Sunday 3 October 2010

2010 NRL Grand Final Result: St.George-Illawarra Dragons 32 defeated Sydney Roosters 8 + Video Highlights

5:00pm Sunday Afternoon @ ANZ Stadium
32 - 8 
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|=| NOT The Footy Show Grand Final Review Podcast - Episode 47 - October 8
TRIES: Jason Nightingale 2 (46m & 60m), Mark Gasnier (8m), Dean Young (63m), Nathan Fien (70m).
GOALS: Jamie Soward 6/7 Attempts.
Starters: D Boyd, B Morris, M Gasnier, M Cooper, J Nightingale, J Soward, B Hornby (c), N Costigan, D Young, M Weyman, B Scott, B Creagh, J Smith.
Bench: N Fien, T Merrin, M Prior, J Saffy.
Coach: Wayne Bennett.
TRIES: Braith Anasta (16m) & Mitchell Aubusson (20m).
GOALS: Todd Carney 0/2 Attempts.
Starters: A Minichiello, J Leilua, K Linnett, S Kenny-Dowall, S Perrett, T Carney, M Pearce, J Ryles, J Friend, L Paea, N Myles, M Aubusson, B Anasta (c).
Bench: FP Nu'uausala, M Kennedy, J Waerea-Hargreaves, D Conn.
Coach: Brian Smith.
Clive Churchill Medal Winner: Darius Boyd, Dragons.
NRL Tweet's Man of the Match: Jason Nightingale, Dragons.
4 Votes - Jason Nightingale, Dragons.
2 Votes - Jeremy Smith, Dragons.
1 Vote - Nathan Fien, Dragons.

Sunday 3/10 @ ANZ Stadium.
Crowd: 82,334.
Referees: Tony Archer & Shayne Hayne. Video Referee: Bill Harrigan.
Touch Judges: Paul Holland & Jeff Younis.
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NRL Tweet Game Notes
These were 'in game' Tweets on the 2010 Grand Final 
  • Grand Final Build Up
  • #NRL Watching the NRL Grand Final with Nic McInerney & a bunch of mates on HD TV. We'll be filming a post-game wrap for NTFS. #nrlgf
  • #NRL First Grand Final of Day Decided: Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs 24 defeat Windsor Wolves 12 in the NSW Cup GF. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Will have our Twitter Feed uploading direct to this page - for our coverage of NRL Grand Final. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Our Dragons v Roosters Grand Final Page Real Time Updates for the #nrlgf. NOT The Footy Show Video after match.
  • #NRL Next GF Tweet will be from in front of a Full HD TV that will allow me to see every crease & divot in Peter Sterling's melon. #nrlgf
  • #NRL In the 2nd Grand Final of the day, the Warriors smash the Rabbitohs 42-28 to claim the 3rd Toyota Cup title. #nrlgf
  • #NRL 2010 Warriors join Canberra in 2008 & Melbourne in 2009 as Toyota Cup Premiers.
