Thursday 27 January 2011

Can Brisbane Support a Second Team in the NRL?

Can Brisbane Support a Second Team in the NRL?
By W D Nicolson, January 27, 2011.

Late in the 2010 NRL Season the NOT The Footy Show Rugby League Podcast discussed the viability of a Second NRL Team in Brisbane.

NOT The Footy Show Regulars Dave Chapman and Warrick Nicolson asked Queensland's 101.5FM Morning Show Presenter Matt Duncan if his home town could support a second NRL Team.

The following is an extract from Episode 36 with the 10 minute discussion on that very point from August 2010 - made even more pertinent now that the press have picked up a story outlining the plans of a former Brisbane Broncos' backer to bring that second Brisbane team to the NRL. Check out more info from the Sydney Morning Herald.

Here is our discussion from August, 2010.

Some of the interesting grabs from the various (SMH & DT) interviews 2nd Brisbane Team 'bid chief' Craig Davison has given today:
|-| "I informed the Broncos last week, and they were quite good about it. They will always be No.2 with me but this new team looks good, and planning is well advanced. It will have strong sponsorship backing."
|-| "If and when the Independent Commission takes tenders for NRL expansion, we'll be in there fighting for that spot in Brisbane. We're talking to a number of sponsors and they are excited about coming on board. We've spoken to David Gallop. He is very much aware of our plans."
|-| "We want to be successful from day one and that means sourcing the best CEO and the best coach in the game. Wayne Bennett is doing a great job at the Dragons and his record speaks for itself."
|-| "Obviously it's too early to be naming names and we're keeping our cards close to our chest, but we intend to go to the marketplace with the name being Brisbane something. We'll have fans help us decide the name. It will be like the Sydney Roosters and Sydney Bulldogs."
|-| NRL CEO David Gallop weighs in.... "With the strength of the game in Queensland it is pretty easy to see the merit of another team in Brisbane at some stage."

So how do you feel about a Second Brisbane NRL Team? 
Do you think it can work? 
Are there any South Queensland Crushers' fans still out there?

With that in mind here is some Rugby League nostalgia with vision of the Crushers' first ever home game in 1995 v the Canberra Raiders

That Number 6 for Canberra could play couldn't he?

Finally - what would you call the new Brisbane Team - we already know they would be the 'Brisbane ______' if admitted to the NRL.
Fire your best our way.
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