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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

NRL Round 21 Tips from The Postman | 2017 Season

The Postman's Round 21 NRL Tips
2017 National Rugby League Premiership
By W D Nicolson - July 25, 2017

If the Dragons decided to play footy with a fullback who knew how to support the ball carrier once their grind first game started to fall apart - they might've been fun to watch for the past three months.

But the Matt Dufty era won't be a one game and done at least - with Euan Aitken injured for probably the rest of the season, Dufty might get his chance at fullback for the foreseeable future. Josh Dugan may just ask to transfer to the Sharks now...

Oh and the Dragons ripping of Manly to shreds was the only game we steered you wrong on last weekend - that's a 7/8 week and you should be thankful you went all favourites just like me.

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Tips for Round 21 2017

Panthers over Bulldogs
Moylan is out again - so it gives the Dogs some hope... for the first half. Expect the Panthers to run away with this one in the back end of the match - Canterbury will produce a stunning attacking game at least once more this season... making that maybe 3 for the year. You can't trust them.

Sharks over Warriors
Cronulla need to win this to hold their Top 4 spot - so they will. Warriors would have to win every game for the rest of the year and rely on other results to make the Top 8 - they won't.

Broncos over Eels
Maybe... I just can't pick the Eels. They are a good footy team but limited in how adventurous their coach lets them be some times... then again that's Brisbane in a nutshell. I don't know... Broncos are higher on the table so they get the tick at this point... well only if Boyd plays.

Dragons over Knights
If the Dragons want to play attacking footy the Knights won't be able to stop them... then again I'm not convinced Paul McGregor lets them. But you have to pick Saints - they will only need 2 more wins after this game to secure their Top 8 spot if they beat Newcastle.

Raiders over Souths
Who really cares? If Canberra turn it on Souths can't go with them right... or maybe they can. Canberra go in without Rapana, Soliola and Papalii... so why am I picking them?

Roosters over Cowboys
Should be a good game of footy - Cowboys playing handy footy lately and the Roosters are down on some troops... home team please. 

Storm over Sea Eagles
Manly finally got a wake up call back to reality last weekend from the Saints... and the Storm will be without Slater and maybe Smith as well... game is in Melbourne. Lean Storm.

Titans over Tigers
Jarryd Hayne v James Tedesco should be fun... neither team can make the Top 8 (well Titans can but need a miracle) so it might be a wide open game of footy. I can get behind that.
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