'O is 18th Man.

State of Origin 2010: NSW Blues Team Game 1 Reaction - NOT The Footy Show Episode 20 (Uploaded May 17)

We now have a dedicated State of Origin Page here on wdnicolson.blogspot.com - bookmark it for a host of State of Origin News, Videos, Podcasts & Regular Origin Retrospectives.

Check back on wdnicolson.blogspot.com or follow The NRL Tweet for all our immediate reactions to the lineup chosen by the NSW Selectors. We'll have a full breakdown of both the NSW & Queensland teams in the NOT The Footy Show Podcast on Wednesday.

<<<>>>  This is our last predicted NSW State of Origin Team from May 14 & below is a video of NOT The Footy Show's NSW Teams which was filmed on April 22.

<> We will upload the OFFICIAL NSW & QLD Sides on this page when they are announced after Round 10.
<> NSW's Team is named Monday May 17, QLD name their side on Tuesday May 18.

<> So keep checking back on
wdnicolson.blogspot.com for all the latest developments for the NSW State of Origin Team for 2010.
<> GAME ONE is Wednesday May 26 @ ANZ Stadium in Sydney - kick-off 8:10pm.

Update May 17: Below is the Final Predicted Team published Friday May 14 - however with Round 10 having 7 of its 8 games played here is some late mail on the team NSW look like picking.
> Trent Waterhouse has apparently moved past Paul Gallen for a spot in the 17, Josh Morris is fighting it out with Timana Tahu for his centre spot and Jamie Lyon is no guarantee to hold Trent Barrett out of the #6 jumper. Jamal Idris (listed as a bolter below a few weeks ago) might make the bench at the expense of Greg Bird, while Luke Lewis would be relegated to the bench for Waterhouse to start at lock.
> The NSW Side SMH's Roy Masters picked Monday May 17 is: Gidley (c), Morris, Tahu, Lyon, Hayne, Lyon, Kimmorley, Perry, Ennis, Weyman, Watmough, Creagh, Waterhouse. Bench: White, Lewis, Learoyd-Lahrs, Idris.

UPDATED May 14, 2010 (Pre-Round 10 of the NRL)
NSW State of Origin Team
Game One, 2010.
Kurt GIDLEY (c)
Jarryd HAYNE
Jamie LYON
Michael ENNIS
Michael WEYMAN
Other genuine contenders for NSW heading into Round 10 Games appear to be:
(The unlucky member of the Game 3 lineup from last year - Greg Bird takes his spot in the 17.)
(Hasn't been in great form since his delayed start to 2010 and it will count against him given his teammate Luke Lewis is in career best form.)
(Needs a massive game v Knights to get a spot in the 17 - would be the ideal x-factor at five-eighth but NSW have a track record of ignoring x-factors in the halves for a number of years.)
(Injured 50/50 to play Round 10 so unlikely to force his way in because of his lack of game time of late.)
> Beau SCOTT
(Injured not playing Round 10 so out of contention you'd think.)
> Willie MASON
(Fighting it out with Learoyd-Lahrs for open big man spot on the bench... may not get a run until Game 2 even though he deserves a shot in Game 1.)
> Timana TAHU
(If any outside backs get hurt in Round 10 - he'll get the call up because he can play centre or wing and has done so in Origin before.)
(Hasn't got a great track record in the NSW games he's played where the lack of ball carries limit his effectiveness given his at times average defence - not this match.)
> Michael JENNINGS
(If Josh Morris can't get through his Round 10 comeback Jennings is a chance... but the NSW Selectors would predictably push Lyon back to the centres and move Bird or Lewis to five-eighth - which means no room for another dynamic attacking player in the NSW team.)
> Dean YOUNG
(If Bird & Lewis get hurt in Round 10 and the other NSW Selectors listen to Laurie Daley for too long - Young will be in the team... heck Daley loves him so much he might push Greg Bird out of the squad.)
(Would be a bolter if any of the current NSW props get hurt in Round 10.)
(Injured and out for Rounds 10 & 11 - thus out of contention.)
> Robbie FARAH
(Goose was cooked when Ennis scored two tries against him in Round 5 - not that Ennis has actually outplayed him in 2010 though... but you know Farah will be overlooked.)

