Monday 28 September 2009

NRL Finals 2009 Results: Parramatta Eels 22 defeated Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs 12 in 1st Preliminary Final

STILL ALIVE... ===================================== CAN ANYONE STOP THE EELS? DOGS NEWEST VICTIM 22-12. 12 LOST TO 22 The Parramatta bandwagon has become a freight train with the Eels and Bulldogs Preliminary Final attracting almost 75,000 fans to ANZ Stadium on Friday Night. The Eels were just too good for the Bulldogs and came back from a 12-6 halftime deficit, to overrun Canterbury in the second half. Nathan Hindmarsh continues to prove New South Wales selectors have little or no idea what kind of player is needed in the trenches of a big game and he is well on his way to claiming the inaugural Glenn Lazarus Medal for Player of the Finals in 2009. He was everywhere - particularly in defence as the Eels repelled the Bulldogs time after time. If we non-Parra fans have to endure a Premiership win by the Eels - at least we can feel some pleasure in the fact Nathan Hindmarsh has a premiership to his name... well maybe not, after all who doesn't love being able to ask Parra fans if they've been alive when their team last won the competition? Jeff Robson was another big factor - particularly in attack, as he popped up everywhere and with support players all around him - he always had options. Other standouts for the Eels were FuiFui MoiMoi, Luke Burt, Todd Lowrie, Krisnan Inu, Joe Galuvao and of course - Jarryd Hayne. Brett Kimmorley fought hard for the Bulldogs but he could never get into good enough field position to make his last tackle options count, but he was the 3rd best player on the field despite the loss. Ben Hannant, David Stagg and the Dogs left side attack - Bryson Goodwin and Josh Morris also put in, but they didn't have enough in attack (losing Luke Patten in the opening minutes was a huge loss) to stretch the committed and confident Parramatta defence. Parramatta are playing sensational football. A combination of brilliant defence against lackluster offence (the Dogs were the best performers of the Finals so far against them but still found it hard to score) and an attacking game built on second phase play and the individual skills of Jarryd Hayne - the Eels deserve to be where they are in this Top 8 format of Finals. For the Dogs - disappointment will run its course through the off-season but they made such great strides in 2009 that they will enter 2010 with the confidence to return to the Finals once again. One final word on the Jarryd Hayne kneeing incident. He should have been suspended. There can be no question of that given what he did. When you consider the warnings and crackdowns (well with the NRL Jokediciary that's a word they don't believe in unless you're an absolute nufty of a player) on attacking the ball near the line with your legs - Hayne's intention was always to lead with the knees (he admitted as much post game when he said 'I was going for the ball') and that should have seen him be charged with at least the Grade 2 leveled at Bryce Gibbs in Round 24. But the NRL was always - and I stress ALWAYS - going to let him off. He is the golden boy of the game right now and Parramatta in the Grand Final with Hayne playing guarantees a monster TV audience. So equality in treatment was never on the cards. ================================================================================= The NRL Finals Tweet was on hand to catch all the action that was worthy of a tweet and it has been compiled below in chronological order. For future reference - the front page of this website will automatically feed the Twitter Updates onto the right side of the website - so if you don't have Twitter you can follow the notes there. 12 LOST TO 22
