Sunday 17 May 2009

Scrubs is back! Ninth Season confirmed by ABC!

The rumours from the US appear to be true. SCRUBS will return for a ninth (and quite possibly more depending how it rates I guess) season in the fall of 2009 after the ABC network renewed it this past week. Considering I had gone to such lengths as to film myself dancing to the theme song of the show in an ill-advised tribute to what I thought was the last ever episode - I now feel as if my dancing has been all for naught. If you know not of what I speak - check out my Facebook page and click on the videos link... In other TV news here is a list of the comedy/drama shows that have also been picked up by networks for next season - with thanks to for the information: NBC: Heroes, 30 Rock, The Office, Friday Night Lights & Law & Order: SVU. ABC: Scrubs, Brothers & Sisters, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice & Ugly Betty. CBS: The Big Bang Theory & Two & a Half Men. FOX: 24, Lie to Me, American Dad, Family Guy, Bones, Fringe, The Simpson & 'til Death. CW: Gossip Girl, 90210, One Tree Hill & Supernatural. Now Scrubs was going to be a big name casualty but it now avoids this list of shows that have been cancelled - but maybe should've survived - you tell me. Boston Legal, Dirty Sexy Money, Eli Stone, ER, King of the Hill, Life, Prison Break & Pushing Daises. The big loss there is Boston Legal for mine and as a youngster I used to watch ER every week... but that just shows you it probably should've been finished a few years ago. A few shows that are worth considering are on the brink - they might get picked up - they might disappear tomorrow, they are: Everybody Hates Chris, Don't Forget the Lyrics - Wayne Brady should be on TV period, The New Adventures of Old Christine - ditto JLD *Elaine from Seinfeld*. Now there are another host of shows in the probably returning category - and some shouldn't be but will (see the CSI fleet of shows) but two must return for mine and probably will. They are the amazingly well crafted 'House MD' and 'My Name is Earl' which is a show that I'll probably get into at some point again. A couple of other shows are good enough to go around again and they include Law & Order, How I Met Your Mother (after all we need to meet the mother don't we), NCIS & Criminal Minds. So there's your TV fix for the day. Read below for more Scrubs related information... Warning - if you read on I am assuming you have seen all of Season 8 - as I mention a fairly big plot point from that season in my feelings about Season 9 - so don't keep reading if you want to be spoiler free for the final few episodes of the just completed Season 8.
My initial reaction to the news that Zach Braff will also be featuring in at least six episodes of the 9th season is well sadly... disappointment. Not that Braff will reprise his role as Dr. John Dorian but that what I believed was a perfect final episode will now only really be - JD's final episode as a regular cast member. I feel a little cheated by that because it was so perfect in wrapping up and packaging what I believe the show was so good at - mixing drama and comedy and producing spun gold. I cannot see the makers of the show being able to do any future series finale the same justice. Mind you I am happy there will be more Turk, Dr. Cox, Jordan, The Janitor, Ted, The Todd, Colonel Doctor etc - and of course hopefully much more Dr. Elliot Reid! - but I am unsure as to whether Judy Reyes will come back as Carla and not having JD as the central character will leave the show without its emotional and quirky heartbeat. That's a dangerous road to take in a series that Braff has championed with his goofy, annoying yet somehow always likeable take on the character. I am pleased we get more Sacred Heart - in fact will Dr. Kelso be back? - but it just feels as if ABC might have felt like they go into the Scrubs game two or three seasons too late and now want to milk it for all they can before turfing it in 12 months time. My fear is Season 9 won't have the Bill Lawrence TLC that Season 8 clearly had all over it - and we'll get a season that is funny but has little or no meaning - unlike what I thought was a brilliant balance in Season 8. So anyhoo... Scrubs - barring a late cancellation - will be back in late 2009 with a 9th Season. So I must ask you to stop doing 'End of Scrubs High Fives' from this moment forward...