Monday, 27 July 2009

Kevin Rudd laying cable...

Not exactly the most high-brow article ever to be found on but when I was browsing Twitter and came across the Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd's feed... he left us in no doubt about what he is doing. Well I'll let his publicist tell the story... with some unfortunate wording. In Tas on Sat to lay 1st cable for NBN. 2B 100mb per sec up to 90% of country. Heaps of jobs now. Great infrastructure for the future. KRudd from web Link: I'm not sure flying to Tasmania on the Prime Minister's jet is an appropriate use of governmental funds just to do a twosie Mr Rudd... And another thing - has anyone got a link to a press conference Rudd did around the time he was in Italy for the G8 Summit in July 2009? His response to a question from a journalist was priceless for the way he tried to sound all tough and stern: to paraphrase 'you won't be getting a quote out of me on that... in due season."

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