  • #NRL Grand Final Changes... Roosters lose P Graham, promote L Paea to prop, FP Nu'uausala to bench, J Aubusson out. Dragons 1-17. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Are you ready for the NRL Grand Final? Dragons v Roosters in front of a rather wet crowd at ANZ Stadium. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Andrew Ryan (with a busted shoulder) brings the Telstra Premiership Trophy onto the ground via helicopter. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Good luck to both teams and the supporters... we've got the beverages & snacks well & truly covered... pic to come. #nrlgf
  • #NRL All most time for the 3D HD TV experience for the Grand Final. Giddy up buttercup! #nrlgf
  • #NRL GF Room Poll: 6 Tipping Dragons, 1 lone Roosters lover + picks for 1st & last try, FT/HT score, 1st penalty/knock on + Churchill #nrlgf
  • #NRL Grand Final Tips: FT Dragons 22-18, HT Dragons 16-6, 1st Try: Nightingale, Last: Carney. Churchill: Carney/Creagh. #nrlgf
  • 2010 Grand Final 1st Half
  • #NRL And here we go... Dragons to kick-off, Roosters to receive. Enjoy it ladies & gentlemen! #nrlgf
  • #NRL First set by Roosters is solid, some good Dragons defence. Boyd watches ball go dead... Weyman knocks on from re-start. #nrlgf
  • #NRL And Roosters waste their first opportunity... some good hits going on here. #nrlgf
  • #NRL 4 Minutes in and we're enjoying a good but not great start to the Grand Final. Pearce finds touch... Dragons targeting Leilua. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Morris pulled down just inside touch... the Dragons spread it wide and Gasnier may have scored off a kick! #nrlgf
  • #NRL Mark Gasnier has 1st Try of the Grand Final from a Soward kick! Did Morris go out before hand though? Soward converts STI 6-0 #nrlgf
  • #NRL Lovely... first points of the game overshadowed by poor officiating... Morris most definitely out - didn't need that replay. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Some goose here just goes 'hey we're even' when Leilua isn't called for a knock on... #nrlgf
  • #NRL Minichiello not having a good start with his hands... what else is new? Roosters lose possession on STI line. STI 6-0 after 12m. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Another chance for the Roosters to go on the attack... #nrlgf
  • #NRL Anasta claims a try after Soward kicks the ball out of Leilua's hand over the line. Try or not Try? #nrlgf
  • #NRL Room divided... but Video Ref sees it right. Anasta scores. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Carney bomb fielded by Leilua and Soward kicks it out of his arms. Anasta touches it down before the deadball line. Missed kick. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Roosters back into it... but the missed conversion by Carney might hurt. Dragons 6-4 after 18 minutes. #nrlgf
  • #NRL The vaunted Dragons defence falls victim to Mitchell Aubusson who scores in the right corner. Cooper misses easy tackle. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Carney has a chance to put the Roosters up by 4 points... Roosters 8 lead Dragons 6 after 20 minutes. #nrlgf
  • #NRL On the Anasta try... if Soward makes no attempt to use his legs to dislodge ball - that's a knock on. But he does thus play on. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Carney misses his second conversion of the match. Roosters lead 8-6 after 22 minutes. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Forward pass called on Carney who had put Leilua over... thoughts? I thought it looked line ball... Dragons breathe again. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Who stole Matt Cooper's speed? Nate Myles did! Penalty Dragons... they'll go for two points. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Soward misses penalty... Gus Gould blows up! 'Mood Killer Right There' #nrlgf
  • #NRL Here come the Dragons... need a repeat set here. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Bang there's one. Dragons need something from this field position. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Ben Creagh loses the ball. Hit the line hard - target for defenders to attack the ball. Good defence Roosters. SYD 8-6 after 29 #nrlgf
  • #NRL Michael Weyman not a well boy... not sure if Conn got him. The 3D replay hasn't shown it well. Penalty Dragons. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Some good hits from the Roosters on the line - holding the Dragons. Now they'll get a chance after Dragons forward pass. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Big set here for the Dragons. Need to hold the Roosters out and avoid a 8 point margin at halftime. #nrlgf
