Monday 21 September 2009

NRL Finals 2009 Results: Brisbane Broncso 24 defeated St.George-Illawarra Dragons 10 in 2nd Elimination Final

===================================== BRONCOS DERAIL DRAGONS DREAM

24 def. 10

Here is the Video Review of both Elimination Finals - text review below. The Broncos have sent the 2009 Minor Premiers packing with a resounding 24-10 win at Suncorp Stadium on Saturday Night. The Dragons withstood an early Broncos barrage in attack and defence but Karmichael Hunt and Dave Taylor combined twice in the 14th and 19th minutes to give the Broncos a lead they would never look like relinquishing. Hunt was a demon in the opening half for St.George-Illawarra defenders up the middle - threatening to break them on a number of occasions. The genius of Darren Lockyer kept the Dragons defence on the backfoot for most of the night and it was great to see Justin Hodges with some room to move on the right. Young wingers Jharal Yow Yeh and Antonio Winterstein were impressive - particularly in defence and up front the Broncos forwards stepped up to hammer the Dragons pack into submission. For the Dragons, another season of disappointment is in the books. Their big name players were barely seen until the final 10 to 15 minutes when the game had all but passed them by. Going out in straight sets when you're the Minor Premiers is not a good thing to have on the resume and the Dragons should hurt from this Finals campaign for a long time. The Broncos were dealt a savage blow late with halfback Peter Wallace suffering a serious ankle injury and has been ruled out for the season. Dean Young looked to have broken his left arm or wrist late in the game but he has all off-season to heal up. The NRL Finals Tweet was on hand to catch all the action that was worthy of a tweet and it has been compiled below in chronological order. For future reference - the front page of this website will automatically feed the Twitter Updates onto the right side of the website - so if you don't have Twitter you can follow the notes there. 24 def. 10 BRONCOS 24 (Karmichael Hunt 2, Jharal Yow Yeh, Lagi Setu Tries; Corey Parker 4/6 Goals) defeated DRAGONS 10 (Brett Morris 2 Tries; Jamie Soward 1/3 Goals).

As it happened - Broncos 24 def. Dragons 10. 1. Alex Glenn in line to replace Justin Hodges if the latter can't go come game time. Dragons may have one change with Saffy in for Nightingale. 7:05 PM Sep 19th from web 2. Brisbane Broncos will give Justin Hodges until kick-off before ruling him out... 7:08 PM Sep 19th from web 3. Likely bench replacement Josh McGuire played U20s for the Broncos, so if Hodges is out, he'll play fatigued. Unless Henjak plays a wildcard. 7:13 PM Sep 19th from web 4. Whispers have turned into shouts - Justin Hodges IS playing. 7:29 PM Sep 19th from web 5. Jason Nightingale preferred over Jarrod Saffy on Dragons bench. Hodges a confirmed starter. 7:37 PM Sep 19th from web 6. Anticipating a bash fest early. And if Saints get a roll on - Brisbane are in trouble because I don't think their defence is water tight. 7:42 PM Sep 19th from web 7. Toyota Cup Score: The Brisbane Broncos are into the Preliminary Finals after thrashing Minor Premiers Manly 24-10 in their Elimination Final 7:56 PM Sep 19th from web 8. YeeeHaaaa!!! Kenny & Sims send Poore into next week... Weyman joins him! Taylor charge down - what a start in defence by Brisbane! 7:58 PM Sep 19th from web 9. Good read in defence by Dean Young on the inside ball option. Wendell Sailor defuses first Broncos attacking kick well. 7:59 PM Sep 19th from web 10. Soward's clearing kick barely gets past halfway... all Brisbane with their defence at the moment. 8:00 PM Sep 19th from web 11. Jeremy Smith is a thug, put those knees away 'tough boy'. 8:02 PM Sep 19th from web 12. Soward makes a mess of a Lockyer grubber... goal line drop out St.George-Illawarra. 0-0 after 7 minutes. 8:05 PM Sep 19th from web 13. Knock on central. First Winterstein, then Prior... play on???? Hayne will be one referee in the Grand Final, Tony Archer may not join him. 8:07 PM Sep 19th from web 14. Soward will take a shot at penalty goal from 40m out. Dragons finally get a shot inside the Broncos half but he misses the goal. 8:08 PM Sep 19th from web 15. Prior knocks on... Brisbane's defence is stinging at the moment. Ashton Sims and Nick Kenny on a mission to bash Justin Poore. 