Monday 8 May 2017

NOT The Footy Show Episode 166: Colombian Expansion Plans | NRL Podcast

Sadly the final ever 'Rep Round' won't be remembered for the footy... 

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Robb Cox and Warrick Nicolson have lots to talk about after Rep Round 2017...
  • Unfortunately the rep games are overshadowed by a trio of Drug Busts leaving us to sift through the realities that it exposes...
  • We also cover the reaction to Sam Thaiday's 'joke' on The Footy Show... and why it could've been far bigger.
  • Try to find a future for top flight Rugby League games to be played in the Country with the demise of City-Country. 
  • Plus news on the potentially bright future of the Pacific Tests.
  • And finally this week your feedback and iTunes ratings get special prize music to accompany the final segment... 
So join us for Episode 166 - which really should've been last week if not for a dodgy SD card.

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