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NRL Tips Round 22 2010 Preview + NOT The Footy Show Episode 33 Podcast Video

Here are The NRL Tweet's Previews & Tips for Round 22 of the 2010 NRL Premiership.
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|=| Roosters roar to life, but do the Dragons require the Heimlich?

As Round 22 of the Premiership approaches two questions will get answered in the one game this Sunday Afternoon at the SCG. Firstly - are the Sydney Roosters serious contenders for the title? and secondly - have we seen the start of the almost annual St.George-Illawarra coughing fit that leads to a choke in September?

Listen to the brand new NOT The Footy Show Podcast - Episode 33 for Round 22


Channel Nine might play favourites when it comes to Free to Air scheduling - but they've got it 100% right here. This game deserves to be played on an afternoon rather than an evening and the Sydney Cricket Ground is just about the perfect setting for it. Admittedly the SFS next door would be slightly better but this is a more than acceptable alternative.

St.George-Illawarra are sputtering as we near September
What isn't acceptable for St.George-Illawarra fans is their team's inability to find the try line of late. While they are a team that builds their success off their defence (which has remained strong) every man and his dog could see in the 2009 Finals Series that unless the Dragons found ways to manufacture points off their own creativity - they would find going any better come Finals time in 2010 tough. Since Round 16 when they beat the Tigers 34-10, the Dragons have lost to Penrith 12-8, scraped home 16-13 over South Sydney, lost 11-10 to the Titans and last weekend were beaten 10-6 by the Broncos.

For those of you doing the maths at home - that's just seven tries in four games.

What makes this stat disturbing is the fact the team has conceded just eight tries in those games, yet have won just one game from four starts.

The concern for the Dragons now becomes not only 'how do we score more tries?' but 'how can we keep our defensive game so strong if we tackle superbly and still get beat?'

Now Wayne Bennett is a winner and he's been molding this St.George-Illawarra unit for the best part of two years to get them to a point where he thinks they can win a title. They may have progressed faster in 2009 than even he expected but now even with the return of Mark Gasnier - the Dragons biggest issue remains the ability of their halves Ben Hornby & Jamie Soward to create tries, rather than seize upon opportunities offered to them by the opposition as a by-product of the Dragons defence.

When you compare the way the Dragons play in attack to the form the Sydney Roosters have shown for much of 2010 when in possession - there is simply no comparison - the Roosters look more likely to blow any team off the park.

Yet while the Sydney Roosters can create points, they still leak points with the best of them. On the other hand the St.George-Illawarra Dragons still haven't figured out that the attacking part of the game is what wins you the big games - not simply your defence.

I am a firm believer that defence gets you a good spot in the Finals, but having an attack that can make the big play - that is what puts you in the box seat for a title.

And even then there's still no guarantees - but I know which part of my game I'd want firing come September. Because you can improve your defence with attitude, but attitude can't overcome a lack of creativity.

Below is a 'In the Sheds' Special that was on The Footy Show after the Roosters lost to the Dragons in the ANZAC Day clash in Round 7.

It is absorbing viewing and given how the Roosters are travelling now - what's the bet Brian Smith will be looking for his team to beat the Dragons convincingly rather than simply test themselves against them like he said in Round 7?

Moving on to Round 22 of the Premiership and amazingly with results from Round 21 producing a string of upsets - we now are mathematically back to 13 teams that need to go into 8 playoff spots. Yes everyone - Newcastle & Canterbury are back in the race... but it's hard to see them being so for long.

