Thursday 4 June 2009

Andrew Symonds sacked from Twenty20 World Cup

Andrew Symonds has done it again.

Sadly I am not talking about a Test Hundred, or a match-winning performance with bat or ball in a shorter version of the game...

No this time, the 'again' relates to him getting on the drink and breaking team rules while in England for this year's Twenty20 World Cup. As a result, due to now repeated infringements regarding the turps - he's been sent home and his Cricket Australia contract is all but shredded. 

You can read more about the story and in particular get a clearer understanding of the situation and CA boss James Sutherland's disappointment with Symonds on the ABC website ( 
Cricket Australia boss James Sutherland told a press conference in Melbourne last night that an alcohol-related incident resulted in Symonds being sent home.

Mr Sutherland said the breaking of a number team rules by Symonds in the past 24 to 48 hours was "the final straw".
Although Symonds had previously missed out on a spot in the 2009 Ashes touring squad, he could well have used the Twenty20 World Cup as a springboard to a possible replacement role if injuries had struck. 

Australian Captain Ricky Ponting (a long time supporter of what Symonds can bring to the Australian side) will front a press conference at The Oval in London later today, but it appears as if Symonds' international career is over, and he may be out of serious cricket for good within a few weeks if he reacts poorly to this latest incident. 

About the only bright spot in the last 18 months for Symonds has been his role in the Deccan Chargers Indian Premier League (IPL) title charge last month. And now it may be his only avenue to making a crust in cricket if CA tear up his contract and Queensland decide to move on with younger players. The IPL will certainly open their arms to him because money drives that competition, and given Symonds will put butts in seats - he'll still have cricket in his future if he can be bothered. 

It is a sad day when a professional athlete can't get their head around certain truths that must be accepted, and Symonds it appears, may never quite get this message. 

At his best Andrew Symonds was a force in world cricket, but it looks like he won't ever be again.