As it happened - Eels 22 def. Bulldogs 12. 144. Kick-off!!! Hannant comes into immediate contact with Cayless. Strong start in defence by the Dogs. Hannant hammers MoiMoi! about 3 hours ago from web 143. Didn't Hannant love that. Idris hits MoiMoi! about 3 hours ago from web 142. Great sight on the concourse on the far side of the field - half Blue and White, half Blue and Gold. Patten hurt... about 3 hours ago from web 141. Someone didn't miss him on the kick-return. Head clash with Daniel Mortimer for mine.about 3 hours ago from web 140. No Gus is right. Knee (accidental) from Cayless to the back of Patten's head. Gets the 3 questions- who are you? where are you? who hit you?about 3 hours ago from web 139. Patten helped off... there goes one of my Fantasy outside backs after 1 minute... His legs aren't looking solid at all... huge loss.about 3 hours ago from web 138. Yileen Gordon comes onto the field. El Masri to fullback and Gordon to right wing.about 3 hours ago from web 137. First attacking kick by Kimmorley - high bomb behind the posts. Hayne defuses without a problem.about 3 hours ago from web 136. Good old 'Concrete Hands' is living up to his nickname... Ben Smith ERROR. I've written that a few times these playoffs.about 3 hours ago from web 135. AAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Goodwin WOW!about 3 hours ago from web 134. El Masri's grubber to the left corner put down by Goodwin with amazing skill. Goodwin cops a knock trying to put it down.about 3 hours ago from web 133. Jarryd Hayne does NOT MISS with his knees....about 3 hours ago from web 132. I've got issues with that for sure. Bryce Gibbs is sitting at home going - if I get weeks, surely golden boy gets a few.about 3 hours ago from web 131. It is a try. Some great second phase in the middle of the field and great call by Goodwin to let El Masri know. 8 point try on the cards.about 3 hours ago from web 130. El Masri to try and make it 6-0. From left touchline... misses. Will get a 2nd shot from right in front.about 3 hours ago from web 129. If the Eels win, the NRL Jokediciary has a huge decision to make on Hayne. Do we let golden boy play? I think I know the answer already...about 3 hours ago from web 128. El Masri doesn't miss from in front. BULLDOGS 6-0 after 5 minutes.about 3 hours ago from web 127. Dogs getting numbers into tackles. Have edge in the ruck early.about 3 hours ago from web 126. Great defence by the Dogs after Mortimer beat El Masri to a bomb. Burt herded into touch.about 3 hours ago from web 125. The bomb has to be Parra's first avenue with the kick. El Masri just wasn't up to it on that play.about 3 hours ago from web 124. Nathan Cayless might have a hamstring tear... big issue for Parra. Roberts almost makes a break, gets a penalty for a strip by Reddy.about 3 hours ago from web 123. Galuvao on for Cayless. Dogs on the attack right now inside the Parra half.about 3 hours ago from web 122. Andrew Ryan has a brain explosion close to the line... grubbers??? Reddy cleans up, Ryan gives away a soft penalty.about 3 hours ago from web 121. Ennis a factor around the ruck with his short passing. Parra's marker defence has to get better.about 2 hours ago from web 120. Wow - Idris and Lowrie collide! Idris comes out of it winded badly.about 2 hours ago from web 119. Parra almost get another result from a bomb kick on the last... Dogs need to work out who is catching those.about 2 hours ago from web 118. Ryan makes another error... in the play the ball. Parra get another set in the Dogs half. 13 minutes gone, BUL 6-0.about 2 hours ago from web 117. Hayne knocks on... but FuiFui took a little swing at Ennis in back play.about 2 hours ago from web 116. Kimmorley goes close to a 40/20... Hayne kicks it around his feet before picking it up. Dogs props are making inroads.about 2 hours ago from web 115. Lowrie puts Burt into the clear with a floating cut out inside his own half. Dogs on the backfoot...about 2 hours ago from web 114. Reddy's hail mary back in field after he was going out... Roberts 'played at it' apparently... tough one. Reddy's foot on the line...about 2 hours ago from web 113. Parramatta scrum feed... wow Rabs Warren doesn't think a Parra player was out... shocking horror another cover up #GetThisabout 2 hours ago from web 112. MoiMoi knocks on from the first tackle off the scrum... bit of justice there.about 2 hours ago from web 111. Dogs get a penalty... The ref I think should