Friday 4 October 2013

#NFL 2013: Week 5 Picks - Head to Head and with Spread | #nflpicks #nflpickem

- AFC and NFC Picks - Head to Head and with the Spread -
By The Postman, October 4, 2013

WEEKLY RECAP: Week 4 went 9-6 to be semi-consistent in recent weeks, while with the Spread I killed it with 10-5 - missing only Buffalo +3.0, Cleveland +4.0, Detroit -3.0, Houston +2.5 and San Diego +2.0.

H2H UPSETS PICKED: Went with 4 Upsets in Week 4 - and got Minnesota over Pittsburgh and New England over Atlanta - but suffered from Chicago away to Detroit and Houston just got beaten by Seattle at home. So 2 from 4 Correct (per Pick'Em favourite/underdog listing).

H2H LESSONS LEARNED: New England can play with anyone surrounding Tom Brady, New Orleans can defend and are still awesome offensively - now I've tipped these guys every week (well except this week) but somehow - Cleveland are 2-0 after trading Trent Richardson and Tampa Bay are that bad that I'm seriously considering a blanket ban on tipping them again this season. Baltimore may want to wake up soon, while Denver are ridiculously good at moving the chains... San Diego might be half decent after all while Washington finally got a cheap win over Oakland.

My 2013 NFL Season Preview and SuperBowl picks are here - and every week throughout the NFL in 2013 I will be posting my picks here on and via @wdnicolson.

Last year in the Yahoo! Sports Pro Football Pick'em competition I managed to finish in the 98th percentile (so Top 2%) of tipsters across the world... completely surprising myself by using the rule of thumb I (for some reason) refuse to back entirely in my NRL Tipping (that is pick favourites and then pick favourites and then, and only then... pick favourites and maybe one or two gut picks - which doesn't hurt you as much with up to 16 NFL games a week v 8 NRL games).

Week 5 began with Cleveland hosting Buffalo on Friday Morning Australian time but our picks were in on the sites Thursday night - and today we've got Buffalo with 3.5 points and head to head.
=====WEEK 5 PICKS===== 

Head to Head Picks per Yahoo! Pick'Em Overall League:
TNF: Buffalo over Cleveland (Away Upset), Sunday: Chicago over New Orleans, Cincinnati over New England, Green Bay over Detroit, Tennessee over Kansas City (Home Upset), Seattle over Indianapolis, St Louis over Jacksonville, Baltimore over Miami (Away Upset), NY Giants over Philadelphia, Arizona over Carolina (Home Upset), Denver over Dallas, SNF: San Francisco over Houston, San Diego over Oakland, MNF: Atlanta over NY Jets.
Year to Date: 38/63 @ 60.3%
Week 1: 11-5 (Overall Rank 20,862 - 65th percentile)
Week 2: 10-6 (Overall Rank 25,998 - 59th percentile)
Week 3: 8-8 (Overall Rank 20,274 - 64th percentile)
Week 4: 10-6 (Overall Rank 21,269 - 68th percentile)

'With the Spread' Picks per my Yahoo! Pick'Em League:
Buffalo +3.5, Chicago +0.0, Cincinnati -1.0, Green Bay -7.0, Tennessee +2.5, Seattle -2.5, St Louis -11.5, Baltimore +3.0, NY Giants -2.0, Arizona +2.0, Denver -7.5, Houston +6.5, Oakland +4.5, Atlanta -10.0
Year to Date: 28-33-2 @ 45.9%
Week 1: 4-11-1
Week 2: 6-10-0
Week 3: 8-7-1
Week 4: 10-5-0

You can tweet me your NFL picks every week @wdnicolson and I will list my final picks from that account every Thursday Night.
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During 2013 I will be reading Peter King's 'THE MMQB' Website every week - I suggest you do the same.