Wednesday 16 April 2014

#NRL 2014: Round 7 Tips Late Mail Preview | #NRLSouCby #NRLNewBri #NRLManNql

Round 7 Tips and Late Mail 

2014 National Rugby League Premiership
By W D Nicolson - April 16, 2014

Round 7 has arrived and it is time to do the dance of joy... tipped at .500 LAST WEEKEND!!!!

As a result - gradually - we are getting closer to being .500 on the season and it is about time!

The Postman's Late Mail is added below for all you Fantasy Footy freaks...

Remember our Game Previews are now purely the essentials in 2014 - I'll try to write very little fluff and you'll simply (entertainingly) get my read on each game and of course the Late Mail.

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The 'Special Fried Rice' picks have returned but given it is me v me, every week - I'll just be listing my 'SFR' of the week with the FootyTab Starts as the variation aspect to keep things interesting vs just saying 'this team will win this week - guaranteed'. Though at 2 from 6... the other me is kicking my butt.

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Round 6 Tipping was the first sign we are getting back to respectability at 4/8 (started 1 from 5!) and if we back it up this weekend - this tipping ship is back baby! Let's get to the Tips!
All tips are subject to last minute changes, Game Odds/FootyTab are from Wednesday night and do not update thereafter. Times listed are stadium location LOCAL time.
Friday at ANZ 4:00pm
Rabbitohs $1.83 v $2.00 Bulldogs
FOOTYTABCBY +3.5 Teams Analysed on our NRL Injured List
No George Burgess or Te'o... how are the Bunnies favourites - even with Inglis? The starting packs and benches completely favour the Bulldogs - and unless the Dogs play this game in completely the wrong way - they should win. Have gone Dogs by 4 out of pure respect for the chance the Inglis-Reynolds-Sutton combo gets some room to move... but if Dogs play this up the middle they win. Bulldogs by 4 points.
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LATEST OF LATE MAIL from The Postman:
HOME - The Bunnies may not have Auva'a due to a leg injury suffered late against the Panthers so Reddy, Johnston or Champion would replace him if he misses.
AWAY - The Dogs may bring Sam Kasiano into the squad ahead of O'Hanlon despite the bigger unit not being named.

Friday at Central Coast 7:45pm
Sea Eagles $1.36 v $3.25 Cowboys
FOOTYTABNQL +7.5 Teams Analysed on our NRL Injured List
North Queensland just didn't play well against the Tigers and now have had a disrupted preparation getting home and back to Sydney... Manly may show up but I fear their fans (and walk-ups) won't given there's a game in Newcastle on the same night starting at the same time... oh you want a note about the game? Manly thank you but I don't think they are a slam dunk if the Cowboys' pack actually decides to make a statement this week. Sea Eagles by 10 points.
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LATEST OF LATE MAIL from The Postman:
HOME - King probably comes back in for Manly with Sene-Lefao or Hasson missing out. Matai should play after a head knock last week. Like I alluded to on Tuesday night - DCE has some sort of leg injury and it sounds like that if he's not right - he won't play. Adjust your lineups accordingly... though I'll still take Manly with my tip if he doesn't play. Cheyse Blair or David Williams would join the squad if DCE misses.
AWAY - Rona has now jumped past Feldt (as Wright did) for the Cowboys - while Cooper could miss with a knee injury and Hall would play. Linnett has a back concern but at this stage is still playing, with Feldt travelling to Sydney as cover.

Friday at Newcastle 7:45pm
Knights $1.75 v $2.10 Broncos
FOOTYTABBRI +2.5 Teams Analysed on our NRL Injured List
Uate is a loss... but the Broncos need to find their defensive bite again to give the Knights a fright on Friday night... In Newcastle with Mullen a game back from a long layoff and looking very good - the Knights for me because their forward pack should be able to hold the Broncos... I think. Knights by 2 points.
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LATEST OF LATE MAIL from The Postman:
HOME - Given the Knights won Bennett will stick with his winning combo (though it is still surprising to see Cuthbertson and Fa'alogo in NSW Cup) with Mantellato getting first crack at replacing the injured Uate... HOLD THE PHONE! Solid source from Newcastle announced on Twitter that Jake Mamo was 'congratulated by players' at training today... so maybe he, not Mantellato is getting the vacant wing spot. Or another outside back is in doubt... Sounds like Mamo is in for Mantellato - with Snowden out with a head knock and Cuthbertson coming back in.
AWAY - Don't see any changes for Brisbane with Oates or Wallace getting the last bench spot. Though Granville will probably travel as Thaiday is apparently struggling with a leg injury.