8:09 PM Sep 19th from web 16. Dave Taylor puts on a no look pass to Karmichael Hunt and Brisbane have the lead! 8:11 PM Sep 19th from web 17. Kenny almost gets caught on last, finds Lockyer who puts Taylor into open space down the blind side & Taylor sends Hunt over for a 6-0 lead. 8:11 PM Sep 19th from web 18. Parker kicks the conversion from left touchline. BRI 6-0 after 16 minutes. Deserve their lead. 8:12 PM Sep 19th from web 19. Nice hands Jeremy Smith... use your elbows to catch it next time - you know how to use them. 8:14 PM Sep 19th from web 20. Taylor does it again! Beautiful short inside ball to a streaking Hunt to score from 20m out. Brisbane on a roll and a half! BRI 10-0! 8:14 PM Sep 19th from web 21. I must point out Karmichael Hunt is fully clothed. Sorry for getting your hopes up ladies. 8:16 PM Sep 19th from web 22. Parker adds the extras. BRI 12-0 after 20 minutes. Beau Scott found ball watching in a bad way to open the gap for Hunt. 8:17 PM Sep 19th from web 23. Thanks Channel Nine... I'm gathering something important happened then? 8:18 PM Sep 19th from web 24. Cooper gives Morris a short opening down the left and the young man does incredibly well to finish off the play. Dragons back. 8:21 PM Sep 19th from web 25. Soward from touch... GOAL! BRI 12-6 after 24 minutes. Important strike back for the Dragons who looked shell shocked. 8:21 PM Sep 19th from web 26. Ouch... Soward kicks it from touch and then Wallace kicks it over the dead ball line on the full... 8:22 PM Sep 19th from web 27. Dan Hunt coughs it up... poor error when you're team is starting to get back on the front foot. 8:23 PM Sep 19th from web 28. Crowd not quite as friendly towards Sailor tonight as they were earlier in the year when his return was a novelty... 8:24 PM Sep 19th from web 29. Tonie Carroll's first touch is brief... another knock on in the game. 8:25 PM Sep 19th from web 30. Nice short ball by Soward but Prior knocks it on... turnover city. 8:27 PM Sep 19th from web 31. Brett Morris not looking well... Beau Scott just hammers Winterstein after the latter takes a bomb. 8:28 PM Sep 19th from web 32. Was that a sneaky little trip by Karmichael Hunt then? 8:29 PM Sep 19th from web 33. After 32 minutes it's still Brisbane 12 St.George-Illawarra Dragon 6. 8:31 PM Sep 19th from web 34. Hunt is looking extremely dangerous around the centre of the ruck for the shift back inside. He's definitely leaving everything on the field. 8:32 PM Sep 19th from web 35. Costigan hooked for yet another knock on by a Dragons forward. Dan Hunt just goes aerial on Carroll... Broncos go for 2. 8:34 PM Sep 19th from web 36. Corey Parker misses the penalty goal from a long way out. 3 minutes left til halftime... Broncos set for a field goal if the chance comes? 8:36 PM Sep 19th from web 37. Lockyer... who exactly were you passing to then? 8:38 PM Sep 19th from web 38. Wallace shows his creative spark with 20 seconds til halftime... kicks for touch from 40m out from the Dragons tryline. Halftime BRI 12-6. 8:40 PM Sep 19th from web 39. EF2 Halftime: Brisbane Broncos 12 (K Hunt 2 Tries; C Parker 2/3 Goals) lead St.George-Illawarra Dragons 6 (B Morris Try; J Soward 1/2 Goals) 8:44 PM Sep 19th from web 40. EF2 Halftime Best: BRI- Kenny, Sims, Hunt, Taylor, Lockyer, Yow Yeh, Thaiday, McCullough. STI- Weyman, Morris, Soward, Creagh. 8:53 PM Sep 19th from web 41. Second Half underway... solid first set by the Broncos. 8:54 PM Sep 19th from web 42. Cooper and Morris combine down the left in first incisive move of the second half. 8:56 PM Sep 19th from web 43. Big chance for Brisbane here. And now Lockyer knocks on 10m out. 8:59 PM Sep 19th from web 44. Hodges makes half break down the right. Brisbane looking dangerous here in the opening 6 minutes of 2nd half. 8:59 PM Sep 19th from web 45. Call from the room here - Brisbane score and the game could be over. 8:59 PM Sep 19th from web 46. Sam Thaiday MAY have barged over from dummy half... I stress may. 9:00 PM Sep 19th from web 47. Don't think the ball touched the line... his elbow did. The ball didn't. 9:00 PM Sep 19th from web 48. Jarryd Hayne's foot would've touched the line though... 