  • #NRL That was a nice cut out pass... pity the Roosters backline didn't think so and run on to it. Creagh error! Another mistake. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Great take by Ben Hornby from a towering bomb. Dragons hold with 36 minutes gone. Roosters 8-6. #nrlgf
  • #NRL This just in... Jamie Soward sighting. #nrlgf
  • #NRL If I'm either team I'm looking for a field goal before halftime. Yes even the Dragons. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Another error by the Dragons. Wow. Roosters need to take advantage. At the very least get out of here with 1 point. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Now that was a good tackle Jamie Soward. Great hit. #nrlgf
  • #NRL As bad as the Dragons ball control has been... they haven't been made to pay in the back end of this half. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Need to point out the 3D replays aren't as extensive as the regular broadcast... we're not seeing what you're seeing. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Halftime at ANZ Stadium. Roosters 8 (Anasta & Aubusson Tries; Carney 0/2) lead Dragons 6 (Gasnier Try; Soward 1/2) #nrlgf
  • #NRL Roosters had the better of the half. But despite the Dragons making error after error - Roosters haven't made them pay fully. #nrlgf
  • #NRL @parramatters @unleashedbunny 3D is fairly ordinary... well it is good but if I had the choice I'd watch in Full HD any day of the week. #nrlgf
  • 2010 Grand Final 2nd Half
  • #NRL Second half gets underway... Roosters with a 2 point lead... Dragons to chase points for 2nd straight week. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Mark Gasnier had 4 touches in the 1st half... Dragons simply must get him the pill more, if they hold onto it first. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Good call... better if they'd call that forward pass a penalty. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Loose ball in the in-goal! Carney cleans up the Fien kick. Drop out for the Roosters. Dragons to attack. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Dragons make the Roosters pay with Nightingale going over in the corner from a Boyd pass. 1st chance of 2nd half converted. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Kane Linnett gets absolutely nobody twice... bad defensive read there. Leilua at least got his target. Dragons 10-6 kick to come #nrlgf
  • #NRL Soward converts from touch. Dragons 12-8 after 47 minutes. #nrlgf
  • #NRL That's a big try for the Dragons. Apart from going in front, they scored from their first opportunity - Roosters missed a bunch. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Linnett knocks on a cross kick... try and catch it son. Nightingale didn't have it. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Nathan Fien knocks on in the wet... guess he wishes the weather was fine. #nrlgf
  • #NRL And Minichiello knocks on again... that family has the worst hands in Rugby League. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Roosters squander another chance... get the feeling that this will be a crucial factor in result. How many chances can you get? #nrlgf
  • #NRL Brett Morris gets out of jail... drops a ball while in the air but Perrett gives a penalty away for hitting him in the air. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Hornby breaks the line! Dragons moving up field nicely. Dragons 12-8 after 56 minutes. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Repeat set on the way for the Dragons... Roosters can't afford to concede a try with the rain coming down in buckets... #nrlgf
  • #NRL Nightingale is in! Or did he drop the ball? A cut out pass to no-one... yet Nightingale swoops! #nrlgf
  • #NRL It'll be a try! Nightingale gets his 2nd. Dragons out to 16-8 lead with 20 minutes left & kick to come. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Didn't know Jeremy Smith was playing for the Roosters there... Nightingale cops some knees when scoring - no call. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Soward converts and that's a significant margin of 10 points with 20 minutes to play. STI 18-8. #nrlgf
  • #NRL To remind everyone... Mac NcInerney picked Jason Nightingale for the Clive Churchill Medal in the Podcast. He's a chance. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Dean Young has the match-winner! Dragons have broken through again BUT WAIT! Young may have knocked on. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Has Young lost it momentarily into Aubusson... shouldn't be a try I don't think. We'll see... #nrlgf
  • #NRL We'll take another look... I think it does hit his arm... but Video Refs... well who knows???? #nrlgf
  • #NRL This decision decides the Grand Final... TRY! #nrlgf
  • #NRL Dean Young given benefit of the doubt... bit surprised there but given the try wasn't the go-ahead one - makes it easier to call #nrlgf
