Thursday 10 July 2014

#NRL 2014: Round 18 Tips Preview | #NRLManWst #NRLWarPar

Round 18 Tips

2014 National Rugby League Premiership
By W D Nicolson - July 10, 2014

Yikes... 2 from 5 (but we went favourites in all games so we had plenty of company right?) last week so let's see if we can get it back with 6 games on the schedule for Round 18.

Sorry still no Late Mail, look for it to return in Round 19 when all the byes are done and dusted. But NRL Tweet Player of the Year Voting continues every week and we will have a final update on the leaderboard after Round 18 when all the Byes are over - a full 2 weeks after the Dally Ms go 'under wraps'.
Sea Eagles v Tigers - Sea Eagles by 6 points.
Manly poor two weeks in a row? The Tigers need them to be...
Warriors v Eels - Warriors by 6 points.
Hayne plays and this is back on level pegging... he's no certainty so let's go with the home team.
Storm v Bulldogs - Storm by 2 points.
Cameron Smith backs up and I stick with the Storm... he withdraws and it's Canterbury even on the road.
Titans v Raiders - Raiders by 6 points.
Bolter of the week... both struggle to score points playing 'tight' - so hopefully both coaches loosen the shackles... it is a shame Jeremy Hawkins isn't allowed to play but that's on Canberra really.
Sharks v Knights - Sharks by 2 points.
Both impressive of late... but this is in Cronulla, so Cronulla it is.
Panthers v Broncos - Panthers by 6 points.
Panthers finally impressed me last week - Brisbane can win it but even sans Wallace - Penrith's go-forward was superb last Sunday.

The Postman's Late Mail is in flux... we apologise but when he can find the time to dig some up before everyone else does it on Thursday he'll bring it back.

Leaderboard after Round 11
You can track each week's @NRLTweet Player of the Year Award Votes on Twitter via this link: #NRLTweetPOTY

The 'Special Fried Rice' picks have returned but given it is me v me, every week - I'll just be listing my 'SFR' of the week with the FootyTab Starts as the variation aspect to keep things interesting vs just saying 'this team will win this week - guaranteed'.

* makes no guarantees of decent picks every week - but we hope they are.
Warrick D. Nicolson, The NRL Tweet
Sea Eagles by 6, Warriors by 4, Storm by 2, Raiders by 4, Sharks by 4, Panthers by 6.
LW: 2/5 | SEASON: 72/122
WST +10.5, PAR +10.5, CBY +4.5, CAN +4.5, CRO +2.5, PEN -2.5.
LW: 4/5 | SEASON: 63/122
Special Fried Rice: CAN +4.5. | Season SFR: 8/17
NQL -10.5, SYD -14.5, SOU -14.5, SOU -8.5, MEL -12.5, MAN -6.5, CBY +3.5, NEW +5.5, SYD -9.5, CAN +4.5, SYD +1.5, NQL -2.5, CBY +4.5, NEW +12.5, SGI +4.5, PEN +2.5, SYD -16.5, CAN +4.5.
TIPPING Record after 17 Rounds - 72/122 @ 59.0%
FOOTYTAB Record after 17 Rounds - 63/122 @ 51.6%
SPECIAL FRIED RICE after 17 Rounds - 8/17 @ 47.1%
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