9:00 PM Sep 19th from web 49. Just short - the ruling by Archer on the field after a 'refs call'. 9:01 PM Sep 19th from web 50. YOW YEEEEEEHAAAAA! Wallace cross kick taken by Jharal Yow Yeh who catches it uncontested to score! 9:02 PM Sep 19th from web 51. Dragons players too busy trying to block Hodges and Yow Yeh flies through and scores. BRI 18-6 after 49 minutes. 9:02 PM Sep 19th from web 52. Ivan Henjak's just a tad pleased with that play... just a tad. 9:03 PM Sep 19th from web 53. Dean Young looks gone. Wrist injury. 9:04 PM Sep 19th from web 54. Long way back for the Dragons here... 30 minutes to score three times basically. 9:05 PM Sep 19th from web 55. Lockyer to Hodges to JOEL CLINTON! Pulled down but from the next play Wallace grubbers for Lagi Setu and that's the GAME! 9:06 PM Sep 19th from web 56. The Lockyer-Hodges combination on the right is killing Hornby and Creagh. Wallace does a nice job with the kick... Setu does a great job. 9:07 PM Sep 19th from web 57. Parker converts. BRI 24-6 after 53 minutes and Saints have to score at least four times to win now... 9:10 PM Sep 19th from web 58. Bit of a mad house then, ball went up and Brisbane knocked on first, then about thirty seven knock-ons later... Dragons feed 5m out. 9:10 PM Sep 19th from web 59. What a tackle by Yow Yeh on Morris. Try saver... but he's hurt as a result. 9:11 PM Sep 19th from web 60. Awwwww neck neck neck.... that's sickening to watch. Poor Jharal Yow Yeh. He's been great tonight. 9:13 PM Sep 19th from web 61. Lockyer cleans up a nothing kick by Soward. This game is all Brisbane. 9:14 PM Sep 19th from web 62. If the Dragons lose this game, then both the NRL and Toyota Cup Minor Premiers will have gone winless in the Finals in 2009. 9:15 PM Sep 19th from web 63. Jason Nightingale Front Rower. 9:16 PM Sep 19th from web 64. Yow Yeh almost gifts the Dragons a try from a grubber on the first tackle from a scrum... but it goes dead. Bullet dodged. 9:18 PM Sep 19th from web 65. Dragons go close but all the desperation is with the Broncos so far. Wallace knocks it dead off a cross kick that Sailor contests. 9:19 PM Sep 19th from web 66. Jeremy Smith has either given the Dragons hope from dummy half... or butchered a certain try on the left. 9:20 PM Sep 19th from web 67. Butchered. 9:20 PM Sep 19th from web 68. Guess what the Dragons did on the last tackle... cross kicked to the wing. And guess what the result was? 9:21 PM Sep 19th from web 69. The answer was no try. But Dave Taylor... what's doing there? 9:22 PM Sep 19th from web 70. Jamie Soward and Ben Hornby - if you've seen them please report their whereabouts to the Dragons coaching staff. 9:23 PM Sep 19th from web 71. Winterstein follows Sailor in field and holds him up... alongside Kenny. 9:23 PM Sep 19th from web 72. Dragons are in! Cooper and Morris the only avenue to points all night for the Dragons and they combine again for four points. 9:24 PM Sep 19th from web 73. Hornby sighting with cut out to Cooper, who draws Yow Yeh and puts Morris over in the left corner. Soward must kick this. 9:25 PM Sep 19th from web 74. Soward misses. Difference now 14 points. BRI 24-10 after 66 minutes. 9:26 PM Sep 19th from web 75. Soward sighting... nice footwork puts Nightingale into space. But kicks poorly for his winger and Winterstein cleans up. 9:26 PM Sep 19th from web 76. 50,225 at Suncorp enjoying themselves for the most part. 9:28 PM Sep 19th from web 77. Lockyer and Yow Yeh defuse a sneaky Soward chip kick. 11 minutes left, 14 points the difference. 9:28 PM Sep 19th from web 78. I THINK that was a Field Goal attempt by Peter Wallace... but to save him from embarrassment I'll say it wasn't... 9:31 PM Sep 19th from web 79. Soward pulls off a chip and chase and tries to put the ball on Wendell's chest... but it's gone nowhere near him. 9:32 PM Sep 19th from web 80. That was the last roll of the dice for the Dragons. Another season of disappointment for St.George-Illawarra in the books. 