Wednesday 8 July 2020

NOT The Footy Show Episode 219: Once a grub... NRL Podcast and Round 9 Tips

Once a grub...
NRL Podcast and Round 9 Tips.
Released July 7, 2020

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Join Robb Cox, Warrick Nicolson and the returning Dave Chapman for our weekly NRL Podcast which leads off with the fall-out from Addin Fonua-Blake's comments to referee Grant Atkins at the end of Manly-Newcastle. 

We also give our Round 9 Tips to those who will listen.

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Plus we look at why Joey Leilua's latest suspension should come as no surprise to the Tigers or Joey for that matter and ask what Michael Maguire may do in the future.

We also cover our road trip to Canberra last Friday and the COVID-19 social distancing reality of attending a football game. 

All this and a little bit more on Episode 219 of NOT The Footy Show.



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