partner Hayne in the GF - Ben Cummins - gets Hayne for not being square. Borderline call though. about 2 hours ago from web 110. Kimmorley targets Burt with a cross kick for the much taller Idris... Inu cleans up.about 2 hours ago from web 109. With Cayless injured, MoiMoi will need to play upwards of 60 minutes tonight... could we have a 40/20 by Hayne?about 2 hours ago from web 108. Did it go out dead in goal or over the sideline... Touchie's called a 40/20 and Parra have another chance 20m out.about 2 hours ago from web 107. MoiMoi goes close... Parra threatening here in a big way. But El Masri cleans up a dinky kick by Keating aimed for Hayne... the lone chaser.about 2 hours ago from web 106. Dogs getting some great scoots out of dummy half by their quick men. March up the field.about 2 hours ago from web 105. Luke Burt is looking like Parra's most dangerous player at the moment.about 2 hours ago from web 104. MoiMoi crushed by Ennis on suspicion... to be fair to Ennis the ball was going to FuiFui but Hindmarsh hadn't passed it yet. Penalty Parra.about 2 hours ago from web 103. 24 minutes in... Eels still trailing 6-0.about 2 hours ago from web 102. WOW Jarryd Hayne conjures something from nothing. Joe Galuvao scores. about 2 hours ago from web 101. Hayne dances around, almost gets through himself & finds Galuvao with a great flick to score under the posts. BUL 6-6 if Burt converts. about 2 hours ago from web 100. After 26 minutes we're all locked up at 6-6. Hayne beat Ennis, Hickey & Hodgson to set up Galuvao.about 2 hours ago from web 99. I can't believe what I'm about to write but Todd Lowrie - the same fringe first grader from the last six years, looks at home in the NRL now. about 2 hours ago from web 98. Good kick by Roberts then, pinning Grothe into the left corner. Big defensive set here for the Dogs to get some field position from the kick. about 2 hours ago from web 97. Inu's footwork is making Idris and Gordon look stupid. Hayne blows up after missing a chip kick regather but fair challenge for mine.about 2 hours ago from web 96. Inu at it again. Burt away down the left beating players everywhere.about 2 hours ago from web 95. Ennis trying his guts out to stop Hayne's influence... but Parra keep coming.about 2 hours ago from web 94. Lowrie gets Kimmorley high in the in-goal but refs say it was fine... line drop out Bulldogs. Big set now after 31 minutes.about 2 hours ago from web 93. Eels are attacking the ball at speed running off their playmaker. They look great.about 2 hours ago from web 92. Poor option by Hayne. Hits Inu when the centre isn't really in a good position. Kimmorley and Idris shut it down. Bulldogs breathe again.about 2 hours ago from web 91. Ennis finds Gordon out wide with a cut out, the big unit steps into the clear. Nice inside offload by Eastwood. Dogs on attack!about 2 hours ago from web 90. I hate the last tackle kick as the ONLY option close to the line... Ben Smith plays at the kick by Roberts but go through the hands man!about 2 hours ago from web 89. Dogs need something out of this set, 6 minutes before halftime.about 2 hours ago from web 88. JOSH MORRIS! beats Hayne to a grubber by Roberts and the game has turned!about 2 hours ago from web 87. Hayne caught ball watching and Morris slips past him to touchdown. El Masri to try and make it 12-6 after 36 minutes.about 2 hours ago from web 86. Dogs had to get something out of this visit to the Parra tryline after withstanding their attacks. Morris and Goodwin down the left = tries. about 2 hours ago from web 85. El Masri makes no mistake. 