Wednesday 7 April 2010

NRL 2010 - NOT The Footy Show's Goalkicking Sideline Challenge

In 2010 NOT The Footy Show is re-launching the Sideline Challenge - asking you the question:

Are you up to the challenge?

The question is simple - can you pot a sideline conversion with the ball placed just 1.5m from the cornerpost?

In 2009 a bunch of mates went out to our local oval and had a crack... the results were mixed.

The vast majority of shots missed but there were a select few who made the impossible seem possible.

Think you can do better than this?

So here's the challenge:

Get a bunch of mates together and head down to your local oval with some Rugby League goalposts. Take a video camera and a pocketful of dreams and back yourself.

Edit the footage (we don't want to see 45 minute videos of you missing for 44 minutes) down to include the ones that get close, the ones that have to be replayed over and over again they were that bad... and of course the successful shots. And we recommend adding some background music - otherwise they can seem a little long and boring.
We'll feature the best of the best on NOT The Footy Show throughout 2010 and compile an ultimate YouTube video that shows who stands out from the rest.

So upload your video to YouTube and get in contact with us. Either on this site (post your link as a comment), via or via our YouTube Channel 'NSCVideos'.

Get into it people and remember...

The Sideline Challenge... bringing people together, by setting them apart.