Monday 12 December 2016

Steve Smith wins the internet... the Raven not the Australian Captain. #NFL #NRL #Cricket

Steve Smith wins... everything
National Football League...
By W D Nicolson - December 12, 2016

Yup, that's Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith rocking up to a mid-week presser in a Yoda onesie.
A photo posted by Baltimore Ravens (@ravens) on

Steve Smith is Yoda.

Yoda is Steve Smith.

Proof - NFL pressers don't even need a good soundbite to be relevant. Heck I didn't even listen to this presser but felt compelled to share it!

Over to you NRL players... now given I've recently ended up a three year stint running Social Media for the NRL, I'm fairly confident in saying I didn't see this in Rugby League... but I would've been all over it if we did!

How good!
PS. Best Yoda costume on the market in Austraila right now 

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