Saturday 9 May 2009

The next big TV Chef will be... Sara La Fountain

Well I promised to reveal the next big thing in television cooking and here you are... Her show Perfect Day TV is on the Lifestyle Food Channel on Friday nights in prime time here in Australia and I caught the replay Saturday afternoon and I'm very confident in predicting she will be the biggest tv cook/chef/presenting sensation since Nigella.
Say hello to Sara La Fountain. Sorry boys she's engaged. Beautiful, energetic, passionate about cooking, skilled with blade & using a flame with just the right amount of accented english to make you listen to every word (she's Finnish). She will be a superstar within 12 months. Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, Gordon Ramsey and now Sara La Fountain. Remember where you heard it first. Here is her Top 6 food philosophies from her website: HER TOP 6 1. Food should be visual and look good. 2. Food should fit the purpose it is prepared for and be served with a consistent setting (thematic, seasonal, or similar). 3. Recipes should be innovative but also easy-to-prepare so that everyone is able to enjoy making them. 4. Cooking should be fun and provide experiences, which will be even better if you can cook together with people who are important to you. 5. Food should be really delicious so that the various tastes are in balance with each other providing a unique experience. 6. Cooking also requires courage to be creative and innovative, and to cross boundaries. When one dares to try, one may invent something completely new and provide others with unique experiences. Mind you I never said she was a great cook - haven't tasted anything prepared obviously - but in TV chef land - she's got all the right ingredients to be a big hit on the box. Even if she has an interesting grasp of the English language, it kind of works for the show. So check out the website for the show for more information about the next big thing.