Monday 5 June 2017

NOT The Footy Show Episode 170: The Golden Brown | NRL Podcast

THE GOLDEN BROWN... and the other NRL Awards we actually need.

Hosts Robb Cox and Warrick Nicolson attack a slow news weekend in Rugby League (hello post-Origin letdown) with a concentrated effort to get some new NRL End of Season Awards added to the lexicon. Plus they review the footy that was played in Round 13 and get to our long awaited NEW iTunes Reviews!

And Rob Cox's debut single 'Let Him Go' hits the charts!
  • With the NRL taking a total backseat to Origin thanks to the wonders of TV and governing body harmony - NOT The Footy Show cracks open some fresh ideas on revamping awards season. 
  • Plus we pull apart the footy that was played in Round 13 and ask a few teams some very tough questions... then remember no one cares who wins in June!
  • And the prize music is back... did we mention Robb Cox's debut single?

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