  • #NRL Soward converts to make it 24-8 with 15 minutes left at ANZ Stadium. Dragons fans - celebrate this one is OVER! #nrlgf
  • #NRL At this stage the Clive Churchill Medal is uncertain... truth be told Nightingale should be in serious contention. But a winger? #nrlgf
  • #NRL 82,000 at ANZ Stadium... wet now but in about 15 minutes a fair number of them will not care one iota! Heck they may not now. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Roosters don't deserve to be smashed on the scoreboard but this smells like another Dragons late game surge. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Soward will put two points over... 26-8 and we're looking at a slightly skewiff scoreline. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Dragons 26-8 with 68 minutes gone. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Roosters imploding now... had their three of four chances in the 1st half... didn't make the Dragons pay. Now the game is gone. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Nathan Fien scores from dummy half after a fake to a Soward field goal. He might get the Clive Churchill now but it's a late try #nrlgf
  • #NRL Michael Robertson was robbed of the Clive Churchill as a winger in 2008... Jason Nightingale might be robbed likewise in 2010. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Soward converts and it's Dragons 32 leading Roosters 8 with 8 minutes left in the game. #nrlgf
  • #NRL St.George-Illawarra fans - YOU'VE WON THE GRAND FINAL!!!! GO CRAZY!!! #redv #nrlgf
  • #NRL Nightingale hits the buzzer! Can he claim that as his hat-trick? #nrlgf
  • #NRL Technically this is St.George-Illawarra's 1st title... just hoping everyone doesn't forget the Steelers in the Dragons win. #nrlgf
  • #NRL C'mon Roosters - kick a field goal and stuff every pick the score punter big time. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Todd Carney is hurt in a try-saving tackle on the line by Boyd. Great pass by Myles. Looks like an ankle or knee injury... #nrlgf
  • #NRL Stay tuned - NOT The Footy Show will be filming & uploading a Grand Final Recap Video in just a few minutes! #nrlgf
  • #NRL Mark Gasnier was so off-side he could've been the Roosters trainer! #nrlgf
  • #NRL Minichiello knocks on... feels like I've tweeted that before. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Gus Gould brings out his line of the night "Dragons fans will be having chicken tonight." #nrlgf
  • #NRL Get that streaker off the field! Nightingale almost scores a magic try! #nrlgf
  • #NRL Sam Perrett grabs an intercept... pulled down 30m out. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Seriously - Jason Nightingale for Clive Churchill Medal. He's been outstanding. #nrlgf
  • #NRL Wayne Bennett gets a round of applause from the crowd... that pink shirt is about to have a date with some Gatorade. #nrlgf
  • #NRL One minute left in the 2010 NRL Grand Final. St.George-Illawarra will win the Premiership! #nrlgf
  • #NRL FULL TIME: St.George-Illawarra Dragons 32 defeated Sydney Roosters 8 in 2010 NRL Grand Final. Dragons PREMIERS!!! #nrlgf
  • 2010 Grand Final Post-Game
  • #NRL Darius Boyd wins the 2010 Clive Churchill Medal...#nrlgf
  • #NRL Ladies & Gentlemen - our Grand Final Recap of NOT The Footy Show is now LIVE ON YOUTUBE! See Nic go crazy! Finally! #nrlgf
  • #NRL Dragons win 2010 NRL Grand Final! NOT The Footy Show Special #nrlgf
  • #NRL NOT The Footy Show's Grand Final Recap Video! Watch Nic lose it as his Dragons take out Premiership! #nrlgf
  • #NRL Congratulations St.George-Illawarra Dragons supporters! For a large number of you how does your first Premiership success taste? #nrlgf
  • #NRL NOT The Footy Show's Grand Final Recap: our initial thoughts & Nic's delirium after his Dragons win! #nrlgf
  • #NRL St.George-Illawarra Dragons fans - I want to hear you loud & clear, how does it feel to be Premiers?! #RedV
  • #NRL Like Michael Robertson in 2008, fellow winger Jason Nightingale was robbed of Clive Churchill Medal. #nrlgf
  • #NRL NOT The Footy Show's Nic & Waz reacting to St.George-Illawarra Dragons 32-8 Premiership victory! #nrlgf
  • #NRL Grand Final Result: St.George-Illawarra Dragons 32 defeated Sydney Roosters 8. Video Review Player Ratings
  • #NRL Just want to thank everyone for helping me make The NRL Tweet work in 2010. Idea was to present news with opinion - hope it delivered.
  • #NRL NOT The Footy Show pays tribute to the St.George-Illawarra Dragons Premiership victory! #nrlgf #redv
  • #NRL Rewatching Grand Final, Roosters blew chances in 1st half. 9 attacking sets to Dragons 4, yet only led 8-6 HT. Final stat will amaze
  • #NRL Said it all year that Dragons are a team that takes opportunities when offered. Final points per attacking set stat is wow factor.
