Thursday 11 March 2010

Fox Sports Fantasy NRL Blog - Bargains & Busts 2010!

Fox Sports Fantasy NRL Blog - Bargains & Busts 2010!

Unfortunately time hasn't been on our side to upload all the Individual Scouting Reports on every player listed in the Fox Sports Fantasy NRL Game for Season 2010 - but they will be finished soon. Check out those completed here.

But to help you with your initial squad selection for this weekend when Round 1 kicks-off - The NRL Tweet's better than average guide at the players to pick and those to avoid in Round 1 so read on.

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Now here's The NRL Tweet's Bargains & Busts for Season 2010 - listen carefully, I shall say this only once.

BUSTS in 2010.

Listing the absolute Fantasy NRL Busts of 2010 first makes sense because before you go stacking your team with the bargains I want to make sure you don't make the mistake of picking players who are a total waste of time.

<>There are a couple of standout - DO NOT PICK UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES - players... they are either injured long term, cost way too much for what they produce (or don't produce) and may doing some extra curricular activities in the not too distant future.

They include:

> Justin Hodges, Broncos - Achilles tear, come back next year.

> Carl Webb, Cowboys - has a good game every month... and in the 3 other weeks he's barely sighted.

> Brett White, Storm - still can't believe his status as an 'Origin enforcer', but believe this - he's a non-factor in Fantasy NRL...

> Chris Houston, Kni... err not the Knights - you know the rest.

> Darren Lockyer, Broncos - I rate him as one of the best I've ever seen but you can't spend 10.0 on a guy who hasn't run the ball for two years and misses tackles at the rate the statisticians think he does. Even if he sets up three tries a game - he's still overpriced.

> Kurt Gidley, Knights - he's ONLY on this list because his hamstring tear is serious and he won't play for the first 6-8 weeks of 2010. Use his 11.0 cap space on fit players and only come back to Gidley halfway through 2010 when you're convinced his hammy problems are behind him.

> Taniela Tuiaki, Tigers - like Gidley he's injured for a good portion of the season. When he returns have a look at him but for the time being avoid the 9.5 albatross named Tuiaki.

> Matthew Bowen, Cowboys - two knee reconstructions in the last 18 months... not back until May probably... and you're going to spend 8.0 for what reason exactly?

> Luke Covell, Sharks - if you need me to explain why Covell is listed here, you've obviously never seen the Sharks and Covell play in the last 12 months. His team doesn't score and he makes his living converting tries... do the math.

<>Then there are a bunch of players who are - VALUED WAY TOO HIGH - to bother wasting cap space on... it's not that we think they suck as players, but in Fantasy NRL they should not be on your team for the price you can spend elsewhere.

They include:

> Matt Ballin, Sea Eagles - effective #9 but isn't going to provide production to match his 7.0 price tag.

> Masada Iosefa, Panthers - Not even in first grade and costs 6.0!

> Brett Kimmorley, Bulldogs - Runs a team beautifully but he's just not a significant pointscorer for 7.5.

> Timana Tahu, Eels - he might be a force... if the hamstring injuries that have plagued him for his entire career are right. At 8.0 you can do better and get some reliability.

> Trent Barrett, Sharks - unless he leads a Cronulla revival to the tune of a try and a try assist a game, Barrett doesn't do nearly enough to pay 7.5 a week for.

> Joel Reddy, Eels - defends nicely and scores the odd try... for 7.0 you can get guys who score most of the time and still defend nicely.

> Brett Finch, Storm - while Cooper Cronk is out you can roll the dice but honestly you can't get value from Finch at 7.0 - he's just not a big stat guy.

> Lote Tuqiri, Tigers - he's only here because he never did all that much in Rugby Union on the wing... that being said his 8.0 is a lot to pay even if he gets involved... tread carefully and look at him again in Round 4 or 5.

> Krisnan Inu, Eels - stuck on the bench for Round 1 and needs an injury to the starting three-quarter line to get any minutes in 2010. Not yet people for 6.5.

> James McManus, Knights - still not fit after a mid-season injury in 2009... please use the 7.0 elsewhere.