Bring on the Footy!

|=| Here are the Round 22 Previews with the NRL Tweet's Fantasy + Team Selection News - Last Update comes on Friday August 6 with help from the SMH's Quality Late Mail. |=|
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This week's Podcast Episode 33:

Thursday August 5
Dragons - to choke or not to choke? + NRL Round 22 Preview + Round 21 Review
|=| Nic's back! But Dave is too - as they join Waz in separate segments for another edition of NOT The Footy Show action.
|=| The Big Debate this week is "Are the St.George-Illawarra on course for another choke come September?"
Waz gets the viewpoints of Nic & Dave - both Dragons fans who will have plenty to say on this hot topic.
|=| We have our full Round 22 Preview + Round 21 in Review + Tipping records + Special Fried Rice Picks.
|=| We're back to 13 Teams needing to go into 8 Playoff Spots - who had their season revived in Round 21?
|=| More Talking Points: Johnathan Thurston - what's holding him back from being the game's best player? + SMH Player Poll - who did the players pick? Who would we choose? + Cronulla are offering free tickets to Under 16s this Saturday Night - why we think this should be explored further. + Other bits & pieces of NRL News we have heard during the week.
|=| We catch up with what's been said on The NRL Tweet - plus we ask the question - do you want a Facebook Page to go up ala This Week in League as we get closer to the Finals?
|=| Although voting in the NRL Tweet Player of the Year has gone into 'secrecy' after 21 Rounds - we can tell you who made a move on the leaders.
|=| With your hosts Nic, Waz & Dave on NOT The Footy Show! |=|
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Friday @ Skilled Park
Friday @ Dairy Farmers Stadium
Saturday @ Brookvale Oval
Saturday @ Toyota Stadium
Saturday @ ANZ Stadium
Sunday @ EnergyAustralia Stadium
Sunday @ Sydney Cricket Ground
Monday @ Canberra Stadium
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|=| LEADERBOARD AFTER ROUND 20 (Click to Enlarge) |=|
Voting went into secrecy at the completion of Round 20 of the Premiership - check out The NRL Tweet for updates on who made a move from Round 21 to 26.
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|=| NRL ROUND 22 PREVIEW |=| August 6-9, 2010 |=|
|=| Gold Coast Titans 5th: 11-8, 389-406, -17, 26pts.
|=| Parramatta Eels 10th: 9-10, 325-373, -48, 22pts.
|=| The NRL Tweet's Game Notes From Skilled: See Results Article on Monday.
|=| Wednesday's Market: GLD $1.78 v PAR $2.02 (Graphic is Tuesday's Team Lineup)
|=| Recent Clashes: Parramatta's 27-2 Semi Final win last year was the Eels first win against the Titans since they came back into the comp in 2007. Titans have won the other 3.
|=| Wednesday's Preview: Full Preview in the NOT The Footy Show Podcast out Thursday August 5 on iTunes.
Parramatta were outplayed last Saturday Night at home by the Roosters - the Titans can't replicate that kind of attack and Jarryd Hayne's form didn't falter much despite the loss. Eels to win this - even though the Titans have been good recently. 
|=| Team Selection + Fantasy News August 3 (Friday's Update with help from SMH's Late Mail): The Titans have regained Ashley Harrison at lock and may yet have Greg Bird if he manages to train later in the week (he has been out with a hamstring injury). Luke O'Dwyer wasn't used against the Warriors and has been omitted with Shannon Walker 18th man. Ben Ridge or Bodene Thompson would miss out if Bird plays. Parramatta have named the same 17 that lost to the Sydney Roosters.
Update August 6: Greg Bird is unlikely to play after suffering a setback running on his hamstring at training during the week. Timana Tahu is out - replaced by Jonathon Wright for the Eels. Lee Te Maari is 18th man for Parramatta.
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 |=| NRL Tweet's Prediction: EELS by 12 =  ?