  • #NRL Stunning evidence Dragons take opportunities in Grand Final. Points Scored per Attacking Sets 1st Half 1 from 4 2nd half 5 from 9 #redv
  • #NRL Stat is more incredible compared to Roosters Points Scored per Attacking Sets in GF. 1st Half 2 from 9; 2nd Half 0 from 7. #redv
  • #NRL After 2nd #nrlgf viewing no doubt that Jason Nightingale was robbed of Clive Churchill. Jeremy Smith clear 2nd, Nathan Fien 3rd. #redv
  • #NRL Wow RT @wdnicolson GF Points Scored Per Attacking Set: Dragons 1 from 4 in 1H, 5 from 9 in 2H. Roosters 2 from 9 in 1H, 0 from 7 in 2H.
  • #NRL Just want to thank everyone for helping make The NRL Tweet work in 2010. Idea was to present news with opinion - hope it delivered.
  • #NRL Great little interview - well worth a listen. RT @TripleM_NRL Wayne Bennett on Brisbane's MMM this morning. #RedV
  • #NRL Full Player Ratings & Scouting Reports for the 2010 NRL Grand Final will be available this evening. NTFS
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All Player Ratings Are Out of 10 based on Scouting Report with the League Player Rating a Statistical Formula created by NSC.
Scouting Reports Are Fully Updated Monday October 4.
7.0 FB Darius BOYD
Won the Clive Churchill Medal with a good performance but by no means was he great or even in the top 3 players on the field. Had a hand in one try and looked threatening in attack but Roosters didn't allow him to be a factor on kick-returns. The 'only won it because he didn't win Dally M Medal' calls are not unfounded unfortunately. Again he played well but he wasn't Man of the Match. NSC League Player Rating: 15.3
6.0 WI Brett MORRIS
Had only one chance in the match to show his finishing skills and was covered by a beautiful tackle by Sam Perrett. His flick pass back infield despite being out (touch judge missed it) was key though - as the Dragons scored off the next play. Didn't see much of the ball outside Matt Cooper. NSC League Player Rating: 6.5
Great leap and touchdown for the opening try of the game. Didn't see a lot of the ball despite the Dragons using the right side a lot - but his contribution in defence was huge with 28 tackles and just 1 ineffective tackle. Had one great run down the right late in the game. NSC League Player Rating: 18.1
6.5 CE Matt COOPER
Was solid in attack but was exposed badly by Mitchell Aubusson's footwork for the Roosters' 2nd try. Has lost his speed if the evidence of Aubusson & Nate Myles reeling him in with the line wide open is any indication. Again had a heavy defensive workload with 20 tackles. NSC League Player Rating: 10.9
The best player on the field was a winger for the second time in three seasons. Michael Robertson was robbed of a Clive Churchill Medal in 2008 for Manly because he was a winger and Nightingale suffered from the same positional affliction when it came time to hand out the Best on Ground Medal. His finishing for the two tries he scored was first class when neither try was a gimme, he defused a few chances in defence and made one great run late in the match that almost resulted in an incredible try. Had just one error all game dropping a cross kick but his involvement (15 runs for 168m) was massive in the Dragons getting off their line. NSC League Player Rating: 30.8
7.0 FE Jamie SOWARD
A good performance from the St.George-Illawarra five-eighth but he didn't have a standout moment in the match in general play. His goal-kicking however that had been down on recent seasons was spot on - missing only a penalty goal in the 1st half from 7 attempts on goal. His two sideline conversions of Jason Nightingale's back to back tries in the right corner were superb and with his counterpart Todd Carney missing his only two conversion attempts - Soward's accuracy was a huge boost to the Dragons. Kicking game was solid and he did lay on the opening try with his cross kick for Mark Gasnier. Made one good defensive read on Anthony Minichiello late in the 1st half and made just 7 tackles for the match which meant that Beau Scott did his job. Played catch & pass for the most part in attack. NSC League Player Rating: 20.8
7.0 HB Ben HORNBY (c)
