Wednesday 9 February 2011

Tina Turner Would Be Proud - NRL rope in Bon Jovi for 2011 Campaign

Tina Turner Would Be Proud - NRL rope in Bon Jovi for 2011
By Warrick D Nicolson
February 9, 2011.

Arguably the biggest news of the 2011 National Rugby League Season was broken on Twitter today with the announcement that music super group Bon Jovi would head the NRL's Advertising Campaign.

Yes Bon Jovi, he of the long blonde locks and tight shorts...

Oh wait that was Warwick Capper.

It's an easy mistake to make... apart from the fact that one still has talent.

You can read the NRL's Press Release here and yes they actually broke their own story on Twitter... which might be a sign they are finally getting what Social Media really is.

The NRL has made a gigantic leap forward in progress when it comes to marketing the game with the Bon Jovi acquisition and although the song chosen isn't a tune that will stick in your head all day - it has enough pop/rock to get the job done for the next 12 months.

Then of course, Bon Jovi should offer up a far better known song for the NRL Anthem like 'Blaze of Glory' or 'Livin' on a Prayer'  but for the time being 'This Is Our House' will have to do and as you can see below it WILL work.

Here it is without the NRL action clips that will no doubt accompany it come March and instead feature CFL action (Gridiron) of the Saskatchewan RoughRiders - giving you a taste of what's to come in the NRL Ad.

BON JOVI - This Is Our House

Obviously the NRL version will feature Bon Jovi himself quite heavily and this is a huge plus for the NRL's campaign.

Because Bon Jovi's association just opened up the NRL to another demographic or three and as an added bonus have actually plugged in a fair dinkum star with the game.

Not since the days of Tina Turner in the late 1980s and early to mid 1990s has the game been associated with music royalty (Sorry Tom Jones just didn't cut it) and perhaps more importantly, like Tina Turner, you can buy the idea that Bon Jovi might actually like the game of Rugby League.

Don't think for a second that when it comes to successful endorsements, the ability of the person/group endorsing the product to sell the idea that they genuinely have an interest in the product, isn't VITAL in making the endorsement work.

Because Tina Turner sold you on the idea that she liked muscle bound Rugby League players, and maybe so would the female demographic. Her music then meshed so well with game highlights that the male demographic embraced her too. In short she covered multiple demographics and her two signature Rugby League anthems were NRL promotions heaven.

If you need proof....

TINA TURNER - What you get is what you see

TINA TURNER - Simply the Best

So coming in March we can expect to see Benji Marshall featured heavily in the new Bon Jovi NRL Anthem clip - after all Marshall was identified by the NRL as their 'new face' - and until that time reflect on two things.

One - how good is it to see the NRL make a positive move in promoting the game that doesn't cry out B Grade Marketing.

And Two - temper that enthusiasm by realising that it has taken the NRL the best part of 20 years to remember what worked for them when the game was at its peak.

But heeeeeey we're halfway there...
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