Thursday 13 October 2022

NOT The Footy Show Episode 266: NZ Kiwis v Rest of the World Cup Preview

NOT The Footy Show - Episode 266  
Published October 13, 2022  

Join Robb Cox and Warrick Nicolson for Episode 266 of NOT The Footy Show as we preview just how good the New Zealand Kiwis will be against the Rest of the World Cup in the UK starting this weekend. 

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We also have to revisit the jersey number debacle that's a direct result of the Australian Rugby League falling asleep at the wheel (Yes Mal Meninga... this is on you) as they clearly didn't realise the Tournament organisers wanted to change up how jerseys were allocated a two or three years ago. And now we've got a total mess. 

We also cover off the other likely contenders for Semi Final spots in the World Cup - but highlight how Australia and New Zealand cannot meet in the Final this time around - can Tonga, Samoa or hosts England take advantage of the easier road to the Final? 

Earlier today we recorded the second of our The Recruitment Whisperers shows on Episode 265 which is available now.

Thanks for listening everyone. 


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