Wednesday 7 September 2022

NOT The Footy Show Episode 255: The NRL's Dream Grand Final is?

NOT The Footy Show - Episode 255 
Published September 7, 2022 

Join Robb Cox and Warrick Nicolson f
or Episode 255 of NOT The Footy Show as they debate which matchup would be the NRL's Dream Grand Final - both in 2022 and also if any two NRL teams could make it in a future year? 

Waz thinks Parramatta are the biggest draw for the NRL in an all-Sydney Grand Final but Coxsmith may not agree... we'd love to hear your picks for the NRL's Dream Grand Final - so let us know. 

Plus we dive into the wonderful decision making by ARLC Chairman Peter V'Landys who in all his wisdom, has decreed that Penrith fans would be the ones who would suffer if Taylan May had to serve his 2 game suspension in the NRL Finals rather than in a pair of far less important games to open 2023... 'this guy, this is not my kind of guy'. 
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