BARGAINS in 2010.

All the players listed above should not be in your team in Round 1... all the players below however - make room for them if you can.

<>Players who are - UNDER PRICED & PLAYING FIRST GRADE (4.5 & under) - are not as easy to come by in 2010... but that's the beauty of the game, it's up to you (or me and you just read my findings) to pick the uber cheap players and watch them produce better than guys worth three times as much.

They include:

> Frank-Paul Nu'uausala, Roosters - gets through a fair chunk of defensive work in the minutes he gets and the Roosters need a partner for Jason Ryles up front. Consider for 4.5.

> Scott Anderson, Broncos - has played in the past two Grand Finals and for just 4.0 will start alongside Nick Kenny (value at 5.5 too) for the Broncos in Round 1.

> Jared Waerea-Hargreaves, Roosters - injured for a month to start 2010 but at 4.5 he could be a dynamic replacement when fit.

> Jon Green & Trent Merrin, Dragons - both part of a four prop bench in Round 1 for the Dragons and both at 3.5 could be real value for money.

> Ryan Hinchcliffe, Storm - will be starting hooker for at least the first two weeks of 2010... after that punt him but for 4.0 you'll get an immediate return.

> Yileen Gordon, Bulldogs - for just 4.5 you get a starting second rower at the Bulldogs... only downside is it is Yileen Gordon... has upside, despite that last comment.

> Grant Millington, Sharks - starts in a backrow with Anthony Tupou & Paul Gallen and did a decent job in that role to end 2010... for 4.5 that's tempting.

> Lewis Brown, Warriors - starts for Simon Mannering in Round 1 but may be a useful bench option in 2010... 4.0 is cheap.

> Mark Taufua, Knights - Newcastle's loss of Chris Houston & Danny Wicks is prop Taufua's gain as for 4.5 he'll start at lock in Round 1.

> Joel Thompson, Raiders - originally listed as a backrower AND inside back, the 4.0 utility might have some tryscoring opportunities at centre filling in for the injured Joel Monaghan.

> Michael Gillett, Broncos - A new addition to this list after a quality debut... only 2.0 and got good game time in the Broncos 30-24 win over the Cowboys. Round 2's most popular pick up is my prediction.

> Robert Lui, Tigers - starts the year at halfback... for 4.5 he's great value but may be only warming the chair for Tim Moltzen once Tuiaki comes back.

> Scott Dureau, Knights - has a handy kicking game which could result in a Try Assist or two and the very odd 40/20 but for 4.0 you can't ask for much more, starts at halfback in Round 1.

> James Maloney, Warriors - ousts Joel Moon to the bench for Round 1, which could be a sign Coach Ivan Cleary likes what he sees in the 3.5 half/five-eighth.

> Gerard Beale, Broncos - inside backs under 5.0 are rare as hen's teeth in the game this year, so when Coach Ivan Henjak selects the 3.5 Beale at centre - SO DO YOU.

> James Stuart, Raiders - rookie winger on standby for Daniel Vidot for Round 1... 2.0 and probably won't play this game but it's nice to know he's in the mix in Canberra at that price.

> Rhys Wesser, Rabbitohs - for 4.5 I shouldn't even have to finish this sentence... if you don't pick Wesser you are an idi...

> Reece Robinson, Raiders - is a warm first grade playing body for only 4.0, plus he didn't suck while performing a similar role for the Broncos in 2008.

> Shane Elford, Panthers - may form one of the most 'exciting' centre/wing combos in the game alongside Adrian Purtell in Round 1 for the Panthers. The good news is Elford is just 3.5 so you don't have to pick Purtell (6.5) as well.

> Corey Norman, Broncos - everyone was going to have either Norman (2.0) or Josh Hoffman (3.5) in their team because a cheap starting fullback at the Broncos was always a smart pick. Norman is a wildcard... could be great, could be out of first grade by Round 2.

<> NEXT UP (After Round 1) - The Fantasy Performers You Need To Have... you don't think I'm giving away all my secrets before kick-off do you?

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