Saturday at Kogarah 5:30pm
Dragons $1.62 v $2.35 Warriors
FOOTYTABWAR +4.5 Teams Analysed on our NRL Injured List
Got stung taking the Warriors last year in a late season game at Wollongong - and the Warriors simply did not look interested. While they should have beaten the Dogs at Eden Park - the Dragons (some may suggest) should have beaten the Storm in Melbourne... going Saints with next to no idea if they'll actually play well or not. But I fear I have more idea of that than the Warriors playing well. Dragons by 4 points.
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LATEST OF LATE MAIL from The Postman:
HOME - The Dragons have lost Farrell (pectoral) so either Green, Mata'utia, Stanley or Runciman will come in... given we're dealing with Coach Price - it literally could be any of those four or Joel Thompson. de Belin will also return from suspension - likely on the bench.
AWAY - McFadden seems to have shown his hand in the Warriors' Tuesday lineup so I think we need to take it as the team that'll play Saturday.

Saturday at Cronulla 7:30pm
Sharks $3.00 v $1.40 Roosters
FOOTYTABCRO +8.5 Teams Analysed on our NRL Injured List
Roosters please... Cronulla show up defensively and Carney may have some hope to make a game of it - but right now the Roosters ARE defending well and just need Boyd Cordner to remember how to pass and they could roast a team by 40. Roosters by 12 points.
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LATEST OF LATE MAIL from The Postman:
HOME - Gallen may actually be back Cronulla... while Tupou might be a chance as well with Ryan some hope of replacing Wright on the wing. De Gois was forced off against Manly with a knee injury so Lichaa may get a reprieve.
AWAY - Expect Napa to come back in for Evans, while Mortimer may force his way in ahead of both of them.

Sunday at Canberra 3:00pm
Raiders $2.25 v $1.66 Storm
FOOTYTABCAN +4.5 Teams Analysed on our NRL Injured List
Last time at Canberra Stadium... Melbourne 68 Canberra 4. I fear I've said too much... Storm by 10 points.
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LATEST OF LATE MAIL from The Postman:
HOME - Canberra are due changes but bar Edwards coming back - Stuart hasn't shown his hand... just have a feeling some outside backs might be replaced but it's only a feeling kids.
AWAY - Chambers will miss two weeks for the Storm (suspension) so it'll either be Fonua straight in or Kennar coming in on the wing and Waqa going to the centres.

Monday at ANZ 4:00pm
Eels $1.45 v $2.80 Tigers
FOOTYTABWST +4.5 Teams Analysed on our NRL Injured List
No Robbie Farah = no way I can pick the Tigers... well that's not entirely true but given the Parra bandwagon is coasting down Parramatta Road at the moment - might as well get on board... plus Hayne is playing and that Farah guy is not. All that said - the Tigers are too high a price head to head even without Farah in my mind. Eels by 7 points.
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LATEST OF LATE MAIL from The Postman:
HOME - Ben Smith back for Parra? He's up for media on Thursday so he has to be a chance... Pauli or Gower likely making way.
AWAY - Austin or Akauola for that final Tigers bench spot, while Rowe probably plays despite a hip knock.

Monday at Penrith 7:00pm
Panthers $1.66 v $2.25 Titans
FOOTYTABGLD +2.5 Teams Analysed on our NRL Injured List
Don't want to pick Penrith... and despite the fact they lead the comp - don't want to pick the Titans on the road... so what to do? Let's go home team and hope for the best - it's not like any other form of actual analysis has helped me this season. Panthers by 6 points.
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LATEST OF LATE MAIL from The Postman:
HOME - Penrith probably don't have any changes, with Simmons and Plum likely back next week.
AWAY - Zillman gets an extra few days to be right for the Titans... so you imagine if he travels he plays. Don likely to miss out.
Warrick D. Nicolson, The NRL Tweet
Bulldogs by 4, Sea Eagles by 10, Knights by 4, Dragons by 4, Roosters by 12, Storm by 10, Eels by 7, Panthers by 6.
LW: 4/8 | SEASON: 21/48
CBY +3.5, NQL +7.5, BRI +2.5, WAR +4.5, SYD -8.5, MEL -4.5, PAR -4.5, GLD +2.5.
LW: 3/8 | SEASON: 21/48
Special Fried Rice: CBY +3.5. | Season SFR: 2/6
NQL -10.5, SYD -14.5, SOU -14.5, SOU -8.5, MEL -12.5, MAN -6.5, CBY +3.5
TIPPING Record after 6 Rounds - 21/48 @ 43.8%
FOOTYTAB Record after 6 Rounds - 21/48 @ 43.8%
SPECIAL FRIED RICE after 6 Rounds - 2/6 @ 20.0%
| V Parmar @vinnyparmar |
| J Gemmell @godofcheeseau |
| T Schroder @troy_79 |
| J Davies @DragonPunk12 |
| M McLucas @Jebadude |
| D McLucas @DMcLucas28 |
| N Wilbow @parramatters |
| G Delaney @AussieGreg84 |
| B Hoese @GunnerMcDagget |
| M Vickers @MercurialMattyV |
| M Perry @Chandler_BANG |
| D Chapman @Mr_DC11 |
| M Duncan @MrPeninsula |
| W Nicolson @NRLTweet |
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