Tuesday 23 May 2017

NOT The Footy Show Episode 168: Origin 1 Teams Reaction | NRL Podcast

No Billy for Old Kev... 

On this week's Podcast - Robb Cox and Warrick Nicolson simply cannot believe QLD have left out Billy Slater for Game 1.
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This Podcast is full of reaction to the Origin Teams for May 31 in Brisbane....
  • Billy's not busted but he's not in the team... we're still stunned.
  • If JT proves his fitness does Milford get a run anyway?
  • Evidently Kangaroos jerseys don't guarantee a thing... ask Holmes and Merrin.
  • NSW have punted Farah... but is Peats up for the job? Was Wallace before he got hurt?
  • NSW's Hall of Fame picks... who would be next?
  • We also discuss if there's any merit to the contract renegotiation efforts from Cody Walker and Nathan Ross... there isn't.
  • Tease the upcoming '8 Wonders of the Rugby League World' Series here on the show.
  • And Coxsmith brings us home with some final thoughts on Mitchell Moses Parramatta debut.
So join us for Episode 168 - it doesn't suck.

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