Sunday 9 January 2011

Rugby League World's 16 Emerging NRL Stars - Issue 358, 2011

The NRL's Emerging Stars: 
16 Players To Watch in 2011
By Warrick D. Nicolson
January 7, 2011.

Rugby League World features the 16 Emerging Stars of the NRL in their February Issue.

When Rugby League World Magazine commissioned me to write an article scouting the next wave of star talent in the National Rugby League - I made a decision to feature a range of potential stars rather than just the obvious 'can't miss prospects'.

So if you pick up a copy of Issue 358 of the fine publication (you can get it via an online version or have the original version posted to you) you won't see the names Josh Dugan or Sam Burgess featured in the magazine.

The reason for this is simple - we all know they are going to be or are already superstars of the game and looking at the rosters of each club I reasoned that the reader will find it more interesting if they get features on a range of players rather than telling them something they already know.

That doesn't mean I haven't featured some of the more household names but I have made every effort to make this article an interesting and informative read.

So get yourself a copy of the February Issue of Rugby League World - because there is much more than just the Emerging Stars article worth reading.

It is a cracking read.

Yes it's coming... the 2011 NSC Rugby League Almanac.

We've promised it since the end of the 2010 NRL Season but the 2011 NSC Rugby League Almanac will be out in early February with a comprehensive guide to the upcoming season, a review of the big games and big stories from 2010, our recruitment analysis for each club, a full rundown of the NRL Tweet Player of the Year Votes and our very special Top 50 Players in the NRL.

If you would like to advertise in the Almanac please contact Warrick Nicolson

If you would like to pre-order a copy send an email to this address. It will cost AU $10.00.

So make sure you go and get yourself a copy of Rugby League World Issue 358 - it'll be well worth it.

You can get a copy mailed to you or download an online copy.

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Note: The March Edition of Rugby League World will feature a smaller Season Preview.
Now go and get yourself a copy of the magazine!