Wednesday 23 July 2014

#NRL 2014: Round 20 Tips Preview | #NRLNewSyd #NRLBriMel #NRLWstSgi

Round 20 Tips

2014 National Rugby League Premiership
By W D Nicolson - July 23, 2014

Okay... so we've just worked out that we're tipping semi decently this season after all!

Sure we're not in Top 1% territory but somehow despite a less than stellar tipping percentage (61%-ish) - we're going okay (around 2,200th overall and good enough for equal 1st in the NOT The Footy Show Tipping Comp below)... so hopefully you are too.

The Postman's Late Mail is now - sadly - officially finished for 2014... it's out of my control honestly, but better to be safe than sorry everyone. That's as much as I can say.

And yes - the NRL Tweet Player of the Year Voting Leaderboard is now up to date through Round 19.
|-| Broncos v Storm - Broncos by 2 points.
Ripping contest... Broncos must defend better than they did last week but Melbourne also will want a statement like win... last week v Canberra wasn't, this week could be - but I'm going Broncos with Barba on his way out of 1st grade if he turns it up again this week.
|-| Knights v Roosters - Roosters by 10 points.
Gidley's shift to the halves had refocused Newcastle... but he was lame with a abdominal strain against the Titans and was out of the game by halftime... which coincidently so were Newcastle. Roosters by as many as they wish I fear.
|-| Panthers v Sharks - Panthers by 12 points.
Penrith could tear Cronulla a new one in Bathurst... yep, I just don't like the Sharkies at all in this one - it reeks of one of those games a team plays in who are counting down the days til the end of the year... I know that sounds harsh but Ivan Cleary made big changes up front so Penrith are going to rip in this week - and they can play in September, Cronulla cannot.
|-| Titans v Eels - Eels by 4 points.
Jarryd Hayne has a wowser... and he played pretty good in Parra's loss to Souths last week - so he's primed. The Titans - who knows what team turns up this week...
|-| Bulldogs v Cowboys - Bulldogs by 4 points.
Canterbury's pack v JT... in Cowboyland I might go with JT - but not this week even with Reynolds still out.
|-| Warriors v Sea Eagles - Warriors by 2 points.
Going with the upset - Manly are the 'smart' tip but the Warriors can well and truly make a game of this up front and if Shaun Johnson plays interested - who knows? The Warriors might win by 20!
|-| Tigers v Dragons - Tigers by 4 points.
Farah and Woods v Creagh and Marshall - I likey this contest... but I likey the Tigers if they play anything like the kind of football they did last week against Canterbury.
|-| Raiders v Rabbitohs - Rabbitohs by 8 points.
Canberra might test the Bunnies if they hold back the Burgii but I can't see them winning... unless Mitch Cornish plays halfback and Josh McCrone doesn't. #kingofwishfulthinking

The Postman's Late Mail is now on hiatus for 2014... apologies but it is out of my control.

Leaderboard after Round 19
You can track each week's @NRLTweet Player of the Year Award Votes on Twitter via this link: #NRLTweetPOTY

The 'Special Fried Rice' picks have returned but given it is me v me, every week - I'll just be listing my 'SFR' of the week with the FootyTab Starts as the variation aspect to keep things interesting vs just saying 'this team will win this week - guaranteed'.

* makes no guarantees of decent picks every week - but we hope they are.
Warrick D. Nicolson, The NRL Tweet
Broncos by 2, Roosters by 10, Panthers by 12, Eels by 4, Bulldogs by 4, Warriors by 2, Tigers by 4, Rabbitohs by 8.
LW: 7/8 | SEASON: 83/136
BRI +2.5, SYD -8.5, PEN -8.5, PAR +2.5, NQL +4.5, WAR +2.5, WST -2.5, CAN +8.5.
LW: 3/8 | SEASON: 68/136
Special Fried Rice: PEN -8.5. | Season SFR: 9/19
NQL -10.5, SYD -14.5, SOU -14.5, SOU -8.5, MEL -12.5, MAN -6.5, CBY +3.5, NEW +5.5, SYD -9.5, CAN +4.5, SYD +1.5, NQL -2.5, CBY +4.5, NEW +12.5, SGI +4.5, PEN +2.5, SYD -16.5, CAN +4.5, CAN +12.5, PEN -8.5.
TIPPING Record after 19 Rounds - 83/136 @ 61.1%
FOOTYTAB Record after 19 Rounds - 68/136 @ 50.0%
SPECIAL FRIED RICE after 19 Rounds - 9/19 @ 47.4%
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