|=| --- |=|

|=| North Queensland Cowboys 14th: 5-14, 349-508, -159, 14pts.
|=| Brisbane Broncos 7th: 10-9, 422-381, +41, 24pts.
|=| The NRL Tweet's Game Notes From Dairy Farmers: See Results Article on Monday.
|=| Wednesday's Market: NQL $2.60 v BRI $1.50 (Graphic is Tuesday's Team Lineup)
|=| Recent Clashes: Brisbane have dominated the Cowboys of late - winning 6 straight games, including Round 1 this year 30-24. North Queensland have won only 4 of 28 games between the teams since 1995.
|=| Wednesday's Preview: Full Preview in the NOT The Footy Show Podcast out Thursday August 5 on iTunes.
Although this game is in Townsville and North Queensland almost got the cash against the Panthers - the Broncos went out and beat the Dragons in Brisbane and will win here as well.
|=| Team Selection + Fantasy News August 3 (Friday's Update with help from SMH's Late Mail): North Queensland have no changes from the team that almost beat Penrith last Friday Night. Ben Harris is 18th man once again. The Broncos keep the same 17 that defeated St.George-Illawarra last Sunday - Justin Hodges will not play.
Update August 6: Matt Gillett is listed to play on the wing for the injured Antonio Winterstein with Ben Te'o likely to return from a broken foot way ahead of schedule. But expect Alex Glenn to shift wider and Gillett to play left centre. Anthony Watts will play for Cowboys after recovering from a concussion.
 |=| NRL Tweet's Prediction: BRONCOS by 16 =  ?

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|=| Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles 6th: 10-9, 452-396, +56, 24pts.
|=| Melbourne Storm 16th: 11-8, 393-287, +106, 0pts.
|=| The NRL Tweet's Game Notes From Brookvale : See Results Article on Monday.
|=| Wednesday's Market: PAR $1.55 v SYD $2.45 (Graphic is Tuesday's Team Lineup)
|=| Recent Clashes: Since Manly beat Melbourne in the 2008 Grand Final - the teams have split 4 games. In Round 6 this year - Manly held on in MNF 18-16. 6-4 Melbourne in last 10.
|=| Wednesday's Preview: Full Preview in the NOT The Footy Show Podcast out Thursday August 5 on iTunes.
Manly had a 'hiccup' according to Des Hasler against Newcastle, while the Storm beat an overmatched Canberra side. With Melbourne awayfrom home and due to rest a star or two - you have to pick Manly at Brookvale.
|=| Team Selection + Fantasy News August 3 (Friday's Update with help from SMH's Late Mail): Given they played on Monday Night - Manly named the same 17 that didn't get the job done against the Knights. But they have lost Ben Farrar to a knee injury with Michael Robertson going to fullback and William Hopoate mooted to come onto the wing. Melbourne will continue their rotation policy - so expect a few of Brett Finch, Adam Blair, Billy Slater, Cooper Cronk, Cameron Smith & Greg Inglis to get a break against Manly. Matt Duffie & Bryan Norrie are back on deck after being rested against Canberra and Justin O'Neill is out with a corked leg.
Update August 6: No more information on the players Melbourne will rest but it appears Sione Kite won't play and Kevin Proctor is likely to be 18th man. Ben Farrar is definitely out for Manly - with William Hopoate coming in.
 |=| NRL Tweet's Prediction: SEA EAGLES by 10 =  ?

|=| --- |=|
|=| Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks 15th: 5-14, 280-470, -190, 14pts.
|=| Warriors 8th: 10-9, 402-431, -29, 24pts.
|=| The NRL Tweet's Game Notes From Toyota: See Results Article on Monday.
|=| Wednesday's Market: CRO $2.15 v WAR $1.70 (Graphic is Tuesday's Team Lineup)
|=| Recent Clashes: The Warriors won their Round 2 clash with Cronulla 30-16 in Auckland but the teams have split the last 6 games since 2007.
|=| Wednesday's Preview: Full Preview in the NOT The Footy Show Podcast out Thursday August 5 on iTunes.
Winnable game for the Sharks but this is an unlosable game for the Warriors. If the Warriors don't win this game they could drop out of the Top 8 and may never get back in. You have to pick the Warriors to win.
|=| Team Selection + Fantasy News August 3 (Friday's Update with help from SMH's Late Mail): Cronulla added Tim Smith to the bench but are otherwise unchanged. The Warriors still don't have Jerome Ropati & Kevin Locke and have moved Joel Moon into the centres and Lewis Brown back into the second row. Jacob Lillyman or Ukuma Ta'ai are likely to miss out when the bench is shaved.
Update August 6: Warriors prop Sam Rapira may make a comeback from a knee injury - which would leave two of Jeremy Latimore, Jacob Lillyman & Ukuma Ta'ai out of the side. Sharks will cut Tim Smith from their bench.
 |=| NRL Tweet's Prediction: WARRIORS by 7 =  ?