Two big contributions in match. Defused a Mitchell Pearce bomb in the 1st half when the Roosters were pressing for a 3rd try and his cut out pass found Jason Nightingale for the try that saw the Dragons go ahead 18-8 with 20 minutes left. Also made a line break in the 2nd half to get the Dragons moving up field. He was solid (as were the vast majority of the Dragons) and fed Ben Creagh an awful lot of ball on the edge of the ruck. NSC League Player Rating: 15.0
7.0 PR Neville COSTIGAN
Put his hand up for the early yards with Michael Weyman struggling. Made one error but was good throughout. Earns his first premiership after missing out through a club suspension with Brisbane in 2006. Will be a loss - especially given how good a fist he's made of prop in the back end of the season. NSC League Player Rating: 10.8
7.5 HK Dean YOUNG
One of the best five players on the field. Made a number of strong runs behind the play the ball in attack and defended his butt off at hooker. When Nathan Fien came on - Young offered the interchange hooker a nice line and despite losing the ball into Mitchell Aubusson (Video Referee Bill Harrigan once again turned a blind eye to a blatant error) scored the match-sealing try. Earned a spot in the Kangaroos Four Nations Squad with his performance. NSC League Player Rating: 20.7
5.5 PR Michael WEYMAN
Not his finest hour. Was ineffective in his runs during opening stint and lasted just 30 seconds in his second stint before getting knocked dizzy by a glancing high shot from Daniel Conn. First knock-on in the Grand Final on St.George-Illawarra's second tackle in possession. Was booked in for groin surgery after the game and it was clear that he had very little leg drive as a result of the injury. Had a great season but a non-factor in the Grand Final. NSC League Player Rating: 6.0
6.5 SR Beau SCOTT
Did his job which was to protect Jamie Soward in the defensive line from Todd Carney hitting Braith Anasta on the right edge. Had 37 tackles and although he missed a few - he did his job. The Dragons are a better team with him out of the centres and that has as much to do with Scott in the backrow as the conversion of Costigan to the front row due to the move. NSC League Player Rating: 12.5
Threw himself into his work but made 2 key errors inside the Roosters 20m zone in the 1st half - considering the Dragons only had 4 sets in attacking positions during that half, it wasn't a great start to the game. Ended up with 18 runs for the match and was committed in defence. Didn't play well enough however to force his way past team-mate Dean Young for a Kangaroos jersey. Stunning stat is his 10 tackles for the match - in other words the Roosters failed to use their right side in attack anywhere near enough. NSC League Player Rating: 12.6
8.0 LK Jeremy SMITH
Played in the middle like a prop with Michael Weyman's ineffectiveness and made constant in-roads. The 2nd best player on the field behind Nightingale and the best forward on the paddock by a fair margin. He's such an influential player when he leaves the dirty play out of his game. Dragons will miss him next season but they got full value from him in this one. NSC League Player Rating: 14.5
7.5 BN Nathan FIEN
Made an impact off the bench - particularly in the 2nd half when his presence moved Dean Young out of hooker. Scored a sneaky try from dummy half when everyone thought Jamie Soward was setting for a field goal (revealed as a set move by Wayne Bennett) and laid on a lovely pass for Dean Young's 'Try' to seal the match. Ability to get the play moving out of dummy half with a scoot forced the Roosters' markers to work overtime - created an important repeat set with a grubber that led to Nightingale's match-winning try in the next set of six. Justified Bennett's decision to leave Luke Priddis out of the squad with his performance. NSC League Player Rating: 16.5
5.0 BN Trent MERRIN
May have only got a run in the final few minutes of the game but the young prop needs to remember that at least he got on the field for a Premiership victory - a lot of players would've killed for his 8 minutes of game time in a Grand Final win. On the other hand had no time to make an impact and had just 3 runs of the footy. NSC League Player Rating: 2.8
7.0 BN Matt PRIOR