12-6 to the Bulldogs after 37 minutes. Kimmorley to look for a field goal next visit to Parramatta half?about 2 hours ago from web 84. Chris Armit and Greg Eastwood are doing a great job contributing from the bench when the Dogs need them to.about 2 hours ago from web 83. Ben Hannat not overly well... could be a huge injury.about 2 hours ago from web 82. Ben Hannant that is... left shoulder pulled by Matt Keating in the tackle... didn't like the look of that at all.about 2 hours ago from web 81. Tony Archer not happy with how Nathan Hindmarsh is reacting to Hannant's reaction... This is poor by Nathan... he's better than that.about 2 hours ago from web 80. Hindmarsh apologises for basically calling out Hannant for faking one has to think... Penalty on Keating. Here come the Dogs towards a FG?about 2 hours ago from web 79. PHEW... Dogs would've scored off a Kimmorley cut out... but Reddy throws a hand out... and knocks on. Dogs will go for Field Goal now. about 2 hours ago from web 78. Kimmorley... misses the field goal. No pressure and 4th tackle... right call but he had to get it.about 2 hours ago from web 77. So right Gus... this has disappointed no one at all.about 2 hours ago from web 76. 1st Preliminary Final: Halftime: BULLDOGS 12 (Goodwin, Morris; El Masri 2/3) lead EELS (Galuvao, Burt 1/1).about 2 hours ago from web 75. PF1: Halftime Best: Hannant, Kimmorley, Ennis, Morris, Robson, Hayne, Hindmarsh, Lowrie, Inu, Burt, Armit, Eastwood, MoiMoi, El Masri.about 2 hours ago from web 74. What a great first half of Rugby League. The #NRL have got their big crowd and their two Sydney sides are putting on a show!about 2 hours ago from web 73. @matty_k ha... had to be done. John Howard's influence lives on. It was only a last second addition to that tweet, but a necessary one.about 2 hours ago from web in reply to matty_k 72. Half time stats... Possession: PAR 52% BUL 48% - Joey just tells us the Eels have 17 offloads to the Dogs 3 - Play the balls BUL 71 PAR 64about 2 hours ago from web 71. Halftime: Standout player stats - Hindmarsh 27 tackles, Stagg 24 tackles, Hannant 10 runs, Burt 110 metres gained. Idris 6 missed tackles!about 2 hours ago from web 70. @Bamboujikin ha... thought of writing that but some players haven't quite met the standard and a few barely played before getting hurt!about 2 hours ago from web in reply to Bamboujikin 69. @ratedpgaus Cheers - appreciated. The hope is people can read it after the fact and have some idea of what happened.about 2 hours ago from web in reply to ratedpgaus 68. #NRL Finals: Bulldogs v Eels 1st Preliminary Final - Back underway for the second half.about 2 hours ago from web 67. Top first set by the Dogs after halftime. Roll past halfway and find touch through Ennis 10m out.about 2 hours ago from web 66. Good call by refs. Hayne got a touch on that before Hindmarsh picked it up. Hot potato for the Eels mid-field...about 2 hours ago from web 65. Six more for the Dogs... tackles that is not points.about 2 hours ago from web 64. Idris took Kimmorley Cross Kick - flicked back and Burt knocked it down. Dogs pressing...about 2 hours ago from web 63. Eastwood's footwork will bring the Eels undone soon enough...about 2 hours ago from web 62. Another injury concern... David Stagg has a dead right arm it looks like.... then makes another tackle. Mortimer into the clear! Pulled down. about 2 hours ago from web 61. Mateo carving Dogs up the middle! If he has a support player the Eels would've scored.about 2 hours ago from web 60. Hayne tries to find Burt with a short cross kick to Idris on the left... Burt can't get a good grasp on it and ball over sideline.about 2 hours ago from web 59. Wow... Hayne blows up at ref for telling him he's got a 20m restart... easy Jarryd.about 2 hours ago from web 58. Why didn't Ennis just pick the ball up?????about 2 hours ago from web 57. Poor penalty by Andrew Ryan... pathetic in fact. Never close to being straight...about 1 hour ago from web 56. Luke Burt is in... I think it is all ok... going upstairs... but pretty sure Inu didn't lose it off the pass from Mateo... Burt in corner.about 1 hour ago from web 55. Robson found Mateo who went short to Inu... bobble... no touch on Idris... Inu to Burt and the latter scores his 100th Eels try. BUL 12-10about 1 hour ago from web 54. Nothing like a nice long ad to take the atmosphere out of the room... Burt misses conversion by quite a distance... Dogs 12-10 after 52mins.about 1 hour ago from web 53. Big period here for the Bulldogs. Cannot afford to let the Eels score back to back... you get the sense Parra have a killer blow in them.about 1 hour ago from web 