Monday 25 May 2009

Kick-Off 2009 - Are you up to the challenge?

In a brand spanking new competition here on you have the chance to show the footballing world you could do just as good a job on the Bulldogs wing as Hazem El Masri and Daryl Halligan. A few mates and I have kicked-off proceedings with a promo video of us down at a local park taking pot shots at goal from a near impossible angle and we're asking you to do the same, video it, and upload it to with a soundtrack of your choice. (Why a soundtrack? - because it would get a bit boring after the first few kicks) We're hoping to put together an entertaining and skillful collection of videos showcasing the talent (or lack thereof) of goal-kickers from around the world. That's right no matter where you are - get a video of you and your friends trying to convert from no more than 1 or 2 metres from the tryline on the touchline of your local footy field - put a soundtrack to it and upload it so we can judge the best of the best. If you've got better camera equipment than we used in the promo - use it because the two kicks that actually went through the sticks were foiled by technical difficulties with a phone video malfunction robbing two of us of genuine goals from the impossible angle. So here is the promo video with genuine footage of our attempts and we look forward to seeing your videos either posted/linked from YouTube on the comments section of this site, email the link directly to so I can upload them or post/link them to the Facebook Group called "Kick-Off 2009".
Promo Video from Sunday May 24 2009
Here is Entry #2 - Boronia Park Sydney Tuesday May 26 2009.
Entry #4 - Sommerville Park Sydney Monday June 08 2009
Here's hoping we can make this a competition worthy of some prizes - but we need your involvement first so we can figure out what the best reward is. What we'd like to do is organise a shoot-out with one Hazem El Masri - but the chances of that happening depend entirely on the volume of entries on, the YouTube video and the Facebook Group for KICK-OFF 2009!