Monday 7 April 2014

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Who will replace Tedesco?

2014 National Rugby League Premiership
By W D Nicolson - April 7, 2014

The Wests Tigers are flying high after crushing Manly - but now they face the next month or so without dynamic fullback James Tedesco...

But who cares about the Wests Tigers' problems right?

Your SuperCoach/DreamTeam/Fantasy squad is reeling with the news James Tedesco is going to miss time (4-8 weeks)... and given you likely brought him into your squad in the last fortnight - The Postman senses you are one pretty angry camper right now.

But don't fret... you have to keep him if you just picked him up. If you brought him in it was for one or two reasons - one: to make you cash, and two: to be a keeper if he kept scoring like he has in the opening month for the rest of the season.

But who will actually play Fullback for the Tigers with Tedesco on the shelf with ankle ligament syndesmosis?

The Postman takes a quick look...

| Option 1: Pat Richards - Veteran who knows what he's doing... so he's the safe option for Mick Potter. But... he was exposed at times when he shifted there during the Warriors loss and notably - it was Tim Simona, not Richards - who went back to fullback when Tedesco withdrew from the game against Manly. Reason Richards makes most sense is by shifting to fullback, Potter can recall Marika Koroibete.
Option 2: Tim Simona - As mentioned above - played fullback against Manly with Tedesco in the sheds. Plus Keith Lulia wasn't that bad in the first month playing right centre before Simona replaced him this week... It really might be a case of who Potter prefers out of Lulia or Koroibete than whether or not Richards or Simona are the best fit for the fullback job.
Option 3: David Nofoaluma - This one is a case of - why not? He excels running the ball so on kick-returns especially he might be the best of the three options. Plus we know he can take an attacking bomb...
Left Field Options: Blake Austin - Is absolutely carving up NSW Cup and is it ever a bad thing to put a player in form into a side? Kurtis Rowe - Has had the NSW Cup gig so must be in the mix you'd think. And finally... Mitchell Moses - could he play fullback? Well he - like Austin - is dominating the current level he's playing... plus there's nothing wrong with having another playmaker out there. 
Best guess is that Simona gets named at fullback, with Lulia recalled in the centres. But personally, I'd give Austin the gig and keep rolling the dice as I believe the new approach Potter is taking with his team in 2014 is worth persisting with.

That approach being: Back yourself and see what happens. 

Who do you reckon gets the call?

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