52. Patten moving on the bench... onto the bike to see how he feels.about 1 hour ago from web 51. Great run from Eric Grothe... where has he been for the last 54 minutes?about 1 hour ago from web 50. There it is... Tim Mannah scores! Robson, Kingston, Hayne to Mannah!about 1 hour ago from web 49. Parramatta will take a 16-12 lead here with 25 to go... as I said before the Eels smell like they've got a killer blow in them, was that it?about 1 hour ago from web 48. Parramatta Eels 16-12 after 56 minutes.about 1 hour ago from web 47. Here comes Luke Patten... get in their son - the Dogs need you badly.about 1 hour ago from web 46. Early call maybe... but Hazem El Masri from the sideline for the win?about 1 hour ago from web 45. Poor play by Ennis to go short to Idris (the only man on the blind) but Idris has to do better than that attempt to catch the ball...about 1 hour ago from web 44. Kingston makes break! Find Inu but the centre offloads to the recovering Kimmorley... Hindmarsh involved in Kingston break.about 1 hour ago from web 43. Good metres there by Goodwin out wide. Dogs in Parra half on 5th.about 1 hour ago from web 42. Kimmorley settles it down with a stab into the left corner. 20 minutes left, Eels ahead by 4... Patten back into the game. 74,549 loving it. about 1 hour ago from web 41. Goodwin almost breaks them, ball knocked out... Reddy recovers. Huge play. about 1 hour ago from web 40. Gus is right. Dogs could be cactus if the Eels cross now. But don't forget 1998...about 1 hour ago from web 39. I don't think Kingston scores... as in Inu looked to have knocked on a Hayne kick... but I'm not sure he did. about 1 hour ago from web 38. Yeah I think he got a touch... we'll look again.about 1 hour ago from web 37. Hands on ball. Into foot - that's a knock on every day of every week... well it should be. about 1 hour ago from web 36. Dogs survive... Hayne could still be the man to finish them off though. Hannant had him, missed him, Stagg - same deal. Hayne still dancing. about 1 hour ago from web 35. Great tackle by Kimmorley - easily the Dogs best tonight. Stops Hayne off his own kick chase. about 1 hour ago from web 34. Dogs want to make a game of it now... Galuvao hurt. The Dogs are desperate and need to be even with 16 minutes left. about 1 hour ago from web 33. Dogs need to find their feet in this set.about 1 hour ago from web 32. Must create more pressure on the Eels. Standing around watching won't do that...about 1 hour ago from web 31. Kimmorley just didn't have enough field position to make his kick effective... Burt takes it in goal on the full. Eels holding well. about 1 hour ago from web 30. 14 minutes left... Dogs tap start from 20m. Big men need to cart it up here. about 1 hour ago from web 29. This is promising... Morris claims a try from his own kick but while he hasn't scored - has Hayne touched it? about 1 hour ago from web 28. Nope... went dead before Morris touched it. Still liked the shift left - room out there. about 1 hour ago from web 27. Parramatta's offloads are sapping the Dogs big time...about 1 hour ago from web 26. Eastwood takes ball from a Hayne Bomb... here's the Dogs on something like a roll...about 1 hour ago from web 25. Ennis almost through! Hindmarsh stops him... but Kimmorley can't find an open man off the next play. Hindmarsh - wow, what a player. about 1 hour ago from web 24. Patten has certainly added some spark since coming on... but he needs to find an offload up the centre to use his energy on. about 1 hour ago from web 23. Ennis goes for the glory play... gets stripped... Parra ball. Dogs running out of chances here... MoiMoi away!about 1 hour ago from web 22. Burt dancing... finds Robson... finds Mortimer! GAME OVER! about 1 hour ago from web 21. Surely this is a try... is there an obstruction? about 1 hour ago from web 20. I didn't see anything... Kingston isn't at fault there. The Eels are into the GRAND FINAL! about 1 hour ago from web 19. If I thought hearing Parra fans go on about their team was bad before... it is beyond terrible now. Can't fault the footy Parra play though.about 1 hour