Made some important tackles during the game and ran strongly in the 1st half. Relegated to bench duty early in the season but has the tools to be a starting backrower in the NRL - problem is he's going to have to battle Dean Young for the lock forward position next year and if he loses that he'll end up in the front row where he lacks impact. Still he's a premiership player so what does he care right now? NSC League Player Rating: 8.2
6.5 BN Jarrod SAFFY
Leaves the NRL for Rugby Union with a Premiership. His fellow Union convert Tim McGann didn't stick with the 13-a-side code like Saffy did and he finished his career in suburban rugby... Saffy will now chase a Super Rugby title to go with this NRL title that saw him contribute a number of good charges in the 2nd half. NSC League Player Rating: 8.7
Not a happy 5th Grand Final for the 'Count'. Tried hard but made 3 huge errors to kill attacking sets for the Roosters (2 in 1st half, 1 in 2nd half) and never looked like the hole runner he was in the semi final lead ups. Just to be playing in another Grand Final is some feat given his injury history but he did not play well at all in this one. NSC League Player Rating: 12.4
5.5 WI Joseph LEILUA
Was targeted by the Dragons and didn't disgrace himself. Made one bad defensive read but his fellow rookie centre Linnett didn't even do that well in the 1st Nightingale try. Made the most of the metres on offer on kick-returns but Brian Smith must've been longing to have Phil Graham fit for this big game for his positional play. Will be a handy footballer in time - not on the wing though. NSC League Player Rating: 7.1
Took poor options like running from dummy half on 4th tackle inside the 20m zone and didn't keep up with the play on the left - leaving Braith Anasta stranded a few times. Then got absolutely no one on a Nightingale try... not a good night for the rookie centre. But he did have a crack - albeit a poor performance. NSC League Player Rating: 6.9
Did he even play in the Grand Final? Was the Roosters' most dangerous outside back coming into the game and barely got the ball in attacking or non-attacking situations. Unsighted in the 2nd half as the Roosters failed to make use of their most potent ball runner on the edges. Disappointing is one word to describe his day. NSC League Player Rating: 7.8
One of these days the Referees will penalise him multiple times in a game for walking off the mark once tackled. There's no doubt he's good at what he does - run from dummy half - but the metres he eats after being tackled are highly illegal! Made a great tackle on Brett Morris early but gave away a penalty for tackling Morris in the air and missed a cross kick on his own line in the 2nd half which were costly. Stats can often overstate a player's impact... this was one such case. NSC League Player Rating: 15.2
7.0 FE Todd CARNEY
The Roosters' best but lacked regular runners outside him to take advantage of the space he was creating on the edges. Ran early and often but didn't seem to touch the ball enough during attacking sets... and the Roosters had 16 of them. Helped set up the Anasta try with a bomb but was injured trying to score a consolation try from a Nate Myles' offload late. Lost no admirers for his effort in the big game. NSC League Player Rating: 11.2
6.5 HB Mitchell PEARCE
Had a strong kicking game and made some big tackles on Ben Creagh but aside from a nice shimmy to feed Mitchell Aubusson for his try - never looked in the game with ball in hand. Didn't run and never found his groove in the passing game. Kicked well as mentioned but the Roosters needed more from him in such a massive game. NSC League Player Rating: 4.0
7.0 PR Jason RYLES
Great opening to the game with some outstanding charges. Really seemed pumped for his first Grand Final and wanted to make a difference. Come the 2nd half though he went missing and his Grand Final ended with an ankle injury that saw him helped from the field late. NSC League Player Rating: 13.4
6.5 HK Jake FRIEND
Huge defensive workload with 56 tackles and was a threat from dummy half in the 1st half... then a worker in the 2nd half. At just 20 years of age he has a future but his size means that despite a willing heart to defend - he's sapped by the 2nd half and his attacking game suffers. But just 2 missed tackles from 58 attempts... hold your head high Jake. NSC League Player Rating: 14.0
6.0 PR Lopini PAEA