7 minutes left. 9:33 PM Sep 19th from web 81. Peter Wallace injured. Terrible blow late if it's serious. Soward makes a huge play to put Morris into the clear & Nightingale just short. 9:33 PM Sep 19th from web 82. Cooper could've just butchered another try. Ran from dummy half with a thousand players unmarked 2m out from the line. 9:34 PM Sep 19th from web 83. What a chase by Yow Yeh to stop Nightingale. Video Ref says... NO TRY. 9:34 PM Sep 19th from web 84. Good decision, no way you can give that. Wallace off the field. 9:35 PM Sep 19th from web 85. 5 minutes left. Broncos 24 lead Dragons 10. 9:36 PM Sep 19th from web 86. There'll be a lot of 'seats for sale' for the Grand Final because of this result. 9:37 PM Sep 19th from web 87. Beau Scott... another 'tough boy' tackle... gee that's average on Carroll. 9:38 PM Sep 19th from web 88. Corey Parker will ice the game with a penalty goal. Brisbane 26-10. Peter Wallace ankle ligament tear... no Parker won't - he misses. 24-10. 9:38 PM Sep 19th from web 89. Brisbane might be playing with 12 men at the moment. 9:39 PM Sep 19th from web 90. And no one is sin binned by the way. 9:40 PM Sep 19th from web 91. Last minute of the Dragons season now. 9:40 PM Sep 19th from web 92. Dave Taylor picks up his 33rd intercept/loose ball of the Finals. He's everywhere. 9:42 PM Sep 19th from web 93. EF2 Final Score: Brisbane Broncos 24 (K Hunt 2, J Yow Yeh, L Setu; C Parker 4/6) def St.George-Illawarra Dragons 10 (B Morris 2; Soward 1/3) 9:44 PM Sep 19th from web 94. EF2 Best: BRI- Hunt, Yow Yeh, Lockyer, McCullough, Taylor, Thaiday, Winterstein, Kenny, Sims, Wallace, Hodges. STI- Morris, Cooper, Weyman. 9:45 PM Sep 19th from web 95. 2009 NRL Preliminary Finals Next Week - FRI: Bulldogs v Eels. SAT: Storm v Broncos. Dragons & Titans done for the year. 9:46 PM Sep 19th from web 96. Karmichael Hunt Man of the Match for mine. But a host of Broncos were superb. The two young wingers Yow Yeh & Winterstein especially good. 9:50 PM Sep 19th from web ===================================================================== Final Score 1st Elimination Final 2009
BRISBANE BRONCOS 24 Tries: K Hunt 2, J Yow Yeh, L Setu. Goals: C Parker 4/6. Defeated
ST.GEORGE-ILLAWARRA DRAGONS 10 Tries: B Morris 2. Goals: J Soward 1/3. @ Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane. Saturday 19 September 2009. Official Man of the Match: Ashton Sims, Broncos. NSC Man of the Match: Karmichael Hunt, Broncos. Glenn Lazarus Player of the Finals Points: 5 - Karmichael Hunt, Broncos. 2 - Jharal Yow Yeh, Broncos. 1 - Darren Lockyer, Broncos. Game Rating: 2.5 out of 5. One Line Game Review: Another Dragons season finishes in disappointment, this time as the Broncos turn up to play intense powerful football from the outset - never being headed in 24-10 win. ===================================================================== What the result means? Brisbane keep their winning streak alive as they head to Melbourne for a Preliminary Final date with the Storm on Saturday Night, while for the St.George-Illawarra Dragons, 2009 was a nice ride until the last five weeks which yielded just one win... ================================================================================== This Week (Finals Week Three) - The Preliminary Finals PF1: Friday 25 September @ ANZ Stadium, Sydney BULLDOGS v EELS PF2: Saturday 26 September @ Etihad Stadium, Melbourne STORM v BRONCOS ELIMINATED TEAMS: Finals Week One: Finals Week Two: The best way to follow the 2009 Finals Series is to go to NRL_Finals_2009 on Twitter. During the first two weeks of operation, we produced 480+ Tweets - with some great nuggets of information in there, as well as news as it breaks. For the games themselves, regular Tweets will be uploaded giving you an instant evaluation of how the game is being played out and what to watch out for during the match. You can check out the In-Game Tweets within the Game Reports from all Semi Finals - just click on the linked articles on the drop down archive menu on the right of this page. So subscribe today and get involved with feedback - either here at, at NRL_Finals_2009 on Twitter or via email Get on board and may the best team emerge from a great month of football to take the 2009 premiership.