Thursday 2 February 2012

NRL 2012 - NOT The Footy Show's LIVE NRL Season Preview 5pm Sunday Feb 5

NOT The Footy Show is back...
For at least one more show.
By W D Nicolson, February 2, 2012

At the end of the 2011 NRL Season, NOT The Footy Show signed off for what was probably the last time.

The Grand Final show (Hour 1 Hour 2 released September 28, 2011) or Episode 88 - was the culmination a lot of hard work and considerable dribble on the part of the hosts the last few years and when we announced that the end was near, it was a sad day for us all...

As much fun as the show was to make, the production time involved for one of us was just too big a burden to take on for another year without some sort of resolution in the offering. This meant that at the end of 2011, NOT The Footy Show was done.

Then the off-season came (and went) and whispers grew that perhaps, or maybe, well actually there could be a slight hope that NOT The Footy Show would return in some form, and they would kick-off the 2012 Season with the first preview of the NRL available anywhere.

Plus, it was announced on Facebook and Twitter, it would be shown LIVE.

It didn't take much convincing to get Nic McInerney, Matt Duncan and DC Chapman out of what was really a forced-retirement and back into the studio for our unique take on the forthcoming Rugby League season and so they'll join me (Warrick Nicolson) this Sunday February 5 at 5pm in the studio for NOT The Footy Show streaming in live video format right here.

You can watch NOT The Footy Show Live from this page or you can stream it on the Ustream dedicated channel here We're also hoping that by recording the show via the site (downside is video quality diminishes slightly) you will be able to catch the show via a replay on the same ustream page whenever you wish!

NOT The Footy Show Episode 89 - LIVE Sunday February 5th 2012
Starts at 5pm NSW Time, 4pm QLD, 8pm NZ

Live Video streaming by Ustream
We will be giving predicted regular season finishes for all 16 teams, pick our Top 8s, our Grand Finalists, Individual Award Winners and take a huge guess at which team will be Premiers in 2012.

Plus as an added bonus, each of us will list our personal choices for the Top 10 Players in the NRL entering this season. With the criteria being - if we had to build a club tomorrow to win the 2012 Premiership - which player would we pick first?

If you've got any questions for us during the show or just want to say g'day please talk to us live via the the live ustream chat or reply @NRLTweet on Twitter.

We'll also review the 3rd Annual NRL All Stars v Indigenous All Stars match played the night before.

We hope you can join us.

Also don't forget to Grab The 2012 Rugby League Almanac (just $10.00) for a comprehensive magazine style preview of the season ahead.
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