Wednesday 2 March 2016

#NRL Round 1 Tips | #NRLEelsBroncos #NRLManlyBulldogs

Round 1 NRL Tips
National Rugby League Premiership
By W D Nicolson - March 2, 2016

Just try and take it off him  #NRL is back tmw!
Posted by NRL - National Rugby League on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The NRL Tweet's Tips for Round 1 2016
Broncos over Eels
Manly over Bulldogs
Raiders over Panthers
Warriors over Tigers
Cowboys over Sharks
Roosters over Souths
Titans over Knights
Storm over Dragons

Tipping Skinny: No big write-ups each week again in 2016 sorry but let's be honest in Round 1 it's always a stretch to say you are confident about anything. 

Real tough games to pick are Manly-Dogs, Raiders-Panthers and Titans-Knights. But that's not to say the rest of the games are fait accompli at all. 

The aim is once again to hit the 65% mark - so we need a 5% tipping improvement this year... but that'll win your comp with your mates 9/10 so let's see what we can deliver.

We've also done some research into the archives and you can now see our tipping % for each of the past 6 years... yep we've been around a while. 

Good luck everyone who still pays attention to these tips - especially you Jim F in the Philippines. Let's win that Seniors Comp this year mate! 

2016 SEASON TIPS: 0/0 at -%
Round by Round: 0/0
2015 Tipping: 115/192 at 59.9%
2014 Tipping: 122/192 at 63.5%
2013 Tipping: 121/192 at 63.0%
2012 Tipping: 115.5/192 at 60.2%
2011 Tipping: 115/192 at 59.9%
2010 Tipping: 125/192 at 65.1%

There's my tips - got your own?
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