ago from web 18. Try given. Mortimer scores. Burt converts. Parramatta 22-12 with 73mins gone. about 1 hour ago from web 17. The Dogs have come back in the past but it won't happen tonight. Short kick-off... Eels take the ball.about 1 hour ago from web 16. Can't disagree much with Sterlo there... Jeff Robson has been outstanding. I can't put him ahead of Nathan Hindmarsh though - he's amazing. about 1 hour ago from web 15. Midfield bomb by Kimmorley... Hayne takes it. Don't forget his knees in the head incident from the first half... will he be there next week? about 1 hour ago from web 14. Of course Hayne will play in the Grand Final. He could've decapitated Goodwin and the NRL would make sure he plays. Take it to the bank. about 1 hour ago from web 13. Is it just me or does Joel Reddy look more like Noel Fielding from The Mighty Boosh with each game? about 1 hour ago from web 12. Robson goes past Roberts... Patten knocks the ball down to stop a certain try. The Dogs have 3 minutes left in their season...about 1 hour ago from web 11. Now I am no Parra fan & probably tip against them at the best of times because I refuse to change that view, but they are playing superbly! about 1 hour ago from web 10. Eels camped on Dogs line... Kingston gets fresh set. 80th min, The Eels deserve to be playing in a Grand Final decided under a Top 8 banner. about 1 hour ago from web 9. Another line drop out... FuiFui celebrates... the Eels are into the 2009 Grand Final after falling short in 2005 and 2007.about 1 hour ago from web 8. Game over. Parramatta Eels are into the 2009 Grand Final! Congratulations Eels.about 1 hour ago from web 7. #NRL Finals: 1st Prelim Final FULL TIME: EELS 22 (Galuvao, Burt, Mannah, Mortimer; Burt 3/4) def BULLDOGS 12 (Goodwin, Morris; El Masri 2/3)27 minutes ago from web 6. Apologies for the delay on the Best on Ground - fielding calls from Parramatta fans giving it to me for the lack of Parra love pre-game.27 minutes ago from web 5. #NRL Finals: PF1 Best: Hindmarsh, Robson, Kimmorley, Burt, MoiMoi, Inu, Lowrie, Stagg, Hannant, Morris, Kingston, Hayne, Galuvao, Eastwood.24 minutes ago from web 4. @Bamboujikin I just can't do it, fielding phone calls for the last ten minutes from delirious Parra fans just strengthens my resolve not to!23 minutes ago from web in reply to Bamboujikin 3. That'll do #NRL Finals for the 1st Preliminary Final where the Eels 22 def. Bulldogs 12. Parra into Grand Final and deservedly so. 19 minutes ago from web 2. Due to other commitments there will not be live updates of the 2nd Preliminary Final between Melbourne Storm v Brisbane Broncos. Apologies. 19 minutes ago from web 1. Enjoy the Grand Final Week Parramatta Fans... you deserve it the way your team is playing, just keep it classy please. 17 minutes ago from web ===================================================================== Final Score 1st Preliminary Final 2009 PARRAMATTA EELS 22 Tries: J Galuvao, L Burt, T Mannah, D Mortimer. Goals: L Burt 3/4. Defeated CANTERBURY-BANKSTOWN BULLDOGS 12 Tries: B Goodwin, J Morris. Goals: H El Masri 2/3. @ ANZ Stadium, Sydney. Friday 25 September 2009. Official Man of the Match: Jeff Robson, Eels. NSC Man of the Match: Nathan Hindmarsh, Eels. Glenn Lazarus Player of the Finals Points: 5 - Nathan Hindmarsh, Eels. 2 - Jeff Robson, Eels. 1 - Brett Kimmorley, Bulldogs. Game Rating: 4.5 out of 5. One Line Game Review: The Eels freight train continues to run over all opposition in the Finals, with Hindmarsh and Hayne leading the way the Eels were just too good for the Bulldogs who didn't disgrace themselves in the loss. ===================================================================== What the result means? The NRL has the Grand Finalist they wanted in Parramatta and to no-one's real surprise Jarryd Hayne got a slap on the wrist for his knee to the head and will play against the Melbourne Storm next Sunday. For the Bulldogs their year is over, one game short of what they would've aimed for once they established themselves as one of the best teams during the season.
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