<> If you're looking for a bolter or two from the City v Country Match - Jamal IDRIS & Josh DUGAN made the most of their opportunity... Idris might be a shock right centre choice while Dugan could find himself on the wing if Hayne is picked at fullback and Gidley in the halves or on the bench.
<> It would be a shock to see anyone else factor into calculations...
Sadly that means no Nathan Hindmarsh which is an absolute joke.  How the NSW Selectors can watch the same games you and I do and decide that Hindmarsh will offer nothing in Origin is beyond me... you know Queensland would pick him in a heartbeat and when former NSW Coach Phil Gould says he'd be the first guy he'd pick... well you and I both know the NSW Selectors are clueless at times.

Who do you think should be picked? Or who has been snubbed that should be there?

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In 2010 covering the NRL has become a hobby as much as a job for us here at wdnicolson.blogspot.com especially with the introduction of NOT The Footy Show - a weekly video & podcast on the NRL presented by two doyens of the game.
This year we plan on sharing our State of Origin experience with you - whether you want us to or not.

Remember - we're picking the team WE think can win the State of Origin Shield back from those cocky Queenslanders who think because they've had a 'little period of success' (ok 4 straight Series is more than a little success) they own Origin. If we were trying to do a video predicting the team that the NSW Selectors would pick - we'd just state that Queensland will make it 5 in a row and be done with it... because the track record of the current group of selectors indicate NSW have no hope in 2010.
However, with the teams we pick we firmly believe NSW's streak of Origin Series Wins will begin at ONE in 2010.

NOT The Footy Show Episode 15 - Our NSW State of Origin Teams
Please Note: We filmed it on April 22, 2010 so any injuries sustained in Round 7 & beyond of the NRL obviously have an impact on some of the players we selected and if any more players get hurt before the team is picked - once again realise we filmed it on April 22 so there's not much we can do about predicting injuries...

We'd love your feedback AND the team you'd select - Either check us out at The NRL Tweet, Via our NOT The Footy Show iTunes Podcast, on YouTube's NSC Videos Channel or comment below here on wdnicolson.blogspot.com

NSW ORIGIN TEAM Update May 3, 2010:The first representative teams of 2010 have been named with the ANZAC Test & City v Country Sides announced. You can find them HERE. As a result here is a predicted NSW Side using the named rep sides as a guide to what the NSW Selectors will likely pick. Remember the teams in the video are OUR sides - not the ones we thought the NSW Selectors would pick.

The predicted team from May 9 is below and takes into consideration the style of team I believe the NSW Selectors will pick... it lacks creativity... just like the last few years. Will they ever learn?

UPDATED May 9, 2010.
NSW State of Origin Team
Game One, 2010.
Kurt GIDLEY (c)
Jamie LYON
Jarryd HAYNE
Michael ENNIS
Michael WEYMAN

Other genuine contenders for NSW post-rep games appear to be Luke O'DONNELL, Beau SCOTT, Willie MASON, Timana TAHU, Anthony LAFFRANCHI, Trent WATERHOUSE, Michael JENNINGS, Dean YOUNG, Tom LEAROYD-LAHRS, Kade SNOWDEN, Keith GALLOWAY & Robbie FARAH.
If you're looking for a bolter from the City v Country Match - Jamal IDRIS or Josh DUGAN made the most of their opportunity.
It would be a shock to see anyone else factor into calculations... sadly that means no Nathan Hindmarsh which is an absolute joke. How the NSW Selectors can watch the same games you and I do and decide that Hindmarsh will offer nothing in Origin is beyond me...

Who do you think should be picked? Or who has been snubbed that should be there?

The State of Origin Schedule for the 2010 Series is as follows:
Game I - Wednesday May 26 @ ANZ Stadium Sydney.
Game II - Wednesday June 16 @ Suncorp Stadium Brisbane.
Game III - Wednesday July 7 @ ANZ Stadium Sydney.
NSW haven't tasted a Series Victory since 2005... while Queensland will be looking to win an incredible 5th straight Series!
Bring on the CANETOADS & their UGLY MUGS!