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Thursday, 13 May 2010

NOT The Footy Show Episode 19 - Round 10 NRL Preview Podcast 2010

NOT The Footy Show
Episode 19 - Round 10 NRL Preview Podcast 2010

What's on NOT The Footy Show Podcast Episode 19?
| Part One of What's it like to be a fly on the wall when four blokes watch a Test Match? | Round 9 Moments including Nic's reaction to the Brookvale faithful's behaviour on Saturday Night | Three Big Talking Points - Recent Player Signings, A Mid-Season ANZAC Test Match Series? & Who has the worst hands in Rugby League? | NRL Tweet Player of the Year Leaderboard | Twitter Time - We answer Questions from the followers of the NRL Tweet | Plus all our Tips & Previews of NRL Round 10, Our tipping records so far, Our Special Fried Rice Picks for Round 10 & some long promised Fantasy NRL Talk. And not a whole lot else... |
Waz & Nic
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And remember we've also filmed a special NSW State of Origin Team Picks Video in Episode 15.

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Waz & Nic


Anonymous said...

not a bad effort boys but sadley u guys are thinking like the current selection panel that pick a bunch of flashy soft forwards for yr clubb level he looks hig tough damaging..uh uh..Parra and Queensland showed he got nothing..bashes little blokes and in attack as predictable as they left out and thats it..inglis and co. pick him off and then his many errors will come..he ran away from hodges last year for fuck sake!! we need hard headed soldiers in origin..thats what qld do?? so heres my side..Hayne (no brainer) Morris (no brainer)Lyon(Aus centre)Tahu(much needed Mongrel,athlete)Cooper(nullify big wingers,great @ out sets,strong athlete)or J.Morris..Gidley or Barret(need a hard running traditional 6,strong defensive 6,both would work).Kimmorley( no time for youngsters,need a general,been there done it) Perry(big,mobile,reliable)Ennis(tougher than farah,better defensivly,more passionate)Weyman(been very strong @ club level,Aus team)hindmarsh is my Captain(built for origin..we not serious bout winning without him)Oddonell(big,hard,athletic,passionate,intimidating,inspiratinal)Gallen(same as oddonell..will bash the QLDs)bench..Carney(play many roles,inform)watmough(off the bench cos he be nullified in the opening exchanges and when QLD tired unleash hell!!)Bird(same as Gallen)Mason(determined,inspirational,big)18th man Lewis(good reliable cover) thats the team that would bustle the shield back to where it belongs!

W D Nicolson said...

Your team isn't that much different to ours champ... to be honest.

Plus if you wanted to state the case that Michael Ennis was a better defender than Robbie Farah - watch last night's busts by St.George-Illawarra up the middle and you'll see who the weak link defensively was on more than one occasion.

My team from the video (filmed April 22) was:
Hayne, Morris, Morris, Jennings, Grothe/Tahu (if Grothe isn't fit), Carney, Kimmorley, Weyman, Farah, Galloway/Mason (if Galloway isn't fit), Creagh, Watmough, Hindmarsh (c). Bench: Lewis, Gallen, Waterhouse, Douglas.

This is the team I think gets picked Monday. May 14 Update.
Kurt GIDLEY (c)
Jarryd HAYNE
Jamie LYON
Michael ENNIS
Michael WEYMAN

Thanks for the comment champ - we just want a win!