Friday 7 January 2011

Congratulations England - Winners of the 2010/2011 Ashes Series 3-1

Ashes Series 2010/2011: 
 England Retain Ashes after destroying Australia 3-1 in Australia.

England defeated Australia by an innings and 83 runs to win the 5th Test Match and retain the Ashes.
3rd Test Review
4th Test Review
5th Test Review (To Come)

Full Scorecards Available below.

Please Note: Due to Christmas Holidays there was not regular updates of the 4th & 5th Tests on
However we will have a Series Review up next week including Winners & Losers from the Series, Full Player Ratings & Ashes MVP Results.

ENGLAND won 3-1 in the Best of Five Ashes Tests.
1st Test: Draw - Review
2nd Test: England won by an Innings & 71 Runs - Review
3rd Test: Australia won by 267 Runs - Review
4th Test: England won by an Innings & 157 Runs - Review.
5th Test: England won by an Innings & 83 Runs - Review to come.

IN GAME TWEETS - Not available for the 4th & 5th Test - apologies.

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