Friday 20 January 2023

NOT The Footy Show Episode 279: 2023 Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs Roster Deep Dive

NOT The Footy Show - Episode 279 
Published January 20, 2023  

Join Robb Cox and Warrick Nicolson for Episode 279 of NOT The Footy Show as we go on a deep dive into the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs' roster and recruitment for 2023. 

The squad that is quickly becoming 'The Team that Gus Built' is shaping up nicely entering 2023 with a bunch of key additions headlined by Reed Mahoney, Viliame Kikau and a new coach in Cameron Ciraldo - so we cover off Canterbury's Best 17 and overall strength of the squad and off-season recruitment by Phil Gould

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    Key talking points about the Bulldogs in 2023 are:  
  • It's only taken Gus 18 months to put his stamp on the club - and with Stephen Crichton on board for 2024 - the transformation is stunning. 
  • Cameron Ciraldo's approach to shaping the Dogs like Penrith - how long will it take? 
  • Rookie watch for 2023 - Paul Alamoti and Jeral Skelton are the exciting ones but is that it? 
  • Kyle Flanagan's audition to be the long term halfback lasts how long? 
  • Will Josh Reynolds play NRL in 2023? 
  • How do you use Tevita Pangai Junior if you are Ciraldo? 
And we give our prediction for the finishing tier Canterbury will reach in 2023. 

We also spend 15 minutes at the end discussing the possibility of a player strike in regards to the CBA stalemate with the NRL.  

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Thanks for listening everyone. 


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