Wednesday 3 June 2020

Initial evaluation of the NRL's Six Again rule after Round 3

Evaluation of the NRL's Six Again Rule
Published June 3, 2020

The NRL's brave new world of one referee plus a revolutionary rule change kicked into gear in Round 3 of the 2020 NRL Premiership, and one week in - it looks good.

On Episode 213 of NOT The Footy Show's NRL Podcast - Robb Cox and Warrick Nicolson evaluated how the new Six Again rule in particular performed across the eight games.

Our evaluation video is 11 minutes long and follows our analysis of the rule before a game was played.

So as you can see above - as of right now - we are fans. 

But a one week sample size isn't enough to categorically declare it the most brilliant innovation since the removal of corner posts being out of bounds, and collectively the media and coaches haven't had a chance to really seize on any 'perceived mistakes' yet.

What did you make of it? 

Feel free to comment below or on the Youtube video.

You can get the entire Podcast - NOT The Footy Show Episode 213 below.
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