|=| --- |=|
|=| South Sydney Rabbitohs 9th: 9-10, 468-411, +57, 22pts.
|=| Wests Tigers 4th: 11-7, 376-376, +0, 26pts.
|=| The NRL Tweet's Game Notes From ANZ: See Results Article on Monday.
|=| Wednesday's Market: SOU $2.40 v WTG $1.57 (Graphic is Tuesday's Team Lineup)
|=| Recent Clashes: Despite South Sydney beating Wests Tigers 50-10 in Round 10 at the SCG, the Wests Tigers have won 7 of the last 10 games between the clubs.
|=| Wednesday's Preview: Full Preview in the NOT The Footy Show Podcast out Thursday August 5 on iTunes.
South Sydney lost Sam Burgess to suspension and his loss on top of Luke Stuart, Dave Taylor & Michael Crocker makes this game against the Tigers very hard to win. If the Tigers win they keep their chances of a Top 2 finish alive and they might turn on the class if their forwards win the battle - Tigers to win and may skip away late.
|=| Team Selection + Fantasy News August 3 (Friday's Update with help from SMH's Late Mail): Souths lost Burgess to suspension which will really hurt. Jaiman Lowe will start at prop while Craig Stapleton & Shannon McPherson join the bench. The Tigers have named Wade McKinnon to return from a hamstring injury, while Andrew Fifita comes in for Mark Flanagan. Geoff Daniela is listed on the bench despite not getting on the field against Cronulla.
Update August 6: Beau Champion is still in doubt with a leg injury - as is Nathan Merritt. Michael Crocker is a chance of returning. The Tigers may have Wade McKinnon back from a hamstring injury but Beau Ryan or Mitch Brown would be in line to replace him.
 |=| NRL Tweet's Prediction: TIGERS by 16 =  ?

|=| --- |=|
|=| Newcastle Knights 11th: 8-11, 393-463, -70, 20pts.
|=| Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs 13th: 7-12, 404-413, -9, 18pts.
|=| The NRL Tweet's Game Notes From EnergyAustralia: See Results Article on Monday.
|=| Wednesday's Market: NEW $1.91 v CBY $1.91 (Graphic is Tuesday's Team Lineup)
|=| Recent Clashes: Newcastle have enjoyed recent success against Canterbury winning 3 of the last 4 - but that loss was in the Semi Finals last year. Knights 20-16 winners in Round 1.
|=| Wednesday's Preview: Full Preview in the NOT The Footy Show Podcast out Thursday August 5 on iTunes.
Newcastle and Canterbury kept their heads above water as they chase the Top 8 - but realistically both teams won't play in the Finals. That being said they might turn on a Sunday Arvo classic as both teams can attack. Knights are at home, but the Bulldogs have more weapons - if they use them they'll win.
|=| Team Selection + Fantasy News August 3 (Friday's Update with help from SMH's Late Mail): Newcastle have named Daniel Tolar to return from injury in the front row, while Cameron Ciraldo also joins the squad on the bench. Canterbury have retained the same 17 that defeated the Rabbitohs 32-12 last Friday Night - which means Jamal Idris returns to the centres after a brief stint in the backrow. Ben Roberts faced the judiciary but will not be suspended even if found guilty for a high tackle.
Update August 6: Dan Tolar will play for the Knights with Mark Taufua & Cameron Ciraldo likely to miss out. Ben Roberts is playing after beating his judiciary charge.
 |=| NRL Tweet's Prediction: BULLDOGS by 8 =  ?

