Wednesday 8 April 2020

Rugby League Trivia Episode 2 from NOT The Footy Show

Published April 8, 2020


During this period sans Rugby League, NOT The Footy Show has is putting together a number of episodes of 'Rugby League Trivia' in an attempt to help you deal with your lack of real time footy.
Episode 1
Episode 2
Every question within the 'Rugby League Trivia' series are following the era being explored by NOT The Footy Show in their current Podcast Series called 'The Best Since 1982'

So you won't have to worry about questions from before 1982 - however there will always be a heavy dose of 1980s and 1990s questions in each episode.

Take on Episode 2 of Rugby League Trivia below.
Once you've got through the 15 Questions, the 15 Answers will follow on the same video and like in Episode 1, in Episode 2 the maximum score you can attain is 42.

There are 15 Questions in every Episode - each worth a varying amount of points - and the best way to do the Quiz is to have a pen and paper handy (yes they still exist) so you can write down your answers and then tally your score at the end.

If you try and do it off the top of your head it'll be too hard to keep track of as multiple questions require multiple answers to gain points.

You have been given a default 30 second countdown timer for each question but we know you will need longer for some questions so feel free to pause the YouTube video if you need more time. There is no time limit on the entire Quiz but obviously we are operating within an honour system so don't have Rugby League Project or David Middleton's Yearbooks open next to you if you actually want to test yourself.

But these questions are purposefully more difficult than a normal footy quiz so please share with us a photo of your answers and score and NOT The Footy Show will give a shoutout to everyone who gets a score on future podcasts.

If you get 42 out of 42 you are doing very very well but we do believe it is possible given some of the Rugby League devotees that are out there.

We'd love feedback on the format and if you'd love to see more episodes - if the demand is there we will keep them coming regularly for the rest of 2020.

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