Wednesday 4 January 2012

It's Official: Cameron Smith Is The NRL's Best Player Entering 2012

By W D Nicolson, January 4, 2012
To coincide with the release of the brand new 2012 NSC Rugby League Almanac (available to purchase for just $10 here) can reveal that Melbourne Storm hooker Cameron Smith has been crowned the #1 Player in the Game entering the 2012 NRL Season.

While picking a definitive 'Best Player' in the game is tough at any point in time, the Christmas-New Year's Period is traditionally the least active time of the year for Rugby League and thus injury and player movement news is at a bare minimum. This means that coming up with our exhaustive NRL Top 200 List was as fair a process as possible and every player began their campaign to be the #1 player on the same footing.
In 2012, Australian, Queensland and Melbourne star Cameron Smith is the man we chose as the Best Player in Rugby League.
The ranking criteria was simple.

Entering the 2012 NRL Season - which player would we pick 1st Overall in a Draft of all available players under contract in the NRL if we were trying to construct a team to win the 2012 Premiership?

So while potential is a factor, the ability to contribute this year is a bigger one. Some players have been injured during the off-season already (Parramatta's Jacob Loko will not play in 2012 due to a knee injury and Simon Dwyer of the Wests Tigers will miss the entire season with a shoulder problem as well) and were not considered, and the same applies to Will Hopoate who has declared he will take up to two years on Mormon Mission and will not return to the NRL for 2012.

We acknowledge that our rankings will stir up debate but that’s the point. What fun is there in compiling a list of the Top 200 players in the NRL without opinion coming into the equation?

Below is Smith's scouting report and a breakdown of the representation each NRL team has in the NRL Top 200 in 2012.

So Cameron Smith is our choice as the Number One player in the game entering 2012, but who is Number Two, Number Three, or even Number Two Hundred? And what are their Scouting Reports?

To find out where your favourite player or indeed where your choice as the top player in the game was ranked - grab a copy of the Rugby League Almanac today.

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Released Friday December 23, 2011.

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  • Best Photos of 2011 - the Screen Shots you shouldn't forget in a hurry.
  • And what's in store from www.wdnicolson.comThe NRL Tweet and maybe NOT The Footy Show in 2012.

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