Tuesday 3 November 2009

2009 Melbourne Cup: Shocking Result!!! - The Bluffer's Guide 2009

The 2009 Melbourne Cup has been won by SHOCKING! 

Final Places in the 2009 Melbourne Cup:
1st - SHOCKING (Jockey: Corey Brown, Trainer: Mark Kavanagh)
2nd - Crime Scene
3rd - Mourilyan

Winning jockey Corey Brown had finished 2nd last year on Bauer in a photo finish but was estactic with the 2009 result.
‘‘Last year was very disappointing but I’ve got it,’’ Brown said.‘‘I’ve finally won the Melbourne Cup.
‘‘My dream has come true, I can’t describe it, it’s unbelievable."

Pre-Race Article
The Bluffer's Guide to the 2009 Melbourne Cup
By W D Nicolson November 3, 2011.
Below is the Bluffer's Guide to the 2009 Melbourne Cup which was run at Flemington in Victoria at 3pm Tuesday 3rd November. Punters (and one day a year punters) around Australia pitted their racing intellect against millions of others in the race that stops a nation.

The problem is - as important as Melbourne Cup Day seems to be to people on the first Tuesday in November - the vast majority of people who follow the race will do so with little to no actual idea about the horses running.

So for the second year in a row (click here for the 2008 edition) - here is a bluffer's guide to the runners in the 2009 Melbourne Cup. (Prices as of 12:30pm via Sportsbet.com.au)
1. Viewed @ $5.30
It won last year so it is the favourite for this year's race. Sub-editors around the country probably used the James Bond inspired 'Viewed to a kill' for the headline last year - the question will be what can they come up with this year if it gets up?
2. C'est La Guerre @ $41.70
My punting friend in Brisbane texted me through this roughie with much confidence this morning - and he's no mug when it comes to punting... except of course on the Melbourne Cup. What is fun is trying to pronounce the name when you don't know how it should sound.
3. Fiumicino @ $54.80
Sounds like a caffinated beverage... so it won't have a problem staying awake for the duration of the race. Winning however... might be more of a challenge.
4. Master O'Reilly @ $14.10
Had friends last year to finish 4th... and won 2007 Caufiled Cup so it's won a big race before.
5. Mourilyan @ $30.90
Could get backed late to finish at 20/1 odds... and is a fancied import in the race.

6. Roman Emperor @ $6.60
If Viewed doesn't get the cash for Bart Cumming's 13th Melbourne Cup - then Roman Emperor might make it win #13 anyway. It's fair to say Bart would like his chances at lucky 13 in 2009.

7. Ista Kareem @ $66.40
Apparently rain is this horse's only hope of featuring in the race... it's overcast down there too...

8. Crime Scene @ $41.30
Saeed Bin Suroor's only runner in the Cup is overmatched here.

9. Munsef @ $50.10
Some very good performances of late (1st, 2nd, 1st, 1st, 2nd) might see this import backed heavily for a place, if not the win.

10. Zavite @ $49.60
Won the Adelaide Cup earlier in the year, but that my friends is not the Melbourne Cup.

11. Alcopop @ $7.00
Questionable name for a horse - encouraging the kiddies to get on the juiced up pops... but has four straight wins heading into the race so will be a punter's favourite by start time.

12. Harris Tweed @ $80.20
Drab outfit will equate to a drab run.

13. Kibbutz @ $72.60
No siree bob... butz.

14. Newport @ $54.30
Named after a northern beach in Sydney but will finish well south on the racetrack today.

15. Warringah @ $32.90
Has placed in four its last five starts to give you some food for thought including it as a placegetter.

16. Gallions Reach @ $125.50
At 125/1 - you'd be reaching to even entertain the idea this horse ever sees the front of the field at any stage during the race.

17. Spin Around @ $86.40
I don't think so... no matter what spin you put on this horse - not winning.

18. Basaltico @ $44.40
Will sink to the back of the field like basalt... assuming of course basalt is a heavy rock/mineral and does indeed sink.

19. Capecover @ $155.80
Save your money for a horse who isn't 150/1...

20. Daffodil @ $11.10
Will today be the day Daffodil blooms on the big stage? Punters think so...

21. Shocking @ $11.00
Apparently a stayer of some quality and the Melbourne Cup is longer than most races... hence the price at 11/1.

22. Allez Wonder @ $16.90
I gather the name Alice Wonder was taken and the owners went with the poor imitation of Allez to compensate... Bart Cumming's 3rd horse in the race which is probably why it is a tempting price.

24. Leica Ding @ $27.90
Has some winning pedigree but there's better horses to choose from.

So who am I tipping for the 2009 Melbourne Cup?

With little to no idea (as you'd read above - I pretty much made it up as I went along) here is my Trifecta:

1. C'est La Guerre
2. Viewed
3. Warringah
 Heck let's take a stab at the Top 6.
4. Shocking
5. Alcopop
6. Munsef

Enjoy the day and please bet smart if you are punting. Just think of all the Big Mac Meals you could buy for those $10 bets that get put on at the last minute on horses with absolutely no chance of winning...