Didn't let his side down with his surprise starting role in the Grand Final. Had a crack and made some good charges but played just 29 minutes. Leaves for France having never really fulfilled his potential at the Roosters. NSC League Player Rating: 7.1
7.0 SR Nate MYLES
Had his best game of the Finals but played only 58 minutes... leaving little doubt he's been playing in pain for the back end of the season. Once again found himself the man to chase down a breakaway player in Matt Cooper and tried his guts out. Produced a nice off-load for Carney late in the game but never found his groove in attack and was forced to make 30 tackles, missing 5. Had a great year but if he'd been fit the Roosters certainly could've used him better. NSC League Player Rating: 11.1
7.0 SR Mitchell AUBUSSON
Scored a brilliant try with the Steven Menzies like footwork we've been telling you about for months... hit a couple of short balls with a great line but when you read his stat line at the end of the game - 5 runs for 27m (all in the 1st half) is just not enough involvement from the second rower. Made 34 tackles which would've sapped him but when the runs he did have were of such quality - the Roosters had to get him the ball more. Arguably the most improved player in the NRL in 2010. NSC League Player Rating: 15.4
6.5 LK Braith ANASTA (c)
Scored his side's first try with a scrambling effort to ground a ball Leilua had been stripped of but Anasta had to have a big impact in this game for the Roosters to win. He didn't. What ball he did see had him looking for support that wasn't there (hello Kane Linnett?) and he left his hard running at home it seemed. For a player who had taken great strides in the semi finals to emulating the great he replaced at the Roosters in Brad Fittler... this was not a performance that Anasta can be overly proud of. He needed to be better. NSC League Player Rating: 9.5
6.0 BN Frank-Paul NU'UAUSALA
Demoted to the bench to start the game and apart from some heavy contact in defence when he finally got on, was not the 'wrecking ball' the Roosters had seen at times during 2010. Believed to be carrying a shoulder injury and that wouldn't have helped but he was not a factor in the middle with the ball. NSC League Player Rating: 4.3
7.0 BN Martin KENNEDY
The best interchange forward in the match. Made a number of huge runs in either side of half-time to get the Roosters on the front foot... but they blew their chances and wasted Kennedy's involvement. One to watch in 2010. NSC League Player Rating: 9.9
Needed to make something happen with or without the ball but this beast of a man just didn't have a great deal of impact in the Grand Final. One of his first runs saw him driven back and that's usually a good indication of what you're going to get from Waerea-Hargreaves. Growing into the game so he'll be better next time... if the Roosters can get back here. NSC League Player Rating: 6.9
6.0 BN Daniel CONN
Converted backrower plays mostly at prop in the Brian Smith system and once again did what he needed too but isn't a difference maker. Unless you ask Michael Weyman who was sent into disneyland by a Conn swinging arm that barely connected. NSC League Player Rating: 4.6

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Toyota Cup Grand Final Result:
28 - 42
Lost to
Odds: Rabbitohs $1.90 v Warriors $1.90
RABBITOHS: M Webster, J Roberts, J Vaivai, K Morgan, J Mansour, M Mundine, A Reynolds, J Starling, N Peats, F Laulu, A Ha'angana, J So'oalo, B Judd. Bench: J Shearer, J Nansen, J Tulemau, B McKinnon.
WARRIORS: G Fisi'ihi, O Slaimankhel, S Feki, S Likiliki, E Niko, C Tuimavave, S Johnson, N Areai'iti, E Taylor, M Ioane, M Robinson, B Henry, S Ikahihifo. Bench: N Seluini, C Grubb, S Lousi, D Palavi, H Chan Ting, J Palavi.
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 NSW Cup Grand Final Result
24 - 12
Odds: Bulldogs $1.40 v Wolves $2.95.
BULLDOGS: T Cutler, H Nanai, S Neumann, D Rauicava, J Tia-Kilifi, R Jack, J Reynolds, B Morrin, N Smith, T Browne, D Harrison, Y Gordon, D Williams. Bench: C Payne, H Ala'alota, C Ta'akimoeaka, K Lelei, B Tupou.
WOLVES: Z Watane, D Simmons, R Walker, M Mate, S Earl, M Blair, C Trindall, S Meredith, R Russell, A Sweeney, J Paulo, N Plum, J Bateman. Bench: D Tangata-Toa, J Sene-Lefao, D Laurie, B Venoga, D Penese.
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