|=| --- |=|
|=| Sydney Roosters 3rd: 12-7, 473-428, +45, 28pts.
|=| St.George-Illawarra Dragons 1st: 13-6, 387-203, +184, 30pts.
|=| The NRL Tweet's Game Notes From SCG: See Results Article on Monday.
|=| Wednesday's Market: SYD $2.00 v STI $1.80 (Graphic is Tuesday's Team Lineup)
|=| Recent Clashes: Dragons won ANZAC Day clash 28-6 in Round 7 & have beaten the Roosters in 8 of the last 10 games. Roosters last win Round 26, 2008.
|=| Wednesday's Preview: Full Preview in the NOT The Footy Show Podcast out Thursday August 5 on iTunes.
Huge game in the context of the Minor Premiership but maybe even bigger is the mentality of the Dragons heading into September. With 3 losses in 4 games - the Dragons are limping to a minor premiership, while the Roosters have flown into the Top 4. Roosters in this but I still find myself picking the Dragons at the SCG.
|=| Team Selection + Fantasy News August 3 (Friday's Update with help from SMH's Late Mail): The Roosters have named Mitchell Aubusson although the shoulder injury he suffered against Parramatta may rule him out later in the week. The Roosters would likely add Mose Masoe to the bench if Aubusson is ruled out. St.George-Illawarra gave Mark Gasnier back his starting jersey and shifted Beau Scott to the second row, Jeremy Smith moves to lock and new hooker Dean Young forces Luke Priddis to the bench. It looks like two of Trent Merrin, Jarrod Saffy, Jon Green or Nick Emmett will be cut from the bench.
Update August 6: Mitchell Aubsson is long odds to play because of a shoulder injury - Mose Masoe should come in on the bench and Joseph Leilua will start in the backrow. Jon Green & Nick Emmett are likely to miss out for the Dragons.
 |=| NRL Tweet's Prediction: DRAGONS by 10 =  ?

|=| --- |=|
|=| Canberra Raiders 12th: 8-11, 343-417, -74, 20pts.
|=| Penrith Panthers 2nd: 12-7, 473-368, +105, 28pts.
|=| The NRL Tweet's Game Notes From Canberra: See Results Article on Monday.
|=| Wednesday's Market: CAN $1.91 v PEN $1.91 (Graphic is Tuesday's Team Lineup)
|=| Recent Clashes: Since Canberra thumped them 74-12 in 2008 - the Panthers have won the last 3 games between the teams, including 34-16 at CUA in Round 1.
|=| Wednesday's Preview: Full Preview in the NOT The Footy Show Podcast out Thursday August 5 on iTunes.
Penrith weren't great against the Cowboys but found a way to arrest their 3 game slide and win. They'll do the same in Canberra against a Raiders side who are done & dusted for 2010.
|=| Team Selection + Fantasy News August 3 (Friday's Update with help from SMH's Late Mail): Canberra get some quality back with Josh Dugan, Alan Tongue & Shaun Fensom named to play. Danny Galea is also on the bench but is unlikely to make the final cut. Penrith have added Frank Puletua & Sandor Earl to the bench. Earl's presence suggests one of the Panthers outside backs could be under an injury cloud. 
Update August 6: Josh McCrone is in the most doubt for Canberra - which could see either Marc Herbert or Mick Picker come in or Adam Mogg shift to halfback from the centres. Alan Tongue & Shaun Fensom will likely play but no word yet on what Canberra bench players miss out. Panthers yet to cut their bench down from 19 - Frank Pritchard has an illness but should play. Lachlan Coote has osteitis pubis which puts him out of this game and he could be a massive loss for the rest of the season if he can't overcome the pain each week to play. He'll need the full off-season to recover fully.
 |=| NRL Tweet's Prediction: PANTHERS by 14 =  ?

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|=| The NRL Tweet's 2010 Tipping Record To Date... 96/152 @ 63%!
|=| Round by Round: 5/8 - 6/8 - 7/8 - 6/8 - 5/8 - 5/8 - 5/8 - 6/8 - 1/4 - 6/8 - 3/5 - 5/7 - 5/8 - 2/5 - 4/7 - 2/8 - 3/5 - 3/7 - 7/8 - 5/8 - 5/8.
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